• About Brazil

    Nowhere in the world do people know how to enjoy themselves more than in Brazil. Carnaval, night life, beach culture, music, dance and football are all hallmarks of Brazilian exuberance. Despite having such a vast interior about two thirds of Brazilians live on or near the coast. The main populations are in the South East where the three major cities Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte converge. But for the more adventurous there is the jungle interior to explore, revealing traces of Brazil's ancient civilisations.

  • Things To Do In Brazil

    Amazon River Trips

    The best way to take in the jungle scenery.

    Florianopolis Beaches

    Brazil's surfing hot spots.

    Visit A Football Game

    In Rio - Flamengo and Fluminense are the main clubs.


    The most famous is Rio's starting the Friday before Ash Wednesday.

    Learn Samba

    Samba clubs are bountiful in the cities.

    Beach Party

    Most Brazilians live near the coast so there is always a beach party going on.

  • Places

    Rio de Janeiro

    Sitting on the southern shore of a landlocked harbour in the brilliant setting of Guanabara Bay between beautiful seas and jungle covered mountains is Rio de Janeiro. Rio is the home of the most famous beach in the world - Copacabana - and the world's biggest carnival.

    Costa Verde

    One of Brazil's most fabulous landscapes with 280km plus of lush vegetation, rolling hills and beautiful tropical beaches. This Western paradise includes the colonial town of Parati which remains unaltered since the 18th Century when it was an important trading town for gold and later coffee. Declared a national monument on account of it being one of the world's greatest examples of Portuguese colonial architecture.


    Second only to Rio in terms of its wonderful natural setting Salvador in the North West lies in the enormous Bay of Todos os Santos and is famed for its magical, vibrant atmosphere. The second most popular tourist site in Brazil on account of its stunning colonial architecture and special location. Attractions include the Old Governor's Palace, a number of good museums and its lively nightlife.


    The capital is a Unesco World Heritage Site designed and built in the 1950s on a futuristic model. Almost 1000 km from Rio this was once one of Brazil's most isolated locations. Now its population exceeds 4 million. There are numerous fascinating monuments, museums and buildings to appreciate not least the Teatro Nacional built in the style of an Aztec temple. The city is also regarded as having the best bars and restaurants in Brazil. Brasilia is also the gateway to a vast interior, the Pantanal swampland and the Amazon.


    The hectic capital of Amazonia lies on the Rio Negro. It is a fascinating place with a vibrant dockland and a number of important buildings including its Italian Renaissance style Opera House. Its colonial Customs House was shipped from Britain in pieces to be assembled like a model kit. The market includes craft stalls from indigenous Amazonian tribes. Boat tours from the docks take you to the peaceful splendour of the Amazon which is nearby. Guided tours into the jungle are available for the more adventurous.

    Santa Catarina

    Known for its Mediterranean scenery, attractive fishing villages and the city of Florianopolis, the state's small but lively capital. Many tourists stay here or at the many beach resorts around the island. The best beaches are found in the North and West but with 42 beaches in total you can usually find somewhere to please. Accommodation is tight in peak season so try and book well in advance. The Lagoa da Coneicao is popular with windsurfers.

  • Getting Around

    Major airports in Rio de Janeiro are Santos Dumont, just east of the centre, and The Tom Jobin International Airport, 14km north of the city. Rio has a good Metro and bus services and metered taxis. There are good bus services in Brazil in general and a few rail lines but the country relies heavily on airlines for transport. Amazon river transport is slow but worth it for the fantastic experience. Renting a car is an easy option as all the big companies operate here but driving in Brazil is not easy on account of the poor standards of roads and the chaotic standards of driving.