• About

    An overseas territory of the United Kingdom, Bermuda is an exotic mixture of old world British charm and vibrant American culture set on a sub tropical island. Small cottages, cricket matches and afternoon teas pop up alongside paradise beaches and stunning sunsets. Dance and music is also king in Bermuda with a musical scene dominated by Caribbean sounds. Fascinating and entertaining visitor attractions include The Royal Navy Dockyard, as well as an assortment of museums, forts, churches and other historical sites. But if in doubt there is also the breathtaking rolling countryside and beautiful beaches, offering snorkelling and other watersports to grab your attention.

  • Geography

    Bermuda is in the North Atlantic Ocean, about 640 miles off the coast of the US. It's the oldest remaining British overseas territory, settled by England in the 17th Century. Despite it being mostly thought of as a single island, Bermuda consists of around 138 islands. Its total area is 27.7 square miles. There are two incorporated municipalities in Bermuda; the City of Hamilton, and the Town of St George. There are also a number of smaller villages, including Flatts Village, Tucker's Town and Somerset Village.

  • Bermuda Climate

    Bermuda is in the Gulf Stream and has a very humid subtropical climate. It is very hot in summer and winters are mild with average daytime temperatures in January and February around 20C. Rainfall is moderate throughout the year.

  • Economy

    Bermuda sustains a wealthy offshore financial economy. More than 13,000 companies are registered. Tourism attracts over 500,000 visitors each year.

  • Architectural Attractions

    Bermuda architecture is extremely charming and there are numerous examples. Pure white roofs combine with pastel walls to create a dazzling colonial atmosphere.

    The Town of St. George

    The oldest and most historic settlement on the island holds a a major attraction for architecture fans.

    The Old Rectory

    Built by a former pirate in 1705. Notable for its impressive Dutch doors, chimneys, shutters and widening staircase.

    St. Peter's Church St Georges Town

    The oldest Anglican Church in the Western Hemisphere, dating from the early 1600s.

    The Old State House

    Oldest stone house on Bermuda, built in an Italian style in the 17th Century by the governor at the time, Nathaniel Butler.

    The Unfinished Cathedral

    Construction began in 1874 but money ran out. It remains unfinished.

    Tucker House

    Interesting house built from local limestone containing 18th and 19th Century furnishings.


    Vast mansion formerly owned by a shipping magnate it was built to resemble an English manor house. Verdmont has an impressive double roof, large chimneys, sash windows and a fireplace in every room.

  • Attractions

    Because of Bermuda's size, it's easy to get to know the island areas whether you travel by bicycle, ferry, bus or taxi.

    Cristobal Colon

    This Spanish liner, which ran aground eight miles north of Bermuda in 1936, is the largest ship ever to wash up in Bermudian waters. In 1937 a Norwegian vessel mistakenly assumed the Cristobal Colon to be sailing through the reef and followed her course. Both boats now sit in about 50 feet of water.


    Bermuda has one of the highest concentrations of limestone caves in the world. A guided tour of spectacular Crystal Caves, including crystal-clear Cahow Lake, in Hamilton Parish is a must.

    St George Town

    St. George includes the US naval air base and the little island of St Davids.

    The City of Hamilton

    Bermuda's largest city and the seat of its government.

    Bermuda Maritime Museum

    At the Royal Naval Dockyard on Ireland Island in Sandys Parish. Sited in a 19th Century fortress.

    The Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum & Zoo

    A complex in Hamilton Parish.

    Fort Hamilton

    A massive Victorian fortification overlooking the City of Hamilton and its harbour.

    The Botanical Gardens

    Stunning gardens in Paget Parish.

    Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

    In Southampton Parish, the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world.

    Horseshoe Bay Beach

    In Southampton Parish, the most photographed of the island's pink sandy beaches, staffed with lifeguards.

    Elbow Beach

    Paget Parish. Bermuda most popular beach.

  • Did You Know?

    Bermuda takes its name from the Spanish sea captain Juan de Bermúdez, who sighted the uninhabited islands in 1503.

  • History

    Bermuda was the scene of a famous shipwreck in 1609 featuring English Admiral Sir George Somers. Washed up and without his ship, the admiral built replacement ships and established a British colony. The experience is thought to have been the inspiration for Shakespeare's play, The Tempest.

  • Travel

    There are regular scheduled flights to Bermuda from the USA, Canada and the UK. Cruise ships regularly dock in Bermuda each year. There are no car rentals in Bermuda. Buses and ferries are the main public transport. You can also rent mopeds and taxis are widely available. Horse and carriage rides are also popular with romantics.

  • Visas

    No visas are required for citizens of the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Western European countries. Visas are required by citizens of the former Soviet Union, most countries in North Africa and the Middle East, China, Sri Lanka and some former Soviet Bloc countries in Eastern Europe.

  • Key Facts

    • Timezone - GMT - 4
    • Government - British protectorate with self government
    • Money - Bermudan dollar
    • Capital City - Hamilton
    • Population-2013 62997
    • Languages - English, Portuguese
    • Religion - Christian/Roman Catholic