• About Thailand

    From Bangkok in the South to the spectacular landscapes and temples of the country's most Northern points Thailand is a country of spectacular beauty and ancient history. It is said that once visited holidaymakers are destined to return.

  • Climate

    Although humid all year round Thailand has three major seasons. Hot - March to May. Rain - June to September. Cool - October to February. During the cool season it is still pleasantly warm in the south.

  • Travel

    Bangkok is 11 hours from London and 22 hours flight from New York. The major airports are Bangkok's Don Muang International Airport about 25km North of Bangkok and the new Suvarnabhumi Airport. Non stop shuttle buses go between the hotels, railway station and airport. Thai Airways connect from Bangkok to all major cities and tourist areas in Thailand. There are also good bus and coach networks. Cars are available for hire in Bangkok and elsewhere, often with driver if required. Although navigation is relatively easy driving in chaotic Bangkok and in the rest of the country is not always simple due to the lack of attention to traffic laws.

  • Etiquette

    This is a Buddhist country. Modesty is the norm. Dress appropriately in temples. Never touch a person on the head as the head is regarded as sacred. Do not point your feet at people or at religious icons as this is seen as disrespectful.


    Bangkok, known as the Venice of The East on account of its canal networks, is a tale of two cities. This huge, bright sprawling city is a thriving, bustling non stop metropolis with over 12 million people but it is also an ancient centre full of beautiful temples and shrines and spectacular history.

  • Must See Sights

    Grand Palace

    Thailand's revered opulent palace was built in 1782. The grounds are open to visitors. Also contains the City Pillar Shrine, from which all distances in Thailand are measured.

    Wat Phra Keo

    Gold encrusted temple of the Emerald Bhudda. Inside the Grand Palace this is the most sacred temple in Thailand. Includes 20ft tall statues of mythical creatures standing guard.

    National Museum

    The best place to learn about Thai history. One of the world's best collections of South Asian art. There are free guided tours in English.

    Wat Po

    The largest temple includes a 150ft sculpture of Buddha covered in gold. The mammoth sculpture includes 10ft feet incorporating the 108 auspicious signs of the Buddha inlaid in mother of pearl.

  • Visitor Attractions

    Elephant Conservation Centre, Northern Thailand

    See elephants in their natural habitats and occasionally performing tricks.

    Hall of Opium, Ban Sop Ruak

    Outlines the history of the ancient Opium trade in the Golden Triangle.

  • Temples

    Wat Arun, Bangkok

    This is the temple you often see on television and in postcards. Known as The Temple Of Dawn it is a spectacular place to watch the sunrise over the river.

    Wat Phra Keo, Bangkok

    One of the most ornate temples in Thailand.

    Wat Pumin, Nan, Northern Thailand

    Off the beaten track this spectacular temple includes an impressive entrance past two statues of sea serpents.

    Prasat Hin Khao Phanom Rung, Isan

    Cross a bridge and climb several staircases to the top where you will find unforgettable examples of intricate Khmer art.

  • Nature

    Phang Nga Bay, Southern Thailand

    Visitors often kayak around majestic pillars of limestone which rise from the sea. One of Thailand's most visited and photographed spots.

    Thee Lo Su Waterfall, Umphang

    Simply one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world and certainly in Asia.

    Doi Inthianon National Park, Northern Thailand

    Visit hill tribe villages or hike through dense forest. Includes Thailand's highest mountain.

    Erawan National Park

    Kanchanaburu Province - Includes the spectacular Erawan Waterfall, which has seven tiers. You can hike to the top.

    Phu Kra Dueng National Park, Isan

    The sole mountain at the centre of this park is usually covered in mist. Visitors often hike to the top and enjoy the unforgettable views.

  • Beaches

    Haad Tong, Nai Pan, Ko Pha Ngan

    One of the Thailand's most impressive and idyllic beaches.

    Ao Vong Duan, Ko Samet

    Known As Island With Sand Like Crushed Crystal. Includes amazing beaches in a pretty half moon bay.

    Ao Nang, Krabi

    Limestone towers rise from the sea at this spectacular beach.

  • Key Facts

    • Full Name - Thailand
    • Language - Thai
    • Currency - Baht
    • Time - GMT 7
    • Capital - Bangkok
    • Religion - Buddhism
    • Population - 65 million