• About Cuba

    Cuba is a large tropical island, about 750 miles long, in the north of the Caribbean Sea. As well as its flamboyant capital Havana there are other towns and cities which provide many attractions, including memorable buildings from French and Spanish colonial rule. Cuba, the most populated island in the Caribbean, also contains beautiful mountains, plains, beaches and coves to explore. Tourism is rapidly developing in Cuba but has also been one of the greatest sources of income for the Cuban economy for many years. Visitors have a choice of grand hotels or modest apartments as well as the legendary hospitality of the locals to look forward to.

  • Weather

    Despite all the focus on the Cuban economy and its political conflicts with the US remember this is a Caribbean island. The beaches are not only gorgeous but the weather is superb all year round. The hot and rainy season is from May to October but even winter offers perfect weather by most European standards.

  • Cities


    Vibrant, elegant, friendly and charming, Havana is a crumbling beautiful city which comes alive to the sounds of rumba music and people gathering in its streets to chat, stroll and party. Its main features are the Spanish colonial architecture of the Old Town and the beach of Playas del Este where locals enjoy swimming, sunning and volleyball.

    Santiago de Cuba

    Santiago de Cuba is the second biggest city in Cuba and has its own special identity, being much more of a typical Caribbean atmosphere. The city overlooks Bahía de Santiago de Cuba.

  • Havana Attractions

    Habana Vieja

    This 16 Century area of Havana is a delightful blend of original cobble-stoned streets and colonial buildings. A number of elegant plazas entice you as you wander by churches, museums, restaurants, hotels and shops. The old town was formerly an important naval port for the Spanish and the ruins of the defensive walls that surround the city reveal what a battleground it was on a number of occasions. In the fifties it became a major playground for American writers and artists. One of the area's most famous bars is La Bodeguita Del Medio, a favourite of Ernest Hemingway.

    Acuario Nacional

    Aquarium showcasing tropical and subtropical marine life. Popular with children and adults. Highlights include a tortoise tank and dolphin show.

    Basilica Menor de San Francisco de Asis

    Museum and church in an 18th Century convent includes fine art, religious statues and other precious artefacts. Items of significance include a crystal statue of Jesus given to Fidel Castro by Mother Teresa.

    Capitolio Nacional

    Known by its large dome which dominates the Havana skyline this is the home of the Senate and House of Representatives. Built in 1929 it houses a number of interesting features including, La Republica, the worlds biggest indoor bronze statue and a 28-carat diamond pinpointing the exact centre of Havana. The Capitol National also houses the Cuban Natural History Museum, the largest natural history collection in Cuba.

    Convento de San Francisco

    16th Century monastery with ornamental Mexican features it now doubles as a museum and concert venue.

    Marina Hemingway

    Traditional marina used for fishing and leisure purposes with a host of facilities for sailors. Also the location of the world famous Ernest Hemingway fishing tournament.

    Galeria Villena

    This modern gallery includes arcades and glass panels and showcases Cuban and foreign contemporary artists.


    Symbolises Havana. The sea wall of the Malecon and pedestrian area offers superb views, sea air, and a perfect place for an evening stroll.


    Cubas most famous export: cigars. Cigar-making is an old and traditional craft in Cuba and there are three major factories which offer tours. This cigar factory is the oldest, founded in 1827, and continues the tradition of hand rolling while someone reads to the workers to keep them entertained.

  • Key Facts

    • Full Name - Republic of Cuba
    • Capital City - Havana
    • Population - 11,000,000
    • Time Zone - GMT -5
    • Languages - Spanish
    • Main Religion - Catholic
    • Currency - Cuban Peso