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“At the end of the day and as I have been in the...”


written by Securitywatch on 17/08/2023

At the end of the day and as I have been in the security industry for well over 25 years before the change was made about a license system, it’s all about money £ from the corrupt SIA organisation taking money off people every 3 years to letting any Tom dave harry or anyone who’s never done security or just arrived in the country get training get a badge and that’s it. Those of us from before the licensing system had to have a 10 or 20 year background check do the long hours but now it’s open house season and the village idiots are free and loose. So Get Licensed don’t tell you everything from the start they give false information and grab your money and run. After they have your money then they tell you about e-learning that have to complete before you the course a stupid video of yourself too many requirements. The place you do the training is not their headquarters but some hideous run down building that everyone is using for all sorts with strict rules with no outside view a kitchen so small you can’t swing a car two toilets in one room which has to be shared by both sex’s. You are told be there for 8am don’t be late you be allowed in however on the front door of the entrance it says 0830 when the receptionist comes to start working, the building itself is not in good condition. The course is not easy so much is cramped in it’s far too much. There asking you to be a paramedic a police officer a lawyer for too much in relation to the rewards of front line door supervisor security where you are at risk of attack insults violence being stabbed or bottled or even possibly as the trainer said about one guy he knows acid attack which destroyed his entire face. Lovely and are you allowed to defend yourself to all the degenerates you will encounter apparently only reasonable force anything more the wonderful good old SIA will takeaway your license for protecting and defending yourself wonderful. So why did they bring in the SIA and the licensing system it because the doormen (bouncers) on the night clubs were getting a little too heavy handed and doing too much bouncing just for the hell of it. There not security now and never was they were not in any way security staff in the retail side or office buildings, just like a night watchman was just that some old bloke on a building site or warehouse or factory premises all totally different. But again because of the overly aggressive doormen of old suddenly we were all lumped together into security and all now because of those guys we have the license system. They will say it is because of unregistered and security firms in the old definitely not there was a few them about. What we really have is a government interference to control the industry for  financial gain and to make sure G4 get all nice little government contracts under both labour and conservative’s example prisons and the 2012 Olympic Games. It’s a case of connections friendships and who you know the old boy network. Proper security old style one of the last of the old generation.

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