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“Amazed they get positive reviews”

Written on: 08/11/2018 by sweavo (2 reviews written)


The quality of manufacture of the parts seems good. I expect what I have ended up with will last and serve well. The fitting team seemed competent and put up the garage plumb and (almost) square.

Not Positive:

* York Agent does not listen, needed several go-arounds with the order.
* Head office uncommunicative and poorly managed.
* Fitters a bit of a lottery.
* Weeks to get to the point of having ordered the right thing.
* The build took a month to complete.
* Garage is not square and central.
* Front door too highly spring and dangerous to operate.

The agent was York Timber Products. I chose them because I wanted my garage to match that of my neighbor (they sit side-by-side on a shared drive). So it was to be a particular model with a black vertical front door, and personnel door and opening window in the right hand side. The agent basically didn't listen, it was a lot of work just to tell him what I wanted in between the sales bluster trying to persuade me that I didn't want a lidgett.

When I gave the go-ahead, I eventually got paperwork back from head office that had a white door, no opening window, and the personnel door and window on the wrong side. It was the right model of garage though.

I called the agent (who had my 20% deposit) to correct the order, and he did not want to take ownership of the issue. He said I should talk to head office.

I called head office, who said I should talk to the agent.

I talked to the agent, who said I should just update the paperwork I'd been sent and send it back.

I called head office and explained what the agent had said and that I was starting to worry that lines would get crossed. I explained which parts were specified wrong and would it be OK if they send me a blank plan for me to draw the door and window on?

I received an amended order with the door and window already drawn on, still not in the place I wanted them. I amended the order in red biro, and sent a scan back again.

Once my neighbors' garage was finished, they pointed out a list of mistakes by the fitting team: the garage was far from central or square on the pad, and their opening window was perhaps 5 degrees out of plumb. Some of their trim was not straight and their front door snagged. Disclosure: their garage base may not have been adequate. So I called head office and asked whether they knew who my fitters would be because I didn't want the same team. They were actually quite good on this call, appeared interested to know more about the bad service my neighbor received.

As the delivery date arrived, I got a call to confirm and ask for the remainder of the money.

The fitters showed on the right day, and erected the garage in about a half-day on site. They didn't have the right front door because mine had not arrived. They had known about this issue for a week and not mentioned it to me. They temporarily fitted a spare door and left off the door trim surrounds.

They were unable to fit the window in the position I'd drawn them because they were missing a part to put the roof joist over the window. They didn't stop and tell me that, just went ahead and committed the build to putting the window and door in the wrong places. They had known about this issue for about 3 weeks.
The fitters left me to sweep up their mess, but I'm glad they did, because I discovered the key to the locking side window in amongst the rubbish.

My wife was unimpressed by a stream of hilarious "jokes" from one of the fitters about making him bacon sandwiches and cups of tea.

I had to follow up to get a date for fitting of the correct door.

When it came, they didn't have the side trims, so another visit was needed.
I got a call arranging their final visit to fit the trims, then they came several days early. This was not really an issue because this job didn't need us to be present.

The end result is a garage that is technically not square but it's not bad enough to be an annoyance. What is an annoyance however is that the front door is very volatile. When you open it it springs all the way open, bounces of its stops, then a few seconds later swings down below head height. So I still have one final job of making the door less dangerous before I'm really done getting this fitted.

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