• About Sweden

    Sweden has become a less expensive location to visit in recent years in terms of general and so now could be the best time to sample this beautiful country. Sweden includes vast areas of spectacular coastline, idyllic islands and wilderness where you can soak up the the legendary midnight sun. You may also want to sample the area's stunning mountain hiking trails admidst its sensational forests. Sweden is a wonderful open country with inspiring landscape at every turn but its cities are equally impressive. The capital Stockholm is a grand cosmopolitan city but with a charming cosy feel. Similarly Gothenburg, sited on the Göta älv river, is a stylish centre with a spectacular architectural heritage.

  • Travel

    The main international airport is Arlanda near Stockholm. Many flights from North America and Asia go via Copenhagen. There are very good public transport links. Buses and trains are integrated with ferries to provide services to and from other countries including the UK, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Poland and within Sweden. Swedish access ports include Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsingborg and Stockholm. There are also comprehensive cycle routes.

    Road Safety

    While driving in Sweden beware the elk. Over 20,000 accidents per year occur in Sweden involving elks and deer.

  • Things To Do

    Downhill and cross-country skiing are popular, as is skating wherever the ice is thick enough.

    Views of the Northern Lights are most spectacular from the mountains in the north. Cycling becomes an especially attractive option when Sweden thaws out.

    For the adventure seekers Diving along the eastern coast is possible and you can swim close to seals.

    Stockholm is a must see city that can be discovered on foot to experience the waterways, parks and many museums.

    Other cities like Gothenburg are equally stunning and full of museums, galleries and visitor attractions.

  • Weather

    May to July offers the best sunshine. Average temperatures in the south in summer are often in the mid seventies centigrade with the northernmost mountains at this time only about 11°C. Famously Sweden experiences constant light in summer and near total darkness in December. Many ports are frozen throughout winter. Occasional sub-zero cold snaps occur even in summer.

  • Recommended Attractions

    Ájtte Museum

    Exhibition of Sami culture in Jokkmokk includes Sami dress, silverware and various ancient artefacts. Sami are the native indigenous people of Scandinavia previously known as the Lapps.

    Royal Palace

    The new Royal Palace is one of Stockholm's highlights. It was constructed on the site of the old royal castle, Tre Kronor, which burned down in 1697. A mixture of medieval and baroque exterior, with 608 rooms, it's the world's largest royal castle still in use.

    Tyresta National Park

    12100 acre site noted for its virgin forest, which includes 300-year-old pine trees. Stockholm is the only European capital with virgin forest so close at hand.

    Drottningholm Palace

    A UNESCO World Heritage list site referred to as the Versailles of the North. Drottningholm is the residence of the Swedish Royal family. The palace is full of exquisite art and furnishings, and the park surrounding the palace is just as beautiful. Also includes Drottningholm Court Theatre, one of the best-preserved 18th century theatres.


    Art Museum in Gothenburg whose enormous collections include Impressionist paintings, pop art and - most impressively - superb Swedish works. The extensive Nordic and European collection include art by Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Gogh and Picasso.

  • Accommodation

    Swedish hotel accommodation is usually of a high standard. Country hotels in idyllic settings are especially popular. Some are renovated and modernised manor houses. There is also an excellent choice of working farms, forest cabins, youth hostels and camping sites. There are also many castle and manor house hotels in Sweden found in spectacular rural settings, and often with excellent facilities, including golf courses and spas.

  • Landscape and Geography

    Sweden is the biggest Scandinavian country stretching 175,500 sq miles over a majestic glacial landscape. The 4330 mile coastline is scattered with fjords. Inland there are over 100,000 lakes. Norway borders to the west on the other side of Sweden's mountain range, Skanderna. Sweden's highest peak is the snow capped Mt Kebnekaise (6924ft).

  • Key Facts

    • Full Name - Kingdom of Sweden
    • Capital - Stockholm
    • Population - 9,024,187
    • Time Zone %u2013 GMT 1
    • Main Languages %u2013 Swedish, English widely spoken
    • Main Religion - Lutheran
    • Currency - Swedish Krona