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“Stay Away from Anthony & Sylvan!”

Written on: 14/05/2020 by colleenbenham (1 review written)

We hired Anthony & Sylvan to install an inground pool. Construction began in March of 2019. Things were bad right from the beginning. After excavation the steel rebar was left to sit and the sides of the pool collapsed causing it to fail the county inspection. I was told by someone that they knew it would fail (I sent him pictures prior to county inspection) but sometimes the inspectors pass it anyway. The rebar had to be removed and reinstalled. There was debris left all over the yard. When I complained they came out and picked up the debris and shoved it in between the gunite and the ground. After they get your money they are in no hurry to get anything done. Appointments were scheduled and numerous times no one from Anthony Sylvan showed up. Plaster was done incorrectly, there were cracks and dents and large clumps of plaster all around the bottom and sides of the pool as well as staining which began forming the day after they put the water in the pool. The plaster job was so bad it had to be redone. They sent the same plaster crew out to redo the plaster. They broke tiles and did not mention it, had no intentions of fixing it until I again complained about the broken tiles. For the second plaster job they had their plaster "expert" on site. Once plaster was finished the water trucks came to fill the pool as the pool was filling we noticed they filled in the return jets with plaster. The plaster "expert" did not notice this until we told him. As the pool was already more than halfway filled we had to scramble to get the plaster out of the returns. After the pool was filled the staining to the plaster started again. We have been consistently contacting them to correct the staining. Last October they did what they called a light acid wash. They came out and turned off the filter, put a pump in the deep end and poured chemicals into the pool. They were supposed to be back in a week or so to check the staining, bring the water chemistry back up, take their pump out of the deep end. One of their employees came out to our house, did not look at anything or even go near the pool. Instead he came to the gate said he didn't have any chemicals and left. The process was never completed by them and their pump is still in my yard as we had to take it out of the pool ourselves. Our plaster has consistently gotten worse, it has cracks, dents and the entire pool is stained. The lights they installed are faulty, if left on more than an hour they begin flashing and blinking as do the lights in my kitchen since they installed the electrical for the pool. The electrician came out last summer and replaced what he called a faulty part Anthony Sylvan uses in their light installation. He refused to check his work/wiring and instead said it had to be my home's wiring even though there was never a problem until the electric for the pool was installed. We also have air bubbles coming out of the drain in the bottom of the deep end. We were told multiple different reasons for this, some employees say its not a good thing some say its not a problem. In June of 2019 after the second plaster job we started seeing holes in the tile grout. At that time the project manager came out and looked at the holes in the grout and said it needs to be fixed asap. Next month will be one year since he told us that and although we constantly emailed them about it, nothing was ever done. Last night someone came out to look at the staining and the tile grout. Same story as last June, the holes need to be corrected asap and we would receive a phone call from the manager last night. Well, we didn't receive a phone call, as usual. So here we are with a $58,000 pool that looks like @#$% and Anthony Sylvan does not do what is necessary to correct it. This company has terrible reviews on the BBB website, terrible reviews on social media and on their own Facebook page, although when you post a complain or negative comment they remove it. Stay away from this company, they are awful. They could not even install a diving board correctly so we now have a crooked diving board which cannot be fixed without ripping out the concrete decking. Every single part of this process was screwed up and Anthony Sylvan refuses to correct it. Instead they send people out to look at it and then blow it off.

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