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247Hart's review of Redfern Eurosteam



Written on: 23/12/2018 by 247Hart (1 review written)

I would not recommend purchasing the Eurosteam Next Generation Iron  Model 6199.

 This iron is sold by Refern.  I paid $200 plus tax for this iron.  I bought it at a Sewing Expo in Ediina, MN.  It comes with a one year warranty.  According to most of the reviews I have read online it appears that thisabout how long the iron lasts. My iron lasted 18 months. 

 The Good:

The iron is packaged very well. It comes with water measuringcup so there is no guessing how much water to put in the iron.  The iron uses regular tap water.  Also included is a instructional CD.  Although there are no heat controls on theiron it does not scorch fabric as the ironadjusts to the type of fabric you are pressing.  The cord is a very good length.  The bottom of the iron has not corroded aftermany uses.

 The Bad:

This iron spat horribly when used the first 6 or 7 times.The spots were brown.  The iron ruined myvintage sewing ham with all brown stains. The iron still spits water out andleaks quite often, Many times the water is brown and will ruin what is beingpressed.  This can be avoided by alwaysusing a pressing cloth.

 Eighteen months after purchasing the iron it continually emitssteam.   There is NO way to turn steam off.  Prior to that there was no steam unless you pressedthe steam button or turned the dial to continually steam.   Thatis how the iron is supposed to function. If the iron is left on the waterquickly needs to be replaced because the iron continually steams.  Water can be replaced less often if the ironis turned off every time after use and that turned on right before use.   It will take some time for the iron to heat up again.   This adds extra time to whatever you are doingsuch as sewing projects when you need to occasionally press seams or something else.

 Spare parts are availablefor the iron.  The 'O' ring for my iron needed to be replaced  twice. Fortunately, the iron comes with three replacement 'O' rings. However, if you need to order replacements from the Redfern Website three “O” rings cost$4.99.  These are about the size of adime and as slightly thinner than a pony tail elastic ban. The shipping is $11.16. 

 If the iron is sent for repair expect the repair to cost somewherearound $100 once you pay for parts and shipping to and from the company.  No information is provided on their websitehow long a repair is guaranteed,

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