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“If not for years, it's ok”


written by yuri_exim on 04/03/2019

I can say, that if you are not going to spend all your free time playing this, it's ok, but if you are a fan of games you'll be dissapointed, as the options are wick. Good thing to play within 2-3 weeks, not more.

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“We need a good sniper game, this isnt it.”


written by diablo944 on 06/05/2017

Lets start with the first major gripe. I bought (pre ordered) the season pass edition to get the online maps and gameplay. THERE IS NO ONLINE GAMEPLAY! that portion has been delayed for another 3 months apparently. For my season pass cost I got a buggy to drive in game instead of the default jeep. Oooooh. So this review is based solely on single player. That said, I would have been happy to get a good 1st person single player sniper game, but this isnt it. I have played it a lot. Its the reason it got a two in the stars, At various times in this game it can be a 3 star game or a one star game. Right this second its two and picking two stars is a middle ground option. Gameplay wise this is a lot like a cross between farcry and project igi (if anyone remembers igi on pc). I really wish this was a lot like igi as that old game had far more character than this game. I dont want to throw hate at this game, it had so much potential, but it really has some major issues that stop it being a big league title and feels like its creators are punching a long way beyond their weight. So unfortunately I need to start the review proper with a catalog of issues. The first shows itself quickly. Loading times are ridiculously long. I mean three or four minutes at a time. On first loading it takes you to a screen where you press x to continue, so nipping for a brew after you initially start the game only gets you to this x screen. Pressing x then 'continues' the loading to the actual 'start campaign" screen. This is where you go and make a brew, or sit around for four minutes watching a loading screen. Driving aspects of the game are important, you need the vehicle to get to mission locations (and to roam free when you fancy, which you wont after a while). So you walk close to the car and press square. Nothing happens. Move nearer, nothing, slide along the car pressing square and eventually you get level with the door and get in. You have to be directly level with the door or nothing happens. Its pretty ibvious you want to get in, you are by the car pressing the 'get in' button furiously, but for some reason the coders have decided if you are not right by the door its not happening. Worse still, it has to be accurate. It doesnt end there though, not by a long chalk. Once your character responds to the command to get in the car, there follows a 5 second 1st person view animation as he climbs in while looking at his feet (like everyone does getting in a car, not), gets in the seat, then leans forward to put the ignition key in (also seen as a primary viewpoint) before starting the vehicle and being ready to move on. Its almost vomit inducing. At the very least the whole process makes it look like you are a drunk getting in a car. The headlights come on every time (very stealthy if you were just moving the car up a bit). While the button to turn off the headlights is now acting spongy. Its not an instant reaction, more of a hold for half a second before the game responds to the press. Pushing the throttle you set off, heading towards a cliff is always a funny moment at this point as the steering doesnt work! At all! Every single time you get in the car the steering is locked forward, you have to quickly waggle left and right to make the steering do anything but go straight. Why? No idea, you just do. When you get where you are going you press square to get out of the car and get yet another five seconds of a drunken driver but getting out of the car this time. If you want to keep the contents of your stomach, always get in and out of the drivers side, otherwise the animation increases to cover the sliding over the passenger seat. Staying with the car a little longer. You will use fast track a lot (a way to jump from one place to another without having to drive all the time). Points on the map open up that show these fast track points as you drive past them, see them once and they stay. But on starting missions you have to get to the car before you can use fast track. When you use this option the screen goes black and you are instantly transported there. Remember the car you got in? Apparently this game thinks every time you use tast track you should spawn by the signpost (thats the fast track point) OUT OF THE CAR! As fast track points are ofyen a fair way from where you actually want to be, this means another ride on the vomit comet as you again have to go through the 'get in the car' scenario. If you are in a car when you trigger a fast track, for the love of logic, leave us in the car when we arrive. At the very least I wish they would ditch that whole animation scene. So what else is wrong? Quite a bit unfortunately. Money is tight in this game. Earnings less than stellar as you play. Ammunition costs, it costs a lot. Use an lmg too much and you will see ten grands worth of virtual money disappear before your very eyes. Why thy set the game up to need so much messing about with ammunition and costs initially had me confused. But then I figured they were trying to inbuild some kind of carrot and stick scenario. Always something to work towards and not enough cash to do it. I hit a mission that really needed the 50 calibre, but in order to keep retrying that (ridiculous, but thts for later) level you need to keep buying ammo and repairing armour. It does nothing but add frustration to the game. Unlock the guns and let is pick them, but dont do this 'bank manager sim' thing where we have to keep working out what its best to spend money on. Then there is the menu itself. The button selections for moving through menus and selecting equipment/ammunition, purchase etc are abysmal. L1, r2, back using square, but use square at other points in the menu and you drop out of the weapons selection screen back to the cave. Rearm bullets pressing triangle (even though all this could be done with a simple menu and x for nearly everything), but when selecting to fix the silencer (more money) you press triangle, but then have to press x to continue. It beggars belief that anybody could come up with such an unintuitive menu system. Then there is the mission select system? It just keeps getting worse. You are in a cave. There are tables dotted around. On which is a computer dock on one, an ammo crate on another, and a workbench. There is also a bed to heal yourself if you are injured (Really?!). To heal yourself you go to it, press square then select how long you want to sleep, then press x, then press something else to wake up...... Omg, even writing this hurts my 'why the hell have they done this' thought process. Anyway, back to the tables, walk to the bench and press square (tack animation of characters hands using vice), then you can craft new ammunition and the like. Once done its square to leave that bench with more tack animations, then walk twenty feet or so to the ammo crate. Press square (cue tacky animation of hands opening box) do stuff, press square, tacky animation of box closing, then walk to wherever the docking computer us (might be ten feet, might be thirty) do yet more button pressing, get more animations, this is truly a chore. Why its not all in a simple onescreen (and logical) with an equally simple control method rather than this press nearly every button on the controller approach is baffling. Once you are happy and have selected a mission, you press the button to fast track there...... Nope, you dont, because you are not in the car. So now you have to trot through the cave, past your trophy case of 'special' rifles that you have found throughout the level (that you cannot use by the way, they are just ornamental). If you pick the correct route out of the cave and dont go down a dead end (there is a dead end) then you are out, then its another 100 yard dash to your car. Except is not, its a fifty yard dash and a fifty yard walk as your character runs out of breathe fast. I get the feeling this sniper is about sixty years old going of his performance on foot. On the second hq there is a zipline outside so you can go a bit quicker out there, but that whole mission start walk out of the cave use the zip line, get in the car gets tired real fast. Then there is the voice acting. BEYOND AWFUL IN EVERY WAY! Stilted and fake to the core. In the so called conversations between characters and your character too, the dialog os so obviously done in seperate sessions. Take this as a phrase. 'I want to take this disk and snap'. You know there is more, but in game there would be a character interrupting, its just so obvious the voice actor only had the words up to 'snap' as they stop dead. Plus they are cheesy beyond belief. You can turn the voices off (you will already have turned the awful 'suspense building' muzak off. But if you do then any guards using radios will be silent, although you still have to endure the radio beep sounds as they broadcast silence. So unfortunately you are stuck with the cheesy acting. I found i spent a lot of time shooting civilians in this game. Mainly to shut them up. So many times you get a character stuck in a loop saying the same thing over and over 'I am unarmed, please dont shoot me" after the fourth time when you are aim;essly seatching for a set of car keys in an area the size of b and q, you just kill tham for some peace. Some of the bigger guns and guns with high zoom, are near impossible to line up on a target. Waving all over the place, again this must be the sixty year old sniper.I am ok with some waving, but not the way this does it. Especially when a level dictates you pull off a 'miracle' shot of killing two guards with one bullet. This level (the bridge) is not alone in stacking the odds against you. You fail, then have to wait to reload the checkpoint. Then fail at exactly the same shot, then reload, then fail, then reload (you get the idea). Sometimes it really does make you want to give up. Finally, the lara croft 'esque' style of climbing rock faces and walls is superfluous. Its tacky and unreliable. You need to use l1 to use an extra sense to find shiny ledges to climb. They are too often an irritation. Lots of wasted time. Often these four or fuve minute climbing around stages then insist you climb back down to complete the mission. The worst part of this is all the areas you cannot climb despite them being visually identical to the climbing areas. There are numerous crashes coming your way. Game hanging and even crashing out completely. Not to mention the times you clear an area of troops but cant free prisoners because the game thinks there is one still alive. There isnt. The area is more clear than it could ever be for miles, but still the prisoners cant be freed. Remember the loading time issues? You will get them a lot. If you are playing through the campaign it jumps to different areas that are not stored in memory and have to be loaded. So a message pops up saying 'the mission you are about to do is in a different area, do you wish to proceed? If you want to play the 'next' mission, then you have to say yes and endure a nother four minute loading time (and be out if your car when you get there). Finally, guards are dumb. Spook them and sometimes they chase you down, other times they hide. Then two minutes later they forget about their dead colleagues on the floor and who shot them and just go back to patrolling. This game is fundamentally flawed in so many ways. If the guys who did igi remade it for ps4 i would play it over this all day long. But sgw3 is one to avoid. It could be good, but there are way too many problems to hope they will ever all be fixed. By the time multiplayer arrives most will have sold this, or at the very least given up any thought of getting fun out of it.

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Diablo944's Response to diablo944's Review

Written on: 16/05/2017

Quick update. You can fast track from the cave without getting to the car most of the time. Its only occasionally where it refuses to allow it but i cant figure out why. Everything else i stand by. Additional issues though. You need to hold your breathe fir a steady shot, for some reason holding your breathe in this game equates to about 5 seconds then a fair old weight while you recover from that difficult task during which your gun waves all over the place. Sometimes your character gets out of the car on the wrong side, no reason, you are in the middle of a road, but he still does it. A new favourite hate is falling off cliffs. You find a good sniping spot, lie down, take aim, then press hold breathe (l3) and prepare to take the shot. Now imagine this is real, so you are set to fire AND holding your breathe to steady the scope, would you move now? Apparently in the game yes as on numerous occasions I have fallen off my sniping spot to my death (or into trouble with soldiers below). Why choose l3 for steady/hold breathe. You may be a degree off centre while holding the button, not enough to even affect your aim, but apparently during this your character is inching himself over the edge. Nullify character movement while holding your breathe would be the right option. As a sniping game, at times it is brilliant, but there are so many niggles. Close up action is like an old cod game but not on hardcore. Half an ak47 magazine (even a full magazine) to kill one character if its not head shots. So no coming around a corner to kill 3 bad guys with their backs to you as it WILL involve a reload and get you killed. Special equipment like flashbangs and grenades needs a button press, then a selection by the right stick, then make sure the selection actually stays highlighted before releasing the active button. Again, its counterintuitive, it should select immediately so you can let go knowing the last option highlighted is selected, not have to wait for it to lock in. So many times you see wasted time in this game, from bad animations to iffy control setups. Moving on. I was hiding behind a low wall in the nuclear silo. Big battle going on and badly hurt, but still in command of things. I know i am safe behind the wall so opt to use a medikit/bandage. What do you think my character did next? He sat up to wrap the bandage aroind his arm (with yet another uncontrollable forced animation to watch him do it). The moment he sat up the bad guys opened fire and cut me to ribbons!? Why? Who came up with this? Robbing dead guys also has a stupid animation btw. While on the dead guy thing, you have to press square to rob a body. This is also the button that lets you swap weapons with a dead dudes, so on occasion you will spend a lot longer there picking up and dropping weapons accidentally. Triangle lets you pick up a dead mans gun for parts (sometimes). Often it doesnt, or it shows you can with the square/triangle options lit up on screen, while other times it only shows square for swap (even though you might still be able to press triangle for parts though there is no symbol to show it). Often during these triangle moments your character will instead stick himself in the arm with a hypodermic as that health option (and remember money is tight in this game, any loss hurts) is also mapped to triangle. I have numerous areas of interest (their words) that i cannot clear as for some reason the game has decided i havent found something. This despite finding every single item repeatedly while trying to clear it. Sometimes the item you need to find is a wallet, just a wallet, hidden in a bush in a forest or on a table in a full sized power station. The extra sense button makes it glow, a little, but you need to be near it amd even then its not like 'there it is!' Its more 'is that it?'. If Someone like me had been a tester, this game would be great. But it looks like the only person to test it was the coder himself so there are a huge amount of issues overlooked, done wrong, over complicated or just plain daft. Forty percent of the time its a good game with promise. Sixty percent is confusion, loss, more confusion, or aimlessly wandering around multi floored buildings or large complexes looking for stuff (that whole searching for stuff gets tedious fast). Finally, the military drone. What to say here. It doesnt fly high. Nor does it pick up bad guys too well. I see the bad guy often 5-10 seconds before the drone registers him. Keep in mind there are friendlies in game so not all movement is bad guys so yet more wasted time. But the worst crime of all, no doubt due to the game engine/draw distance, is that the drone only flies up to maybe 100 feet. Thats above the ground it is currently over. So get near a cloff edge and it suddenly plummets off the edge and you can no longer see the target. You either have to fly close to the cliff edge so the game will painstakingly let it climb slowly upward, or do an instant recall, relaunch and avoid the cliff edge altogether. Climbing ladders needs to be started by pressing x, why? No idea, maybe its 1996? Equally, climbing down a ladder (no slide option) needs square to start, but then need circle to actually let go. So if you are being shot at you need to slowly (there is no fast) climb down where you will then stop and hang on to the ladder as though its a cuddly friend, and the only way to get off the ladder needs a circle press? Why? Surely it knows I am on the ground, I havent gone underground so it has physically stopped me! Why have i not let go? Theres lots more, low walls i cant climb over, despite cliff edges and building ledges being higher. Not being able to climb on a jetty out of the water and having to swim to where the land is low enough to walk out. Small hills and slopes that cant be walked up and need long hikes and yet more bad animation scenes of climbing rock faces. Those same rock faces making lots of left right work for no real reason beyond trying to add something that it plainly doesnt, that just ends up being frustratingly slow. Then the rock faces that are lower than the place the game insists you use to climb, despite the disallowed ledges being a better option. It feels like despite the game being delayed, it was still released way too early. As a last note, on sigle player campaign, i had a mission where a sniper had overwatch and needed to be killed. I shot him at long tange and the game catastrophically crashed. Cue the long loading times and maybe ten minutes later i am back in place. Shot the sniper and the game crashed. Ten minutes later shot a few different guys and finally shot the sniper without a crash. But thatwas thirty minutes of true frustration. Will it crash wont it crash is big in this game. Points of interest you cant clear, prisoners you cant save (though finally killing them instead fixed that location at least), limited cash and bad controls all go to ruin it.

If the writers ever read this, remember this, you were so close to making a good game. But its massively flawed in a great many areas. Even in this state I still enjoy playing it at times. But on so many occasions it gets switched off in anger for all yhe issues mentioned and is hated beyond belief. The main thing to remember is that I would NEVER recommend it to a friend.

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