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“Safest and cleanest friendship site ever”


written by NicoleMarsh on 30/04/2023

I have been on Buzz for over ten years. It has been a life line when I joined as I was very sick, and I can see that many members have been here over a decade as well and feel just the same. I love the friendly and warm atmosphere. The fact that people can discuss any serious discussion on threads with respect and courtesy. You have all range of topics from light hearted funny banter to serious or controversial discussions. Admins and mods work round the clock to ensure that the site stays free of tricksters, rude or bad people. So as long as you abide by the terms and conditions you signed , you will for sure enjoy that site which is free for all. Well done Buzz50. Keep the good work.

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“Not unless you can break into the cliques”


written by babyitscoldoutside on 22/12/2022

Private messages are usually people trying to hit you up that are married. Even if you put it in your profile that you are not interested in married people. The chat rooms that I was really interested in are just full of people in their cliques. Means that if you are not a regular in there and try to keep shoving your way in....most of them have been in there for several years and have their cliques, they are not interested in a newbie. BTDT so I know what I am talking about. It's too bad, thought they would have learned by now.

Heavysnowfall's Response to babyitscoldoutside's Review

Written on: 25/12/2022

The site requires a full overhaul, revamp, in all areas, but it is not happening, so as most can see, it will continue to lose members, nothing new here, just the way things are, have been, and will continue you be.

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“Make the necessary changes!”


written by Heavysnowfall on 01/12/2022

I still read the forums but don't post, make the necessary changes Buzz50! Today I was going to post, decided not to. Bring back fun please. STOP the senseless banning and continual warning messages from the moderator, you don't need to do that as steady as you do. You might get some sort of pleasure from it all, but we the members do not. Moderation is overly rigid, tailgating members at your every whim is rude, and does not make for what could be a much better place to spend some time. Can't you see your own site is failing bit by bit. Just take a good look. It's as clear as fine polished glass, make the changes, but will you.

Mandover's Response to Heavysnowfall's Review

Written on: 06/01/2023

Just getting worse. Have been a member for over 3 years and no interest in posting when the prevailing topics are what's in your fridge or what are you wearing today. Worse is the continual banning of new posters with fresh ideas whose opinions don't chime with the main mod or are too outspoken.. It's been going on for years now and I can't see changing. The site is ruined by this overbearing mod who so often locks active interesting topics because of a few words out of place. Instead of removing the offending posts (in her opinion) the topic is locked ' No way to run a forum and no way to treat adults over 50 either.

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Heavysnowfall's Response to Heavysnowfall's Review

Written on: 11/01/2023

Mandover, many of us understand your frustrations. Remember too all this is being allowed by this owner of the site. The site is ruined and crumbles a bit further every day. Yeah it is sad. With it said, I am going back to relax in the sunrays of a Florida beach.


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“No chatters”


written by goFigueroa57 on 11/11/2022

This site has gone to the dogs. The rooms used to be full of chatters with 3 or 4 rooms being used. There is just a few chatters now at odd times of the day or evening and sometimes they don't even chat which is off putting. This site needs to stop banning for little or no reason. The site also needs to be more welcoming and less warning messages sent out. I have been a member for over two years and made some friends but they have either left because they got a stiff warning message from a hitler moderator who now seems to run the chat rooms or they don't come into the chat rooms because the place is mostly empty. It's about time the site went back to how it was a couple of years ago when the rooms were full of happy chat and jokes. It's a graveyard now.

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“Banned with no explanation. ”


written by CharityMiller on 08/11/2022

I had been talking with some very nice people on the site, but hadn't accessed the site in many days or weeks. When I decided to see what was going on there and to talk to some friends I had made, I was not able to open the site. Instead, I got a message that my IP address had been banned. I had never had any trouble with anyone on the site, however, every once in a while, would see that someone I had been talking to had been banned. There was never any reason given. I don't feel the site is safe, and will not use it again, even if I can.

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written by sheffieldgirl2 on 22/05/2022

This site does not feel right or even safe. The people who run it are only interested in making money and keeping the number of members up, no matter what. When I complained about a man telling me to go and pleasure myself whilst thinking about him, I was told that they would keep an eye on him. I also blocked him and told him so, and realised that he kept looking at my profile. Told Buzz about it and was told that he probably thought I was bluffing and wondering why I was not answering his messages. Apparently, when you block someone, their messages do not get to your inbox but the blocked sender doe not know that and does not know he has been blocked. However, when I told Buzz that I was not happy about uploading my picture if he could still look at my profile, I was told there was an option for me to stop seeing who had looked at my profile!!!!!! really??? That's supposed to make me feel better?? I must point out that my profile was very clear and said that I was only on the site to have a friendly chat and was not interested in any sort of romantic adventure. Another thing, I was sent a friend request by one of the Buzz team. I thought that was a bit odd as we didn't even have any chat prior to the request. I accepted only to realise after a couple of message that her only aim was to make me buy some credits for the 121 chat!

Gorby58's Response to sheffieldgirl2's Review

Written on: 13/06/2022

I have been on Buzz for a few years and have always found the admin team very friendly and helpful. Buzz is a free site and many of its good members help support the running costs by joining 121 chatroom along with other things.
I am of the opinion that if the site is not for you......then leave.

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Fesexpress123's reply to Gorby58's Comment

Written on: 16/07/2022

Malarkey.....this site is a disgrace.

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Gorby58's reply to Fesexpress123's Comment

Written on: 22/08/2022

You sound as though you've been banned for wrong doing.

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“Confidential files displayed ”


written by GlennMacGregor210 on 21/03/2022

Three weeks ago whilst looking through buzz50 forum, I stumbled upon a bunch of confidential Admin files. These files were of a confidential nature and included some members personal email addresses as well as an IP address. The files related to discussions held between three Administrators about various members of buzz50 as well as chats about their own moderators. These discussions did not make very nice reading and the fact that they were displayed on the Internet for anyone to see was obviously an oversite by the Administrators. They have since all been deleted, but not before I for one and others have read them and taken screenshots of some pretty damming remarks. Amongst other things, the files showed messages from members to admin complaining about other buzzers - which were then discussed in detail. The Administrators even made bad remarks about their own moderator team. It also shows that admin read members private 121 chats which are paid for by members and supposedly confidential. It seems to me the Administrators have no respect for their members and very little respect for their moderators. So with that being the case, I will not ever be returning to the site and would strongly advise others to question whether buzz50 is a site to be trusted.

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“Banned For What?”


written by Yankeechick on 20/03/2022

After being a member for just over 5 yrs on this site, I went to go into chat and found I was banned. For what I was banned for and what rule I broke, I have no idea. I was able to access the rules of chat and could not find any of them that would apply to anything I had done in chat. There was no arguments, no assaults on anyone, nothing that I could find where I broke any rule. After 5 yrs, I thought I was a solid chatter who often encouraged others to join and chat. However, this has come to an end. There were a couple things that are suspicious to me, however. First, Buzz offers a Private Messenger that you pay for yearly. I had payed for this service. A long time chatter asked me for the email address of a moderator that had just quit Buzz. I gave it to her in the ¨Private Messenger¨. I have now learned and I must also add something I was told long ago from two former moderators that Buzz Admin reads all messages to include the private ones. The new moderator that took over for the one I provided the information on had not been in Buzz for a year. She is very accusatory and always asking questions when you make a statement. I had a feeling she just didnt like me. Its even possible I was banned for political reasons. I am from the north, she is in the south. I know of another who does not go into chat because she feels the same way. The moderator that quit, was a long time chatter and one of the best. He quit for his own reasons whatever they may be. Be he emailed me saying he left. I told this in the room that I had received the email. I had no other information. Is it possible this is what got me banned? I sent an email about why I was banned and got no answer. I am not the first for this to happen. And there are many who were banned the same way. They have all found another home to chat. Chat meant so much to me. I was in that room about a week after my husband passed. It was my socialization. I have met others who chatted in the room and made many friends. However, admin has ruined the site. They just ban people for any reason. All you have to do is be disliked or say something that someone doesnt like. Since the site is administered from the United Kingdom, there are differences the dont understand from other countries. Language being the major one. If you say something innocently they may take it as vulgar. Such as the word Poof. I said once, ¨and poof she was gone¨. The system would not let me type the word. I have been told there is one person in particular who is from the UK that consistently complains due to the chat even when its innocent. She complains she is being picked on. I never did anything like this as I am a supporter of LGBTQ community and persons. And I really never seen any chat that should have offended. But, she complained all the time. Buzz is fun until..... It takes the blues away, until.....And it is changing. I freely tell people in the other chat sites about this experience. I will just say, beware of your privacy as it is not private even when you pay for it. And find other sites to make friends. Or go out and find legitimate things to do such as volunteering or attending social events.

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“Buzz50 - Total lack of Confidentiality and Security ???”


written by dhLoomis136 on 16/03/2022

As a newly-retired person,I was looking for a decent chat site to join. I looked around at what was on offer and chose Buzz50 to look into.On the surface it looked a nice set-up,so i explored further.It is set up as chat part and a `forum`,where people can exchange views on all topics.I put something in the forum`search`box and was met with what appeared to be whole logs from chat rooms but also included what appeared to be private emails from the chatters to the `admin` and vice versa. My immediate response was what the heck were these private emails doing in freely-available records?? Further investigation showed me whole emails from chatters and forumites complaining confidentially to admin about other chatters and forumites in detail and also the admins responses !!, Chatters and forumites were also being referred to in denigrating terms by their own admin !!! I was astonished !! I could see very much the `them and us` relationship that this site obviously has and decided not to look any further as i had seen enough !!

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“Forums value not going anywhere”


written by Damarisr438 on 11/01/2022

If or what is written down on any part of a forum its classed as against RULE this or that. I understand what ýour trying to do visually and yet what your putting into practice isn't the same. In the month or so I was on I witnessed a few things that clearly weren't right, but your in command but I use that loosely. BUZZ is like a chessboard in which it tries to hold back from your opponent moving forward. Us the opponent's have no say in what's said as its altered and pushed somewhere we never heard of. Different ideas and solutions make a forum and that's how they work, and I think personally you have very much forgotten your way. I'm sure I will get the group of newbies backing the group up like you do, trying to protect there queen on this huge Chessboard and yet you have forgotten its a pleasure to help people and made it boring with so many subjects acting like judge and jury and were not asked what its about and could it be said better,that's a moderators job and Admin have there final say. Members views are totally thrown to one side and ignored by admin, as those you want to make your site work and need them are made to feel there WALKING ON EGG SHELLS in this group. I would have to be honest and say have a ZOOM meeting together online and look from where it original roots was to what and where your going at present because your heading down a bumpy road with no chance of turning around.i appreciate you have long standing Moderators and Admin as well as your good self, but I just feel you lost touch with what your trying to do and you need the public to help you. If people like me are blocked then your breaking your òwn rules for after 3 months you can't come back as your locked out.. Ladies of the BAR that sit and pass judgement on who's head comes off because they don't fit in correctly or like me tell you what I see and find. My point is to enlighten you but not pull you apart as that your doing well.. I believe you lot of the ORDER werñt happy with my thoughts on shutting our UK borders down as you thought I was a racist and troublemaker so let's cut it to the core and not mince words..I'm wanting all borders and ports and airfields shut down as to end this pandemic which many unvaccinated just walk in on UK soil and spread another virus and you lot find this wrong to talk about. So you move it elsewhere where you know it will disappear where it should be front page news... And my post on REVIEWS of BUZZ that I had been reading about made pretty interesting reading as many witnessed the same as me and been dealt like me. You stand on high order of JUDGE...JURY...PROSOCUTIONOR in your duties, try backing off with aggressive attitudes and talking to those who you need to make this work. I have no doubt in my mind you will not listen to me by the route you have chosen and really your advertising just what this group or site is for real. I've not been anything but respectful and hope you see that and see a light at the end of the tunnel to guide you to enlightenment or you will be just another site or group on an organisation as its free but with benefits. Best of luck and no hard feelings to you all.

Truthbtold's Comment

Written on: 12/01/2022

Learn from what's said and before you move forward, understand the meaning of what's said.

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“Newbie review ”


written by TruthBtold on 13/12/2021

I've been on Buzz now just over 2 weeks and can clarify it's a well run site with good Admin and very helpful Moderator's. The members have been kind and respectful since I joined. The Admin welcomed me onto the site which was a first for me and yes I've been on many other chat rooms as well,but the difference between Buzz and others is I didn't get inundated with glamour passes looking for business. YES..if you want to donate to help with BUZZ and its running then it's your choice and yours only,they don't put a gun to ýour head and make you. I've made two small donations towards the running of BUZZ and going to make more and probably double it as this site has so far impressed me and for 50± year old it's nice to just talk to someone or chat without to many personal questions. You talk of the negative side of BUZZ and maybe its acreage as being seniors I don't know but the Admin and her team of MODS are there to look after us but also run this site legally and truthful. Friendships are encouraged and especially in the present PANDEMIC situation of chaos. BUZZ is a different atmosphere and friendly with it and I've felt that.. As for you with the negative side all I can say if you had these issues at the time then why didn't you approach ADMIN or MODS and discuss it instead of bringing your dirty washing out into public. The Admin and Co work hard to keep this site free and if things change then I'm sure we will be told my our team. Personally I find it very petty and childish pointing fingers as your supposed to be 50 year old adults and not your shoe size. Well that's my two weeks worth as freedom of speech is free and BUZZ gets a 5***** rating from me...ohhh one more thing about BUZZ it's nice to speak to people as in members with a reasonable IQ and sadly the negative factor hasn't got... Now here comes the negative

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written by ClayBurnham204 on 30/11/2021

I registered my details on the website. And as I tried to login after a day or so, found that my account is locked? No email or anything to say why they dud it.

Jet58's Comment

Written on: 07/01/2022

I find the administrators and moderators very good and fair on Buzz so I can only imagine they had a very good reason to block your access. You probably know the reason and your review is just sour grapes.

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“I Thoroughly Enjoy Buzz50!”


written by Valery356 on 02/10/2021

I have been a Buzz50 Member for over two years now. Since joining, there has not been one single day that I did not login to Buzz50 and spend at least a few hours enjoying participating in the Forum Topic discussions. There are so many new Topics posted every day. Some are serious, some are leisurely, and some are silly and funny. I have met several very special people on Buzz50 who I now consider to be great friends. We can interact with each other on the Forum Topics, or chat privately via Private Messaging or 121 Chat. Both methods have proven to be reliable and secure. The site owner and her Admin and Moderator staff do a great of of maintaining and monitoring the Site. I have no concerns about safety on Buzz50. I highly recommend checking out Buzz50 for yourself to see how enjoyable it can be for you. I'm certain you will like what you see.

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“I'm having fun!”


written by 3Jewels on 22/09/2021

A friend of mine recently invited me to check out Buzz50, so I joined straight away. I headed right to the forum topics category! What a mix of topics to choose from, some are serious and others give me a good laugh ;) I've met three nice friends so far and it is just what I need. Well, this is all I have to say, but I checked out the review section here, and want to post my comment.

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“Buzz50 is a great place!”


written by TruthfullyYours2 on 23/07/2021

Myself having been a happy member for several plus years, I will honestly say I've no regrets for joining this site. It is a well run and enjoyable place, lots of participation options, just choose to your liking. For me, I feel safe on Buzz, knowing that admin and moderators are looking out for members best interests. To me that is what truly matters. Plus, I intend to stay on board for the years to come. Some of the negative reviews I am reading just now are so ridiculous and an obvious attempt to cause undue bad reflection on Buzz50. The agenda of these reviews seems childish to me, of course folks have their feelings and opinions, but the truth of the matter within their reviews seem a poor attempt at discrediting Buzz50. No, I am not admin by the way, only a member who is just now passing through and came upon reading some reviews. My recommendations are this "Come join Buzz50, take a look around and enjoying yourself." You might be glad you did. Cordially, A HAPPY member.

Samueltheman's Response to TruthfullyYours2's Review

Written on: 24/07/2021

Another one of Buzz50's "YES" men/women. If your looking for a site where dictatorship is rife - where you are banned for no good reason - where you cannot go to other sites without getting banned - where you are frightened to voice an opinion - where admin is ruled by one bitter woman dictating rules - the last time that happened was in 1939 Germany.
These are all facts that I and many other good, long term buzzers know about. Admin lets you purchase 121s then ban you for no good reason and no explanation - so the only people discrediting Buzz50 are Admin and maybe the owner, if she is aware of what has gone on in the past.

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Truthfullyyours2's reply to Samueltheman's Comment

Written on: 24/07/2021

Hello Samueltheman. I guess this review site alerts us when anyone replies to one of our posts, so I just viewed yours.

You sound angry. Your experience is yours, and mine is mine in reference to Buzz50.

With that said, Admin and moderators of Buzz50 keep a very good handle on all things related to running this successful site. It takes dedication, caring, and wanting what is best for it's members. The owner you speak of is a professional, honest, highly capable person as was her husband who ran the site before he passed. Both brilliant people and there is nothing you can say that will change my mind on that, or the minds of so many of Buzz50 members.

I do not know of any admin on Buzz that reflects being a dictator or
as you describe. What utter nonsense. The moderators are excellent and I have had no issues with them, I only appreciate them.

Buzz50 has my vote, appreciation and enjoyment of the site.

Enjoy your day. As for me I have better things to do and need to get on with them. One of them of course will be spending some nice time on Buzz50.

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written by freedom12 on 12/07/2021

What a joke this site is if you want to join a site that thinks they own you then this site is for you so go ahead. Apparently if you go to another chat site they ban you from theirs but they let you pay for the 121 first then give you an ultimatum the other site or them. Make no wonder the site is dying a death. wonder what happened to freedom of choice.

Jet58's Response to freedom12's Review

Written on: 13/07/2021

I think you must be thick or stupid to make such claims. I've been a member for some time and remember receiving notifications about a certain site. That's when you have your freedom of choice. I have visited many other sites without any problem and never feel any pressure and certainly never feel owned....but them again I don't break site rules. It is always the rule breakers that complain and try and blame somebody else rather than taking control of their own actions. I feel very safe on Buzz because of the excellent work the owner and admin team do working long hours to protect us.....I'm glad they ban a lot of these idiots.

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Freedom12's reply to Jet58's Comment

Written on: 14/07/2021

strange I know lots that got a recent ban for going to another site that was unconnected with the site you are on about... Also I might pull you up on the rule breaking there is no where in the rules stating you will get a ban for visiting named sites. so now tell me how anyone can be breaking that rule.

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Jet58's reply to Freedom12's Comment

Written on: 26/07/2021

Members were warned about two sites over the last 12-18 months that were possibly a threat to the integrity and security of Buzz that is why this was made public. So don't moan now about the consequences you made your choice. Just one further point about rules the site reserves the right to protect itself and its members against any threats so why are you spouting on about being banned when you were warned?
Take responsibilty for yourself rather than boring us with your whinging.

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Freedom12's reply to Jet58's Comment

Written on: 27/07/2021

you still know a lot considering you say your not admin

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Samueltheman's reply to Freedom12's Comment

Written on: 09/08/2021

Jet58's is definately Admin on Buzz - can tell by the responses "she" sends - also her Chras and crude replies that are typical of the bullying tactics adopted on the site. Always blaming everyone else but the actual person responsible for what has happened in the recent past.
I also notice that some recent posts made by Freedom12 on this "Review site" have been removed - to favour Buzz, which makes me wonder if this is an independent review site.

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Jet58's reply to Samueltheman's Comment

Written on: 11/08/2021

Here you are again making your ill informed assumptions. I am a male so your rubbish continues. As for knowing a lot I make no excuse for being intelligent and stating facts rather than you and your buddies that live in a little fantasy land. Get a life before it passes you all by.

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“Buzz50 ups & downs”


written by tworivers on 06/07/2021

I have been a member for several years now having joined sometime after the unfortunate death of the original owner. I am also a member of several other social communication sites and therefore able to make comparisons in my own mind about the good features and not so good features of Buzz50 The good features of Buzz50: I like the overall layout of the site which displays a number of members profiles on the front page. This I find makes the site more friendly than others. You can feel that you are meeting with others immediately and indeed can do so fairly quickly. The site is well labelled and easy to find ones way around and there are both moderators and site helpers at every turn of the way to assist the newcomer who may feel a little lost to begin with. The site is well colored; bright and cheerful looking which again makes it instantly inviting. Staff are easily accessible simple by locating their profile [there are always at least two staff members available covering all major periods of a 24hr cycle. The site also provides access to a world wide audience and I believe unlike others I use does not have an UK appearance or bias towards 'all things' UK which can often be boring and confusing. The style of the site first welcomes you in with a front page of members and then leads you forward to a range of options such as discussion forum ; chart rooms and a more intimate 121 chat facility which I have been assured is totally private and NOT moderated. I myself use this facility with extreme confidence. I have always complimented this sites as a site with a colourful setting ; pleasing on the eye and easy to get around with help from both members; helpers and moderators. Overall this is a well presented and run site with helpful staff who always receive my queries and questions with politeness and patient endeavour. I use both larger sites than this and smaller ones and this sits at well balanced crossroads of good presentation and services. Not so good features - it is extremely difficult to find any as a matter of fact. There are as will always be the case with all sites occasional malfunctions but once these are reported then they are dealt with as expediently as possible. A site that offers a number of alternative services will undoubtedly have occasional 'spats' among members but I have found these to be resolved quickly and expediently. This site for me is indeed difficult to fault. Running a site with multiple facilities and a large number off members will always have temporary 'glitches' along the way. Unlike other sites who permit what seems to be unlimited guests to make appearances and sometimes get involved in forum discussions I have not noticed this feature on this site but I could be proved wrong about this view.

Samueltheman's Response to tworivers's Review

Written on: 10/07/2021

Complete and utter rubbish - site is like a dictatorship - headed by the chief dictator - who has single handidly managed to ruin it by multiple bannings without any explanations.
People are afraid to speak freely on the site and get banned for going to other sites on a regular basis. I feel sorry for the people that have remained out of fear. How is that a good site.

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“Poorly run website”


written by Jamarion286 on 05/07/2021

Been a member for over six months and was banned because I decided to use another website to increase my friends circle. Apparently, when you are a paid member and have supported their site, you are not allowed to go anywhere else! When I was banned, Buzz50 staff/owner had the cheek to send me an email, asking for supporting donations!? Truly, if you are looking for a senior chat room, do not go here, they suck you dry and then ban you for using more than one chat room! Stay well clear.

Mila_Buzz50's Comment

Written on: 05/07/2021

We have many members on Buzz who are members to many social sites which is perfectly ok for us.
But we did have to ban a few members who decided to join another site and come back on Buzz to poach our members and take them elsewhere while using our site to pass their Bingo cards which of course is not acceptable.

So sadly we had to ban a few members who came back to recruit new members outside Buzz or trashed our site on social medias with untruths which was not acceptable either.

As for donations: we have been priding ourselves into providing a totally free access to our site for the last 14 years but of course a free site is not free to run, so donations from our loyal members are always welcome no matter how small.

With my best wishes.

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Samueltheman's Comment

Written on: 02/08/2021

Utter rubbish - I had been a member for quite a few years - never spoke badly about anyone on the site - always supported the site financially - and checked out another site, which I also joined. Found myself banned without any explanation whatsoever - never poached any others from Buzz - had nearly £300 worth of buzzer points "taken" from me.
So it doesn't wash to say "sadly had to ban a few members who recruited new members outside Buzz". Also I do know the situation regarding bingo cards - this is also a complete untruth. It's a shame the owner doesn't have the same integrity as some of the people that she and her Admin people have banned.

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Paul's Comment

Written on: 05/07/2021

I’ve been a member a lot longer than you and it always amuses me how banned members are the only ones that complain. Buzz is run very efficient with a big emphasis on security for its members so it is no surprise that occasionally they steer members away from unprotected sites. I’ve not known them banning somebody for this without advising the person first. I am pleased they look after my interests. I am also happy to join the chat rooms because it helps with the extra expenditure to keep me safe. Buzz is a free site and I totally recommend it. It’s only the idiots that don’t follow recommendations and site rules that fall foul.

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Samueltheman's Comment

Written on: 03/08/2021

LOL - another one of buzz's "Lapdogs" that doesn't really know what they are talking about! So it seems you have inside information by saying "I've never known them banning somebody without advising the person first". Utter and complete rubbish - it is the way they do things.

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“Friendly site”


written by cyngorra on 21/05/2021

Have used this site for several years. Have made friends there that I have kept in touch with for over 5 years. Find the site friendly and welcoming. It has made a huge difference to me to make friends this way given my current circumstances. I would recommend this site to anyone over 50 who are looking for a friendly place to get to know people and make friends.

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“Buzz 50”


written by argente on 19/05/2021

i have been a member of Buzz 50 for a number of years, i have found it an enjoyable site to be associated with, its easy to use, messaging and chat rooms are free to use and there is a warm welcome in the chat rooms, i have made some good friends in my time on the site, the site enjoys a degree of policing that stops fraudsters messages, bullying and offensive messages when members report them arriving in their in box, i do make occasional donations freely to help defray the costs of running the site, i am never pressured to make donations but always receive a thankyou from the site owner when i make a donation, i would happily recommend the site to anyone wanting to make friends or involve themselves in the chatrooms....

Was this review helpful? 17 6

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Asked by tlw40 on 9th April 2018 Report this content
Can you see what your writing yet? I joined but I couldn't see what I was writing, some sites are like that, not good for spell check!

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