• About

    Canada is known for its spectacular scenery, super quality of life, diverse cultural mix, excellent facilities and friendly, laid back hospitality. This vast and amazing country has some of the wildest untamed landscape in the world. Canada includes the Rocky Mountains and the wild country of Northern Canada. It is made up of ten very distinct provinces and three different territories, all of which provide an amazing holiday experience.

  • Canada Regions

    From large southern cosmopolitan cities like Montréal and Toronto to isolated Eskimo settlements on the Hudson Bay Canada offers a dazzling array of experiences and adventures. The Pacific and Atlantic seas and multitude of lakes provide excellent locations for watersports and fishing. The Rockies and other ranges are gigantic and miraculous scenes of nature. Many resorts can be found in Canada's National Parks which are an eco tourist's idea of heaven. Central Canada offers typical desolate North American farming country. The Northern Territories are equally dramatic.

  • Destinations

    Alberta includes the Rocky Mountains, swathes of farming land and the city of Edmonton.

    Atlantic Canada offers spectacular coastline and maritime culture.

    In Nova Scotia you will find picturesque fishing villages.

    In Newfoundland and Labrador you will find beautiful bays and whale sightings.

    British Columbia includes the ancient cedar trees of the Carmanah Valley, the splendour of the Rockies, the cities of Vancouver and Victoria.

    In Ontario lies the capital: Ottawa.

    Toronto offers a major arts network plus the magnificent Niagara Falls.

    Former French colony Quebec includes fortified Quebec City.

    Montreal is Canada's second largest city famous for its modern look and major international events.

    Edmonton is home to North America's largest shopping and entertainment complex.

  • Canada - History

    Modern Canada was founded as a union of British colonies some of which had been French colonies previously. Canada became self-governing in 1867 while maintaining ties to Britain and is still part of the British Commonwealth to this day. Canada has developed a powerful economy along similar lines to the US.

  • Getting Around

    Air Canada or one of its regional partners fly to most cities. The Trans-Canada Highway takes you from one coastline to another. Rail links and Inter-city bus services are numerous.

  • Seasons

    Canada's seasons are distinct. In autumn brilliant colours erupt in nature. In winter snow is abundant. Spring is early and glorious. Summer is hot and inviting.

  • Time Zones

    Canada has six time zones.

    • Pacific Standard Time: GMT - 8.
    • Mountain Standard Time: GMT - 7.
    • Central Standard Time: GMT - 6.
    • Eastern Standard Time: GMT - 5.
    • Atlantic Standard Time: GMT - 4.
    • Newfoundland Standard Time: GMT - 3.5.
  • Did You Know?

    Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of land area. Second only to Russia.

  • Key Facts

    • Country - Canada
    • Capital City - Ottawa
    • Population - 31,830,000
    • Languages - English and French
    • Religions - Catholic and Protestant
    • Currency - Canadian Dollar