• About Florida

    Florida is on the US peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean and the Straits of Florida. The state covers 58,500 square miles.

    Around 60 million tourists visit Florida each year. Its one of the major tourist destinations of the US and has been a major international tourist location for a hundred years or so, originally for the wealthy but now accessible for many.

    Seasonal rates apply in Florida for accommodations with winter and spring usually the busy periods in the south.

    Florida has an award-winning range of beaches for water and beach sports, fishing, snorkelling and diving. The region also includes some of the worlds most popular and best known Florida Theme Parks including Disney World and some much loved marine and nature parks.

    Florida generally has a subtropical climate and is very humid while the Florida Keys is almost fully tropical.

    The name Florida comes from Juan Ponce de León a Spanish conquistador who named the region in 1513 during Pascua Florida, a name for Spanish Easter holidays.

    In Florida Key and Qua are names for islands. Long barrier islands along the coast are often called Keys as well.

  • National Parks

    Florida National Parks offer historical and leisure attractions in superb natural settings. The southern tip of the Florida peninsula includes the vast Everglades National Park which is the only subtropical nature reserve in North America. The Dry Tortugas National Park consists of seven islands off Key West which are composed of coral reefs and sand and include forts while others include Biscayne National Park, a preserve for marine life and mangroves as well as a great place for sports and leisure activities.

  • Attractions

    Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral

    Experience the history and future of space exploration at the family friendly Kennedy Space Center.

    Universal Studios, Orlando

    Universal Studios transforms adventure movies into adventure rides for the family experience.

    Islands of Adventure, Orlando

    Another Universal theme park which is more popular with teens and adults. The rides at Universal's Islands Of Adventure increase the excitement levels of the Universal Studios rides.

    Disney Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando

    The Disney Magic Kingdom has carousel rides, Mickey and Minnie signing autographs for the kids and attractions such as the much loved Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean. This is the original theme park also known as Disney World and Disneyworld.

    Gatorland, Orlando

    This famous alligator farm opened in 1948 as part of a widespread trend for alligator parks and amusements. It now houses snakes and other animals plus a variety of shows and activities for children and families.

    Monkey Jungle, Miami

    Opened in 1933 the monkeys are free and the visitors are kept under control. This wild park was an early pioneer of keeping animals in a wild setting.

    Sunken Gardens, St. Petersburg

    Oldest botanical gardens launched as a private obsession 100 years ago and featuring tens of thousands of some of the oldest tropical plants in the region.

  • Accommodation, Hotels

    Holiday and rented accommodation in Florida is widely available and varied from budget, medium value to high class and luxury. You will find large hotels, small hotels, motels, inns and guest houses.

    Why not read some Review Centre reviews to find tips to suit your individual accommodation needs.

  • Safety/Travel Tips

    In Florida by law headlights must be used when driving in fog and in rain.

    Beware. Florida has dangerous animals including snakes and alligators. In wilderness areas be careful and keep to paths if possible. Mosquitoes are also common in non urban areas.