• About Jamaica

    Jamaica, with its stunning Montego Bay and Blue Lagoon, is one of the most attractive of the Caribbean islands. Its paradise beaches, rugged mountains and vivid red sunsets live and breathe beauty.

    Whats more Jamaica offers plenty to experience beyond its picture postcard looks. Jamaica has a powerful history, is the home of reggae, dub and dance hall music, and offers magical delights for snorkellers and sailors. In Jamaica this vibrant modern culture and formidable history collide to provide visitors with unforgettable holiday experiences.

  • Getting There

    Flights to Jamaica are frequent from North America and Europe.

    Norman Manley International Airport outside Kingston is the major international airport. Domestic flights depart and land at Tinson Pen.

    Air taxi services connect Kingston with:

    • Montego Bay
    • Negril
    • Ocho Rios
    • Port Antonio
    • Mandeville

    Cruise ships and pleasure boats are also regular visitors to Jamaica.

    Buses and taxis go from Kingston all over the island.

  • Geography

    The Caribbean Islands were named the West Indies by explorers looking for India. These tropical islands are situated between North and South America and East of Central America in the Caribbean Sea. The islands stretch 1,700 miles from Cuba to Barbados. Jamaica is almost at the centre of the Caribbean Sea and forms part of the Greater Antilles: including Cuba, Haiti and Puerto Rico.

  • Attractions

    Cockpit Country

    Huge spectacular sculpted limestone plateau in central Western Jamaica which is completely inaccessible by foot. Surrounded by deep ravines, caves and covered with thick uncharted vegetation and wildlife. Light plane or helicopter excursions are available to observe this virtually prehistoric habitat from above.

    James Bond Beach

    This beach is near Ocho Rios on the former estate of James Bond author Ian Fleming. It is owned by former Island Records producer Chris Blackwell who worked with Bob Marley.


    Popular party resort which despite the number of visitors still has that laid back Jamaican charm. Lots of interesting restaurants and shops as well as its outstanding natural beauty. The Negril Watershed Environmental Protection Area was the first established National Park in Jamaica, covering a large area, including marine park, swamplands and mangrove forests.

    Rose Hall Great House

    This 18th-century mansion house was destroyed by slaves in 1831 but fully restored in 1966. An insight into the colonial splendour of the island including fine mahogany furniture, works of art and sumptuous furnishings.

    St James Parish Church

    One of the grandest churches on the island, this 18th Century building includes splendid stained-glass and marble statues.

    Montego Bay

    The pleasure capital and beauty spot of Montego Bay includes lovely beaches plus golf courses, historic houses and a vibrant local scene.

    Blue Lagoon

    The 180ft deep blue lagoon is something special. It has been seen in numerous films and advertisements including the 1980 film of the same name.


    Visiting Kingston is a major experience. This is the centre of Jamaica, the largest English speaking city in the Caribbean, containing one of the largest natural harbours in the world.

    Puerto Seco Beach

    This popular public beach is full of bar life. It looks out onto Discovery Bay where Christopher Columbus is thought to have first stepped foot on the island.

    Bob Marley Museum

    This museum is near the singers birth place. Bob Marley, the most famous Jamaican, is buried here in a tiny church/mausoleum.


    Large Jamaican mountain resort. Its about 64 miles from Kingston and is regarded as the most English of Jamaican towns on account of its town square, parish church and other original 19th Century buildings.

    Ocho Rios

    Major tourist town on the North Coast with excellent beaches and hotel facilities. Popular stop over for cruise ships.

    Port Antonio

    Thought by many to be one of the most charming ports in the world, this still relatively undeveloped town with its twin harbours, rich blue seas and lush surrounding hillsides is a special enchanting place.

    St Elizabeth

    Cosmopolitan South West Jamaican territory consisting of diverse and beautiful landscapes including deserted beaches, fishing villages and coves. Area also includes Jamaicas longest river, the Black River plus marshland, wetlands and mountains.

  • Key Facts

    • Full Name - Jamaica
    • Capital City - Kingston
    • Population - 2,652,689
    • Time Zone - GMT -6
    • Languages - English
    • Main Religion - Christian
    • Currency - Jamaican Dollar