Corfu Travel Guides

  • About Corfu

    One of the more beautiful Greek islands, Corfu benefits from spectacular coastline looking out over the Ionian Sea. Known as the Green Island, Corfu is famous for its three million olive trees spread over some very pretty rolling countryside. There are also picturesque villages galore, mouth watering sunsets to be enjoyed as well as those heavenly beaches. Corfu lies very close to the coast of Albania, less than two miles at one point and is also right at the mouth of the Adriatic.

  • Corfu Town

    This beautiful and elegant port has many fine buildings and superb architectural sights influenced by Sicilian, Venetian, French and English rule. Significant buildings include The Ionian Parliament built in 1855 and The Palace of Saint Michael and Georges, a Georgian mansion built in 1824 during the British occupation. There are also the impressive old and new Venetian Fortresses which overlook the town. Corfu town holds about 30,000 permanent inhabitants and is the capital of the island.

  • Did You Know?

    You are in good company if you visit Corfu. Famous names to have set foot there include: Napoleon, Oscar Wilde, Diana - Princess of Wales and Madonna.

  • Recommended Resorts


    One of the most famous beaches in Greece. A massive beautiful beach of soft sand.


    The village of Gouvia was built on an ancient Venetian harbour. Its the main marina of Corfu with many impressive yachts on show. Very lively with lots of bars, restaurants, etc.

    Agios Gordios

    Highly recommended for a pleasant holiday. This is an attractive village with breathtaking mountain scenery which can be found on the west coast near Corfu Town. Spectacular sunsets are guaranteed.


    Dassia is also not far from Corfu Town. This lively village is cosmopolitan in flavour. Rests on a wooded bay and a nice beach. Lots of accommodation and night life.


    Kavos is a popular British party resort with lots of bars, restaurants and night life.


    This small village lies in an unspoilt, southern part of the island near the beautiful Lake Korrision and some lush green hills.


    Very pretty village with breathtaking scenery and superb beaches.


    Fairly unspoilt small resort.


    Sidari is a lively growing party resort popular with the British.

  • History

    Corfu, known in Greek as Kerkyra, was named after Corkyra, mistress of Poseidon, God of the Sea.

    A major Greek ruin, formerly a temple of Poseidon, is sited in the town of Corfu on the eastern coast.

    Corfu has one of the more vibrant and colourful histories of the Greek Islands. Due to its unique location Corfu has seen a constant series of invaders from all sides including the British, French, Romans and Byzantines.

    These days it is a special holiday destination enjoyed by millions of satisfied visitors to Greece.