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“Wouldn't recommend it ”


written by MacKinnon153 on 26/07/2016

Apart from the location I wouldn't have anything good to say about this place. I was a tenant here from 2015-2016. The cleaner is so friendly, that works there. He will help out with any problems within the room that he can. There is also a common room and a study room for students to use, which is really good. However, there were so many disappointing factors of living here. I would not live there again. First off, they do not provide 24 hour security like they promise on the website. When I moved in they had security just for the first week, after that they recruited 2 student wardens living in the building. They have a bad system for bins. Your expected to throw your own bins out, but they don't unlock the back door of the building so it's easier for students to throw their trash. You have to go from the front excit. If you leave your bin out in the corridor they will fine you. The fire alarm was such an annoyance. It went off consistently and at the most randomist times. Because they didn't actually have 24 hour security (before they hired student wardens) there wasn't anyone that knew how to turn the fire alarms off. We would wait for the fire brigade to show up to switch it off. Even when student wardens were hired they were not taught to how to switch off the fire alarm. So you'd be left to stand outside the building for long periods of time. personally I was disappointed to find that there was only a microwave oven provided for the amount of money it costs to live there. I tried to work with it but it was no good as an oven. I ended up buying myself a mini oven for my remaining time there. I wouldn't live here unless it was my only option remaining. But if you do decide to live here make sure you get an inventory before moving in. They won't verbally offer it you, but will try and cut it out of your deposit once you move out. I'm aware of this because they attempted to charge me £75 for wall damage. However, before moving into the room I had taken pictures so I was able to make them drop the charge.

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written by kavikshah95 on 19/04/2016

The best decision i ever made recently was to stay at Amro Property Greencoat House.The best value of money for a private accommodation in Kingston Upon Thames. i am having a very pleasant stay over here and have never faced any sort of problem here.They have very good amenities like extra room with a snooker table and a table tennis table plus a large lcd tv with free xbox attached to it.The wifi is very good and has a very good speed also which is provided as complimentary by the accommodation.I had some few problems in the bathroom and some electrical appliances but they were replaced in just a day. He is always there to resolve any problem faced by the tenants.The accommodation is close to everything like we have gym just opposite and same with the kingston railway station as well as Cromwell bus station which acts as a easy way to travel to central London as well as university in no matter of time. Ultimately i would recommend everyone to stay here Thank you

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“really nice”


written by adrianaronovici on 08/04/2016

I lived this period 2015-2016 in Greencoat House and I absolutely made the best decision. The location is perfect for any student at Kingston uni. A vest selection of restaurants and shops,and the train station is 2 mins away. The staff very friendly and they will help if with any problem that u may have,not like the headed tenancy with university were really many problems happen and it takes ages to get them done. They also sort different events here like valentines day , movie nights in the huge common area ,which are very nice for socializing and making friends with other students from the building. Also a big plus is that the managers are also students!! and its great cuss they can understand student problems :D.

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“Worst Student Living Experience”


written by on 27/09/2013

Location: Greencoat House managed by Unite Student Accommodation, Kingston Upon Thames Stay period: 2012/13 I have lived in Greencoat House for the 2012/13 academic year. However, it is absolutely the worst student accommodation that I have ever lived before. Greencoat House, which is situated in Kingston Upon Thames, is managed by Unite Student Accommodation. The photos and all the booking procedures listed in the Unite website are detailed and looks to be a reliable student accommodation, considering the scale it covered in the whole UK. However, the actual management onsite is absolutely not satisfactory once I have moved in. I rented a single student studio in Greencoat House. I have to say all of room facilities are in satisfactory condition, with no broken pieces. However, it is all about the management which messed up all my experience in staying in Greencoat House. Firstly, the fire alarm rang on almost THREE to FOUR times per week. I am not sure whether it is a fire alarm or someone deliberately set on the fire alarm just for fun, the fire alarm just ranged TOO frequently. Sometimes during daytime, sometimes during midnight, without any notice. It is not acceptable to trouble a paid customer for such a frequent amount of disturbance. Secondly, there is at least ONE maintenance access to your room every SINGLE week, considering I am staying in that building for a year. The number of times to access the student room is too frequent and not acceptable. Also, there will surely have other workers (i.e. strangers) outside your room door every week. This cause unreliable and unsafe feeling to my room safety, considering they also have the right to access the room. Thirdly, some of the public facilities situated inside the building is also not acceptable. For example, there is no space for dropping garbage inside the building and you have to carry your own stinky garbage walking right front of the crowded Kingston rail station and turn to the building backspace (i.e. car park) to drop your garbage. In conclusion, all of the points that I have mentioned above did not exist in other student accommodation that I have lived in. For example, I have lived in Nido Spitalfields in the year which the building is also newly opened. They DO NOT have all of problems mentioned above. They have the private garbage space every floor, and there is only one to two times in ONE YEAR the fire alarm has rang or the room required maintenance. The Greeencoat Staff argued that it is a new building thus it is not doubt that there will be some issues. In fact, I have to say I don't care what problem you have because I am a paid customer to stay that building and thus I am expected the standard FULFILLS the price. If the building is not ready, do not open it. A Kingston University Student

Greencoat's Comment

Written on: 05/02/2016

I am very sorry to hear that you felt unsatisfied with your experience of living at Greencoat House whilst Unite were the managers of the building.

In regards to the fire alarm issue safety protocol dictates that we activate one fire alarm call point a week, in order to check that in the event of a fire the system we have in place will allow for the safe evacuation of the entire building. However, I do understand that you experienced additional fire alarms during the week.

We want our fire alarms to pick up any notice of the possible beginnings of a fire. However, obviously this means that students actions in their rooms can cause the triggering of the alarm when there is not in fact a fire. We have found by simply talking to students when they set off the alarms we can reduce the likelihood of this happening again, as moving forward they make sure they do not repeat these actions. This has meant that the triggering of the fire alarm is a more rare occurrence.

We also have wardens on-site 24/7 to make sure that if the fire alarm is wrongly triggered this can be quickly investigated and the alarm silenced.

We like to have maintenance on-site as often as possible in order to make sure any issues that arise can be quickly solved. However, we only ever enter a student’s room with their permission or after giving them at least 48 hours’ notice.

Lastly, I am sorry that you found the location of the building’s waste disposal inconvenient. Our central location means it is difficult to find a spot that would enable you to walk to the bin store without being out in the public. We have tried to limit any inconvenience caused by making sure accessing our bins involves only a minute walk to our private car park.

Again I am very sad to hear that you are unsatisfied with your experience of living at Greencoat House. As you mentioned your main problem was with the management company we had at the time, Unite. Since you were living in the building we have changed management companies and AMRO Vantage now run the building. This change in management and staff has brought in a positive change for Greencoat House, helping to make sure every resident thoroughly enjoys their stay at Greencoat House.

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