• About Malta

    Malta and its sister islands offer a landscape of outstanding beauty as well as some of the oldest historical sites in the world. Civilisation stretches back 6,000 years and you will find reminders of it everywhere from medieval dungeons and baroque palaces to elegant cathedrals. Malta, which includes the capital of the region, Valleta, offers some of the biggest natural and historical attractions.

  • Maltese Islands

    • Malta (390 km²) - Despite its popularity Malta retains its medieval charm.
    • Comino (2.5 km²) - Uninhabited island offers a taste of paradise with a delightful blue lagoon.
  • History

    Malta has been inhabited since 5200 BC. Its prehistoric culture is even older than the Pyramids. Since then the island has known Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Spanish and British rule. Significant dates include the siege of 1565, when the Maltans withstood the mighty Turkish Ottoman Empire. Napoleon invaded and conquered in 1798. The Maltans recovered their island in 1800 with the aid of the British, remaining a British protectorate ever since.

  • Attractions

    Dingli Cliffs

    Just south of the village of Dingli. Spectacular 220m-high cliffs offering amazing views of the island. Named after 17th-century Maltese architect Tommaso Dingli.

    City of Birgu, Vittoriosa

    Pretty city with charming 18th Century buildings and cobbled streets.

    Hagar Qim, Qrendi

    This temple was excavated in 1839 and is about 5,000 years old. It stands on a hilltop overlooking the sea in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

    Ghar Dalam Cave and Museum, Birzebbugia

    Sediments found in this spectacular cave have contained prehistoric fossils.

    Fort Rinella

    One of four coastal batteries built by the British in 1878 to house a massive 100 ton gun.

    Mdina, Central Malta

    The medieval walls of this city are only recent additions in the grand scheme of things. Mdina dates back more than 4,000 years.

    Mosta Dome

    The third largest unsupported dome in the world.

    Kolas Windmill, Xaghra

    Restored windmill with period workshops.

  • Travel Information

    Malta along with its sister islands lie in the Mediterranean Sea about 100km from Sicily and 290km from North Africa.

    Malta International Airport is only 5km South West of Valletta.

    Air Malta has flights between Malta and most European cities.

    During summer there are ferries available between Malta and Sicily and Genoa.

    There are also regular ferries between Malta and its sister islands.

    Taxis and rental cars are widely available on Malta but Valetta the capital is easily navigated on foot.

  • The capital Valletta

    Offers a series of cobbled streets and squares surrounded by museums, palaces and cathedrals.

    Auberge de Castille

    Grand former palace of the Spanish and Portuguese and now home to the Maltese Prime Minister.

    Upper Barrakka Gardens

    Offering views of the Grand Harbour.

    St Johns Co-Cathedral and Museum

    Works of art by Caravaggio and others.

    The Palace of the Grand Masters

    Presidential palace holding ornate tapestries and frescoes.

    Fort St Elmo

    Guided tours and re-enactments of Maltas military past.

    The National Library

    18th Century National Library houses unique works including the Chronicles of the Knights of St John.

    The Armoury

    Examples of medieval armour and weapons used by the Knights of St John.

  • Key Facts

    • Languages - Maltese, English and Italian
    • Full Name - Republic of Malta
    • Capital City - Valletta
    • Population - 400,000
    • Time Zone - GMT +1
    • Religion - Roman Catholic
    • Currency - Maltese Lira