Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa - Cyprus

  • About

    Ayia Napa, or Agia Napa, is a very popular resort on the eastern edge of southern Cyprus. Originally an agricultural village the resort is now famous for its sandy beaches and club life. In recent years, in fact, it has become one of Europe's best known party and club destinations. It also remains a popular family holiday resort for all ages and a good base to explore Greek southern Cyprus. Ayia Napa is a beautiful place featuring a traditional harbour filled with fishing boats and a stupendous Venetian monastery set behind the spectacular sight of a 600-year old Sycamore tree.

  • Geography

    Ayia Napa is just south of Famagusta, near Cape Greco. It forms part of a larger area known as the Kokkinochorgia, a name derived from its distinctive red soil.

  • Climate

    Cyprus is typically Mediterranean featuring very hot summers with temperatures soaring over 40C inland. Coastal areas and high altitudes offer more welcome temperatures. Winters are much cooler and wet often falling below 10C.

  • Travel

    The Republic of Cyprus has airports at Larnaka and Pafos with flights from most of Europe and the Middle East. By sea Greece and Israel are reachable from Lemesos. There are ferries from North Cyprus to Turkey but you cannot exit Cyprus this way unless you entered via Turkey. Bus services are regular within and between towns. Taxis, bikes and cars are available to hire.

  • Cyprus

    Cyprus is a breathtaking Mediterranean island of beaches, pretty vineyards and pine forests drawing on a fascinating history. Cyprus has always been an important trading post between the empires of Europe, Africa and the Middle East and this is represented in its diverse architecture. Cyprus, famously was under Venetian and then later British rule before heading into its current situation as a divided republic between the Turkish north and Greek south. Since 1974 visitors have had to choose between visiting one of the two.

  • Did You Know?

    The name Ayia Napa derives from the similarly named Venetian monastery found in the centre of the town next to the main square. Napa means woodland. In ancient times this area was an uninhabited area covered in thick forest.

  • Attractions

    Agia Napa Monastery

    The present monastery was built around 1500 but inside the church there is a cave suggesting it may have been used as a place of worship before that. According to legend, the inhabitants of local villages practiced secret liturgies in caves in this area, during the 8th and 9th Century, when Christianity was being persecuted.

    The Square

    Central to the town, is filled with restaurants, nightclubs and shops, and for many is the main centre of Agia Napa nightlife.


    Pierides Museum of Marine Life. Exhibition of Cyprus and the Mediterranean past and present marine life and fauna.


    Municipal Museum of the Sea in Agia Napa. The Museum houses sculptures, engravings, ceramics and paintings of seascapes from acclaimed 19th and 20th century Greek and Cypriot artists.

    The Makronissos Tombs

    West of Agia Napa village in Makronissos. An ancient burial site at a stepped road, leading to a rectangular entrance.

  • Clubs


    Large urban/hard house club. Expect big names like Tim Westwood and Lisa Lashes.


    Funky house club in small warehouse venue.


    Flintstones theme bar with live music and karaoke.


    Eighties theme club with varied music policy.


    Famous club with four arenas set up like a mock castle and dungeons.


    R 'n' B bar and pre club warm up for Ice.

    Heaven Rock Garden

    American style alternative rock bar features fire shows.


    Mock cave club with urban and funky house music.


    Dance bar with a Jurassic theme and outdoor seating. House music.


    Titanic theme bar with mock boat and marine fixtures. Funky house.

    Other popular clubs

    Fluid Club, Rise Club, Starsky's, Disco Mythology Club, Monkey Business, Hollywood Boulevard.

  • Key Facts

    • Place - Ayia Napa
    • Country - Republic of Cyprus
    • GMT /-: GMT 2
    • Capital City: Nicosia
    • Languages- 2013 Turkish (North) Greek (South) English (widely spoken)
    • Population - 772,000 (167,256 Turkish Cypriots)
    • Currency: Cyprus pound is divided into 100 cents.