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infinitespace's review of Bill Fairlough, Beyond Enkription, The Burlington Files


“The Burlington Files: Beyond Enkription - a brilliant...”

Written on: 02/01/2017 by infinitespace (1 review written)

The Burlington Files: Beyond Enkription is better than well worth one read. I have read it twice. I wonder if I read it again if it will be as different a read as the second was to the first. As for the characters the likes of Chad and Sara really come to life but Edward Burlington is the true conundrum. Love him, envy him or loathe him - well I experienced all three emotions particularly on the second read. Some of the book is a bit of a lecture but then Bill Fairclough or whoever wrote it is obviously very annoyed about how Ian Fleming's Bond has dictated to the masses what spy films are all about. The author of Beyond Encryption says so on the Burlington Files website which is a must read with the book along with the Faire Sans Dire website and other articles like Wiki you are referred to. They make it all so real and now I understand so much more about the real world of espionage. Great read, the eBook is expensive but worth every cent and it's a huge book. I hope the rest of the series comes soon and films take off - I'll queue to watch them.

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Theburlingtonfiles's Response to infinitespace's Review

Written on: 18/01/2017

Thank you so much for your thoughtful review. You are right about Edward Burlington's character in Beyond Enkription (The Burlington Files) because we chose to try and make him as bland as possible to enable film production companies and actors to "make of him" what they felt best suited their plans (having regard to the other five unpublished novels).

Of course, it is difficult for those reading Beyond Enkription to second guess the contents of the remaining five other novels as they have not been published yet but the books were written for film purposes as you noted when visiting TheBurlingtonFiles website. By that we mean that we only prepared the books to help film producers decide how to make films or TV series based on them and we did not set out to create works of art although obviously we wanted the plots (which regarding Edward were real) to come across well.

Due to financial constraints we won't be publishing the remaining books until we have a film deal or the like as we have already spent a fortune in time and other costs on the publication of Beyond Enkription and the preparation of the remaining novels even though we have intentionally not advertised or marketed the series in any serious way whatsoever yet. By fortune we mean hundreds of thousands of pounds if you put only a modest value on the hours that have gone into this project. Thus we apologise but it is unlikely another novel will be published before any films are released. Thanks again for your review which is much appreciated.

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Abracadabra008's Response to infinitespace's Review

Written on: 13/08/2017

Only read it once but will again as so Kool

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