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“Shocking. Avoid.”


written by afishcallededdie on 12/07/2012

Please, don't go anywhere near this company. I am one of the fortunate ones who hadn't paid them much before realising that they would fail spectacularly to do anything in the contract. Most of the money they did take was by direct debit and since they took this persistently early in breach of the DD guarantee I was able to claim it back.
I wound up taking them to Court for breach of contract and they counterclaimed. In the end we settled out of Court in the interests of not wasting any more time and because we'd recovered most of our money anyway.
Their glossy contract promised the world including microsites, email marketing software, data capture points and social media work. They didn't do any of these things. Their website videos give a clear expectation of what will be done - and when - but these were subsequently dismissed by Rocketfish as 'merely a guide'.
If anyone is interested they can have a full transcript of my claim against them which is far too long to regurgitate here. But the key points are:
a) they did not do the work in the contract
b) they took our money increasingly early each month in breach of the DD guarantee
c) there is no point of contact with a person, everything has to be done via their 'dashboard'
d) every time I queried the lack of progress I got a response which said that everything was on track - even 4 months into the process when nothing had been done
e) items flagged as 'of critical importance' by the salesman (e.g. microsites and data capture points) were subsequently removed from the contract as 'no longer relevant'

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Joeborgia's Response to afishcallededdie's Review

Written on: 17/11/2012

Hi, I'm having major problems with this company. Can I get a full transcript of your claim please.

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Bodmin93's reply to Joeborgia's Comment

Written on: 20/11/2012

hi im having problems with this company too and am going to sue them please can you send a copy to me.

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