• About Kenya

    Nothing can prepare you for the profound beauty of Kenya with its amazing landscape, people and wildlife. Kenya is truly one of the jewels of Africa. Its National Parks are some of the best wildlife reserves in the world but everywhere this land is an incredible experience. Stunning mountain ranges, tropical rainforest, rich valleys, coral reefs, ancient monuments and bustling cities provide the stuff of dreams. While perfect beaches, including the Diani Beach resort, offer the icing on the cake for a unforgettable holiday.

  • Did You Know?

    There are over 40 National Parks and reserves in Kenya.

  • Cities


    Kenyas capital city, emerged at the start of the last Century from swampland to become a major and now very modern looking international city. The bush is just outside the perimeter though - Nairobi National Park to be precise - with rhinos, cheetahs and other native animals in abundance.


    Mombasa a lively island city with a rich history. The city includes an impressive 16th Century fort and harbour and superb old town. Visiting Nairobis harbour, one of the worlds busiest, is an experience you will never forget.

    The Kenya Railway was started at Mombasa at the beginning of the 20th Century leading to the birth of modern Kenya. It eventually connected to Nairobi, which was then just a small outpost.

  • Attractions

    Gede Ruins - Watamu

    Major historical monument found in forest area on the Kenyan coast. The overgrown 12th Century ruins consist of houses, tombs, palaces and mosques.

    Kipepeo Butterfly Project

    At the entrance to the Gede Ruins is the Kipepeo Butterfly Project which breeds the unique butterflies of the Arabuko-Sokoke forest before sending them for display around the world. An innovative conservation project which also boosts local incomes.

    Hells Gate National Park - Lake Naivasha

    Spectacular Rift Valley National Park, including a beautiful gorge, all of which is teeming with wildlife such as lions, leopards and buffalo. A 22km round trip can be experienced by car, bike or on foot and you can camp out under the stars. Also famous for its hot geysers, eagles and vultures.

    Kakamega Forest Reserve - Western Kenya

    This vast tropical rainforest reserve, the only surviving tropical rainforest in Kenya, is home to a wide variety of animals and insects and hundreds of species of birds. The forest includes some of Africas most impressive hard and softwood trees. There are lodges available for hire as well as camp sites.

    Ruma National Park - Lambwe Valley

    Set up in 1966 to protect the endangered Roan Antelope this 120 km² park offers savannah, woodlands, rivers and rolling hills. Wildlife includes giraffe, buffalo and leopard. The park is ideal for walking and fishing. No hotel but campsites available.

  • Geography

    Kenya is an Eastern African country bordered by Ethiopia to the North and Somalia to the East. Tanzania is to the South, Uganda to the West and Sudan is to the North West with the Indian Ocean as the South East border.

  • Accommodation

    Kenya offers a rich variety of accommodation from camping to hostels, apartments and lodges to luxury hotels. The Kenyan Tourist Board also encourages homestays with Kenyan families.

  • Climate

    The best time to go is during the dry seasons - July to March - also the best time to see wildlife. It is cooler from the end of May to early October and it starts to get warmer from late November to early March.

  • Key Facts

    • Full Name - Republic of Kenya
    • Capital - Nairobi.
    • Population - 32,000,000.
    • Time Zone - GMT +3.
    • Languages - Swahili, Kiswahili, English.
    • Religions - Protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslim.
    • Currency - Kenyan Shilling.