• About Santorini

    Santorini island is a stunning volcanic rock which rises sharply from the Aegean Sea. Santorini has been a popular honeymoon destination in Greece over the years, due to its spectacular sunsets and breathtaking coastline formed by spectacular ancient lava flows. Picturesque cliffside towns offer some of the most charming examples of Greek architecture you will see while you can easily lose yourself in their honeycomb of steps. Santorini is found at the Southern end of the Cyclades islands.

  • Getting There

    Regular flights from Athens via major international cities. Athens to Santorini flight time is about 40 minutes. In summer direct charter flights from major European airports are also available as are regular flights between Santorini and Thessalonika. Santorini offers regular ferry crossings to and from many islands, including Piraeus, as well as most Cyclades islands.

  • Weather

    Santorini offers typical Mediterranean conditions. Sunny most of the year with especially warm and dry summers plus stunning clear blue skies and mild, wet winters.

  • Beaches

    Santorini has unique beaches formed from famously black sand and pebbles, as well as red and white variations. The most popular beaches in Santorini are the black sand beaches of Kamari and Perissa to the East.

  • Sightseeing


    One of the more significant ancient sites in Greece, this 200 acre ancient Minoan City in Southern Santorini is still being excavated. The National Archaeological Museum in Athens houses many of the original frescos discovered here but large buildings, a mill and storage rooms can all be explored. The city was spectacularly preserved by lava and volcanic ash following huge volcanic eruptions in 1500 BC.


    The site of Ancient Thira is located on the South Eastern side of Santorini at Mesa Vouno. At 396 meters above sea level it provides superb views.

    Thira monuments:

    Temple of Artemidoros

    Includes reliefs depicting gods in animal forms such as Zeus as Eagle, a Lion Apollo and Dolphin Poseidon.


    The ancient administrative and commercial centre of Ancient Thira.

    Temple of Dionysus

    Dedicated to the Olympian god.

    Area of the Sanctuaries

    Remains of small sanctuaries, dedicated to the Gods of Apollo, Hermes and Hercules.

  • Boat Trip

    Why not visit the lava islet of Nea Kameni? There you can walk to the rim and experience the incredible sight of an active volcano. The boat trip to and from Santorini is also amazing, affording spectacular views of the lava inlets and cliffside towns. The Hot Springs of Palea Kameni are also included in the trip, allowing visitors the chance to bathe in warm mud baths.

  • Festivals

    Santorini offers many summer festival experiences

    Ifaisteia Festival

    Includes many cultural events, including music and dance and a volcanic explosion display - replicated with fireworks.

    Santorini International Music Festival

    Classical music at this two week festival. International singers and musicians perform at the Nomikos Centre in Fira.

    Santorini Jazz Festival

    Held in an open-air cinema in Kamari, the Santorini Jazz Festival is an annual series of concerts featuring Greek and international jazz musicians.

  • Places


    The capital of Santorini is a sloping town on the edge of a vast crater. Access to the original port is by 800 steps from the capital, on foot or donkey or via a cable car. There are numerous shops, restaurants and bars, as well as the start of an amazing coastal walk leading up to Firastefani and Imerovigli. Fira is also the centre of all buses and taxis.


    Famous for its amazing red sandy beach contrasting with striking black volcanic cliffs. Akrotiri is also near several important ancient sites. Boats leave Akrotiri for other beaches along the South West coast.


    This small village, three miles from Fira and near the airport, is a little gem worth a visit mainly for its quiet beach.


    Large village inland was once a stronghold for villagers hiding from pirates. North of the village is a fortified house, the Goulas, in which people hid. Has a labyrinth of small picturesque streets that together with a medieval castle create an enchanting atmosphere


    Village cum seaside resort with plenty of hotels, restaurants, shops and bars and a black sandy beach knows for its water sports facilities. Kamari is near the ancient site of Thira and is also home to Panagia Episkopi church, a popular tourist attraction.