• About Lesbos

    One of the largest of all the Greek islands, Lesbos, or Lesvos, is one of the undiscovered Greek island paradises. Located just off the Turkish coast, Lesbos offers numerous secluded beaches, fascinating villages and interesting towns to explore.

    The island includes two vast peaks, Lepetymnos and Olympus, dominating the North and central regions. The island also has volcanic roots ensuring it is notable for its numerous hot springs.

    Known as the Emerald Isle, it is the rich variety of flora and fauna that act as a major magnet for many visitors, including botanists and bird watchers, who come to enjoy wide open spaces.

    Others natural attractions include the healing powers of its hot water springs, which you can step in and out of and often take a dip in the sea to cool down immediately afterwards.

    Lesbos is the ideal island for those wishing a quieter retreat and the good news is that package and accommodation deals are often available at very competitive prices.

  • History

    Lesvos has a long history stretching back over 3,000 years, is famous as the birthplace of the poetess Sappho and as the home of philosopher Aristotle. While it does not compete with islands like Crete and Rhodes for its ancient historical attractions it has certainly developed a reputation among visitors for its many natural delights.

  • Botany

    Lesvos is the third largest island in Greece after Crete and Evia and also one of the more colourful. From March onwards it produces a stunning display of wild flowers, including 35 different species of orchids. A mild climate, variety of terrains, and natural springs means there are over 1400 different varieties of flower in bloom from Spring onwards. Its valleys and meadows have to be seen to be believed. A truly stunning botanical paradise.

  • Beaches

    Lesvos has various stunning beaches along its coastline, including well maintained stretches with sun beds, showers and other facilities as well as hidden coves and remote gems.

    The waters are unpolluted and perfect for swimming. Vatera, an 8km long beach with pure waters, is the focus of a newer resort.

  • Places


    The charming capital with many squares and portside cafes to enjoy includes a vast castle, one of the largest in Europe. An ancient theatre high above the city is also one of the more unique attractions of the island. It was one of the largest in Greece, providing for 15,000, and provided a role model for similar Coliseums throughout ancient Rome. Another attraction is the Statue of Liberty based on the famous New York statue. It was built by a Greek sailor who was inspired following a trip to New York.


    Also known as Mythimna, a very attractive picture postcard Northern holiday resort. A very pretty harbour lays beneath red tiled houses and steep, cobbled streets; and is overlooked by a Genoese fortress at the top of steep slopes which is lit up at night. Other attractions include a small museum, and open air cinema which features a festival of music and theatre in the summer.

    Skala Eressos

    The main western resort is Skala Eressos. This area has been popular with Lesbian visitors due to its relationship with the ancient Greek lyrical poet Sappho who penned the first verses about lesbian love here in 580 BC.

  • Things to do


    Lesvos is a walkers' paradise with some of the best and most easily accessible walks in the Greek islands. It's ease to lose yourself for a day in olive groves and coastal walks.


    Lesvos is known to the birding world as one of the best locations in Europe for seeing migrating birds. The island's vast and varied landscape ensures it is popular with both birds and birdwatchers.


    Lesvos is one of the largest olive oil-producing areas in Greece which helps create its distinct character. Twelve million of them cover 40 per cent of the island together with assorted fruit trees, producing 20,000 tons of oil every year. The fact that many are in ancient groves ensures the undisturbed soil produces perfect conditions for many unique species of flora.

  • Did you know?

    The correct spelling is Lesvos and not Lesbos although you will come across both spelling even on the island.

    Two nearly land locked gulfs situated near the interior means you are never further than a few miles from the sea.

  • Attractions

    Petrified Forest

    The Petrified Forest of Lesvos is the largest in the world. The winding road north of Erossos takes you through lunar like landscapes to this amazing fossil collection.

    This forest is actually much larger then the more famous petrified forest in Arizona but is not as well advertised or maintained. Covering several km the trees were preserved when they were covered by volcanic ash from nearby Mount Ordymnos 20 million years ago.

    Thermal Springs


    Thermi has a modern bath house built in front of ancient ones which are now closed to the public. The springs are recommended for treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and sciatica and also hypertension, gall bladder, liver and other problems. Inhaling the steam is also said to help sufferers of bronchial disorders.

    Gulf of Gera

    The largest baths on Lesvos with separate male/females pools. Recommended for rheumatism, arthritis, bronchitis and other ailments the temperature remains around the 40C mark. Adjacent is a nice cafe overlooking the bay. Shallow waters nearby provide excellent opportunities for swimming.

    Skala Loutra

    Ornate Greek spouts sprout warm water into impressive marble lined pool. Includes cafe and good changing facilities.


    Restored thermal baths offers the hottest waters in Europe with temperatures up to 90C. Two mineral springs are near the banks of the river with separate pools for males and females.

    Gentle steaming pools are found throughout this area.


    Hot waters are iron stained and contain chlorine up to 70C. Also known as Agios Ioannis, they are located in very beautiful countryside with springs either side a charming river.


    The renovated main building houses modern baths with water reaching the 45C mark. The old bath house is entered via gardens.