Nokia C1-01 – Questions & Answers

Nokia C1-01

The Nokia C1-01 is a candy bar style phone with a variety of different features. Users can enjoy having quick and easy access to instant messaging as well as email and internet. The phone comes in multiple different colours and has 10 MB storage. The battery is really good and has 10 hours and 40 minutes of talk time. Some great features that this phone has are the built in camera, radio, Bluetooth, and USB connections. Users can put a memory card into this phone for additional storage and this phone is capable of having an additional 32 GB of storage. This model cell phone is very inexpensive.

There were many complaints about this phone because it does not have a whole lot to offer. The camera that this phone has is very poor quality at only 0.3 mp. Consumers at Phone Arena also complained about how the device had a very low resolution display, has very little RAM memory, the camera lacks auto focus, and the device does not have an ambient light sensor for automatic screen brightness adjustment. There were some positive reviews at Mobile Phones UK about the Nokia C1-01 phone though. People love the fact that it is a very simple phone that is extremely easy to use. It is built well and has great call quality. The long lasting battery and the keypad are also features of this cell phone that many people love.

The Nokia C1-01 mobile phone is a very inexpensive cell phone that is very easy to use. For users who are just looking for a basic model phone without all the extra bells and whistles, then this phone is for you. Most people who own this phone are extremely happy and believe that it is worth every penny that they paid for it.

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