• About Egypt

    Egypt has a culture and history which is not just unsurpassed in the Middle East but also in the world Egypt offers many, many treasures to explore. But while typical tours to Egypt follow the archaeological trails, including the wonder of the Pyramids, there are countless other attractions and activities on display. It is possible to sample first-rate golf holidays, bird watching, fishing, scuba diving, desert tours and many other experiences of a lifetime. Last but not least there are classic Egyptian beach holidays in a variety of high quality resorts.

  • Attractions

    The Sphinx

    A royal statue of ancient Egypt which is one of the major symbols of Egypt as well as one of the main historical monuments of the world. It stands 240 feet long and 66 feet high and, incredibly, it was carved from solid bedrock.

    Lake Nasser

    The worlds largest artificial lake 510km in length and up to 35km in width. Surrounded by desert it is a place of impressive beauty.


    The main pyramids, the sole survivor of the Seven Wonders of the World, are more than 4,500 years old. Truly astounding. They are worth the visit to Egypt alone. The pyramids are found at Giza. The Sphinx is nearby.

  • Main Destinations


    On the Mediterranean Sea this is the second largest city in Egypt. Known as The Pearl of the Mediterranean for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, historical treasures, museums and galleries, an impressive old town and two major harbours.


    Cairo offers superb hotels, restaurants and entertainments including some great golf courses. This is a world class city which also contains a host of amazing monuments. It is often the entry destination to Egypt.


    A major tourist area with all the hotel and amenities you might expect. Luxor is so full of ancient Egyptian monuments that it is often known as the worlds greatest open air museum. The city of Luxor is on the east side of the Nile. The west bank includes The Valley Of The Kings.

  • Recommended Resorts

    Sharm El Sheikh

    Sharm El Sheikh is an especially popular holiday resort in Sharks Bay and ideal for those in search of great beaches, water sports, sunshine and a little fun. As well as some interesting Christian monuments and antiquities there are casinos, discos, nightclubs, golf courses and health spas. You may also want to try horse and camel riding or a desert safari. Surrounded by mountains and sea this is a spectacular resort.

    El Gouna

    This is a great purpose built resort town made up of smart hotels and shops. El Gouna offers a special atmosphere and includes a range of facilities including golf course, go kart track, public transport and even a radio station, as well as lagoons and canals to relax by. Hurghada is the nearest airport.


    Built on a large beach, Hurghada was the first Egyptian resort to be purpose built and has since developed a reputation as a decent beach resort. There are a wide range of facilities including water sports and good accommodation.

    El Quesir

    El Quesir is a charming resort with some pristine reefs making it perfect for snorkellers and divers.

    Marsa Alam

    South of Hurghada. This is a nice peaceful resort ideal for couples and families and with some good swimming and beach opportunities available. Its surrounded by desert and mountains.

  • Key Facts

    • Full Name - Arab Republic of Egypt
    • Capital City - Cairo
    • Time Zone - GMT +2
    • Languages - Arabic
    • Main Religion - Muslim
    • Currency - Egyptian Pound