• About Germany

    From the spectacular beauty of the Black Forest and Germany's Bavarian alpine mountain region to the cosmopolitan delights of Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne Germany is a country which has everything. Whether it be the medieval history of Heidelberg or the pristine charm of Munich Germany is wihtout a doubt one of the most delightful holiday destinations in Europe. Great food, great beer and wine, first-class accommodation and transport and a wealth of cultural attractions will all help to make your stay an enjoyable one.

  • Travel

    The main flight destinations in Germany are Frankfurt-am-Main, Munich, Düsseldorf and Berlin. Frankfurt is Europe's second busiest airport after Heathrow. Berlin's most popular airport is Tegel just 5 miles from the centre. Schonefeld and Tempelhof also offer easy access to Berlin centre. The new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport is yet another option planned to open in 2007. Domestic flights are possible between all major cities. Rail travel is more cost effective though and often just as fast. The German rail network is highly rated. Germany also has an excellent highway system connected to the rest of Western Europe. German roads in general are excellent and well maintained and the spacious cities and countryside are suitable for good driving holidays. The national motorways - autobahn - have no speed limits in some areas so be careful. Bicycle touring in Germany is also very popular and there is a good network of cycling routes. Ferries run between the northern coast and the UK and Scandinavia.

  • Germany Attractions

    Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria

    Used by Walt Disney as the basis for Sleeping Beauty's Castle this 19TH Century neo medieval castle is one of the most stunning examples in Europe. The interior is just as breathtaking as the exterior.

    Oktoberfest, Munich, Bavaria

    Hundreds of thousands of people visit one of the world's biggest public festival which begins on the last few days of September and goes on for over 16 days. Massive quantities of fine food and drink are quaffed and there are fun fairs and entertainments. A beer drinker's paradise.

    Cologne and Cologne Cathedral

    On the banks of the Rhine Cologne is an attractive cosmopolitan city known for its superb Gothic cathedral. The Cologne museum complex contains paintings from Dutch and German masters as well as a great collection of modern art.

    The Black Forest

    The home of fairy tales this dark fir and pine clad mountain region is like stepping back into time. Extremely popular with visitors who enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing and mountain biking.


    More canals and bridges than Venice and Amsterdam put together plus large lakes, the river Elbe and one of the world's biggest harbours. An attractive city with a legendary arts and music scene.

    The Frisian Islands

    Rugged North Sea islands with sand dunes, fine beaches and spectacular scenery. Popular family holiday destinations.


    The ancient University city of Heidelberg on The River Neckar is a delight for the eyes. Ancient towers, bridges and a 14th century castle are some of the attractions.

    Lake Constance, Bodensee

    Germany's largest lake which is shared with Switzerland and Austria. It enjoys some of the best sunshine in Germany. A very popular old-fashioned resort atmosphere.


    Financial and commercial capital of Germany with also the best collection of museums after Berlin. Also offers fine gardens and parks and a high quality bar, shopping and entertainment scene.

  • Berlin Attractions

    The Brandenburg Gate

    Major symbol of Berlin and the unified Germany. The last remaining gate of the Berlin Wall lies at the western end of the grand Unter den Linden Boulevard.


    Central museum district which includes The National Galerie with its important collection of French impressionists and The Old Museum - a collection of 18th to 20th Century paintings and statues. Other museums include the massive Pergamon Museum of Antiquities and Asian Art. The Bode Museum includes Byzantine and early Christian artefacts.

    The Tiergarten

    Originally a hunting reserve the Tiergarten was turned into a beautiful city park in 1742. This lush central park is over 412 acres.

    The Berlin Wall

    One of the best examples of what is left of the wall can be seen near Leipzigerstrasse.

    The Berlin Radio Tower

    The 138-meters high Berlin Radio Tower was built in 1924. This steel spire offers great views of the city from its observation deck. There is also a restaurant half way up.

    The Berlin Zoo & Aquarium

    The largest zoo in the world is over 74-acres and was founded in 1841. It contains 13,000 species of animal. The Berlin Aquarium is also the biggest collection of its kind in the world.

    The Charlottenburg Palace

    The oldest Prussian palace in Germany. The 17th Century building is full of ornate furnishings and grand paintings.

    The Reichstag

    Built in the 1880s the German parliament building holds a fascinating history. It was successfully renovated in 1999 by British architect Norman Foster. Visitors can visit its glass dome and enjoy views of the city and the workings of parliament below.

  • Key Facts

    • Capital - Berlin
    • Currency - Euro
    • Main Religions - Protestant, Catholic
    • Time Zone - GMT 1
    • Language - German
    • Population - 82 million