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“The Tops! I arrived to be met by Mert, The manager, at...”


written by 1993Strickland on 12/07/2023

Met Mert on arrival at the Enfield branch to have my brakes fitted. Set me up to use his Hotspot so that I could continue to work, bought me coffee before I could finish my coffee,job was finished!!!! Absolute quality service the manager made the difference. Thanks

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written by MelissaColeman388 on 17/02/2023

I took my car for it's MOT at 48,000 mniles. They phoned me later saying "it's going to fail unless we adjust the headlight alignment" I had previously checked the headlamp light pattern so was surprised by this finding. I felt pressured into agreeing to having the headlights re-aligned so reluctantly agreed. (£22.74). When I went back to collect the car I asked the technician to show me what he had done. He refused ! I asked the guy on the front desk how the headlamp adjustment could have become misaligned but he didn't know, he said " it happens a lot" Yeah I bet it does there... The car had only done 3000 miles since the last MOT. I should have stayed and watched but I trusted them.... I won't be going back

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“Avoid Mr Clutch at all costs!”


written by on 14/02/2023

The clutch in my van failed suddenly and it was recovered to Mr Clutch. I was very pleased that they were able to fit the work in quickly, however, it is now difficult to get into gear when the engine is cold. I have to force it to get into gear and double pump the clutch through gears 1 to 3. The performance improves slightly after driving for a while. I took it back and was told that the problem was not the clutch, or their work, but that there must be an issue with the gearbox. There were no issues with the gearbox beforehand and changed gear perfectly! I am very disappointed as my van is now an unpleasant drive. I am untrusting of the advice I have been given as I had a very bad experience with Mr Clutch previously. In 2018 I had a new clutch fitted to my Subaru Outback and Mr Clutch reattached the steering column incorrectly (rotated out of alignment) causing a warning light to come on which was very costly to diagnose with the main dealer. Unfortunately at the time I made the mistake of driving away and not noticing the warning light when I collected the car. Mr Clutch refused to believe it was their mistake and claimed the warning light must have been on when I bought the car in. It was not. I would warn anyone against going to Mr Clutch as I have had two bad experiences with them now.

Leefeneck's Comment

Written on: 15/02/2023

I had my clutch changed before Xmas on a peugeot206cc.
Car now jumps out of 3rd and 5th gear constantly.
No problem with the gearbox before they worked on my car .
Also I have an engine management light on p0500 (vehicle speed malfunction a sensor) where they took the drive shafts out .
p0711 transfluid temp sensor
P1b00 ?
I've lost so much money at work .
Head office are trying to waffle me with excuses.
My car is un drivable
Thanks Mr clutch

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“new clutch”


written by teamkeane on 24/01/2023

positive feedback to the team at Kingston Branch Agent was a superstar - and really helped our charity when it was in a difficult spot, and aided 160 this week, participating in our club's charitable work. Without their help and support - the minibus would have been out of action. I phoned round eight other local garages, none of which could help us, even when I explained our charity's plight and we desperately needed the minibus up and running. Thank you and the mechanic for turning the job round in two days and supporting us. If you could pass the message on - that they have done a brilliant job.

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“The real reviews are here”


written by 1945Pugh on 24/12/2022

Ignore trustpilot. The real reviews are here.

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“Worst customer experience in my life!”


written by Wallacebl364 on 02/12/2022

Wrote my car off. Left for over six weeks with no courtesy car. Took ten weeks of fighting them to obtain a miserable pay out for the car value. If things go wrong with these low lifes, you are on your own and you will regret you ever did business with them. Disgusting! Avoid! Avoid! Do not use!

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“They don't honour their service and MOT offers they mail.”


written by Matthewu45 on 12/11/2022

Regarding major service and MOT of Renault Clio LG65XHD, at Mr Clutch, Hayes on 30/8/22. They should honour their written offers, that they mailed to me.I have got those offers on their written papers. I have contacted the Customer Services Manager, on 1st September, 2022 but my queries are still not answered. I have also contacted their director but of no use. I wonder whether their written offers are not worth of the paper they are written on. I am Privilege Card holder. I wonder whether or not this means anything. I booked my daughter’s car for the major service and MOT at Mr Clutch, Hayes Branch. Mr. Clutch had sent me the offers for the Service and MOT for this vehicle. As a result of which I booked the car for this at Mr Clutch at Hayes Branch. For some reasons while booking the care for service and MOT, on line I couldn’t add the offer codes while on line. When I got the work carried out at Hayes branch, I contacted the Customer Services of MR Clutch for the offers that they had posted to me and requested them to honour those offers. So far they haven’t yet offered. It appears not right to me. It is unacceptable. A way of getting the work on false promises. Also incidentally the car I believe got some minor damage on the rear bumper while at the garage. The MOT staff failed it first on MOT and then passed it after putting electrical insulation tape on the bumper plastic. I know that the car rear bumper was without any damage when I handed the car to them. Though the garage had suggested that it would be ready by 14.00 hrs it wasn’t ready. They had kept it right at the back and was suggesting me to come the next day to collect it as the MOT was not done. When I said that I would like to take it straight away, that they failed the MOT. I found that very suspicious. I know that I may not be able to do a great deal on this issue. I haven't yet received any replies to any of my queries. I am still waiting for the replies and the offer costs to be paid back to me.

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“Destroyed my engine.”


written by on 12/11/2022

Can't do a cambelt job without getting it wrong. Destroyed my engine. Customer "service" nothing short of despicable. Left stranded with no car and no help for weeks on end. Do not use!!!

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“Avoid Mr Clutch Maidenhead ”


written by on 12/10/2022

The car went to service and Mr Clutch installed the oil filter wrongly (admitted and at least cleaned the engine). I had to get the car towed by RAC and had no car over the bank holiday weekend. I agreed multiple times a driveway clean up; they didn't show up... No customer service whatsoever. Escalation to HQ don't work either...

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“They made my car worse and will do anything not to refund ”


written by GIz56 on 14/03/2022

Mr Clutch simply made my car worse and wouldn’t refund me after I gave them 4 chances to fix it. I have an AUDI S5 2008. they are famous for tricky clutch changes so i decided to get Mr clutch to do it. thinking it would be a specialist clutch service. BOY, was I wrong the quote was over £2000. I took it to Mr Clutch Swindon for a booked appointment. they are around 25miles from my house so arranged lifts etc. I got there and they had failed to write it in the book. had to rebook it but they did say they would hold the car for me. (Chance 1) 2 weeks later I went to collect the car and paid the bill. went to get it and the starter clutch was really stiff. I could hardly get the clutch pedal to the floor. I went back into the reception and told them, and they said it would just feel different they were not interested at all in looking at it or anything else. (Chance 2) I kind of took them at their word and headed off. under 200 miles later while on my way on holiday the pedal depressed and wouldn’t come back up. After about 4 hours I got recovered to Mr Clutch Croydon they said they would look at it that day so felt ok about it. the master cylinder had gone (surprise) and they couldn't get the part till the next day, downer on my holiday but booked in the travel lodge for a night thinking it would all be ok next day, and I’d be off on my holiday. next day came and it was the afternoon Mr clutch called me said we have fitted the master cylinder, but it does not work because we ordered the wrong one. hmmm then why did you fit it. long story short A5 and S5 use the same master cylinder but the A5 does not have a starter clutch. (Chance 3) they have ordered the part for the next day. looked at my options and it was cheaper to stay in Croydon for another night rather then head the distance home. 3pm the next day I was sat nr Croydon station frustrated and tired waiting for the phone call... chased them at 4pm and they said they were road testing it so headed over. paid another £500 ish and decided I was still going to head on my holiday. Got to the M25 and the car started to judder in gears. It was like driving one of those bronco machines. (Chance 4) I had to cancel the holiday and I got the car recovered to home. Lost nearly £1000 from the holiday. I decided after all that the car COULD NOT go back to Mr Clutch anywhere as I have lost trust and they have not fixed my car with Skill and care (those are the legal words) I got nowhere with the internal process so took it to the ombudsman service. It turns out that there subscribed service can only listen and refer and have no power to persuade either party, so Mr clutch have still not offered any reconciliation. This has been going on since last August 2021 and I’m simply losing the will to keep fighting it. I have stayed away from reviews as I believe a business should have a chance to just do the right thing. I now need to go down the legal route. There is a lot more detail if anyone wants it, they are welcome. Mr Clutch have my invoice number and detail so just don’t believe their reply’s they live off disinformation like Russia

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written by Moisesx430 on 02/03/2022

AVOID AVOID AVOID!!! Got a very competitive quote from thtre Chelmsford branch for some work on the clutch. Half way through the day they called to say I would need to pay £300 more than originally quoted. When I questioned this he said (extremely rudely) that it was extra that needed doing and claimed that they didn't feel the need to mention it when I dropped the car off as it was obvious and I should've known and was made to feel like an idiot. This made it much more expensive that other places so I said to leave it and I'll go elsewhere, to which they told me that they'd already taken the car apart so I'd still have to pay £250 for them to put it back together! At the end of the day I called to check the car was done before I went to collect (was originally told it was a 1-day job) to be told it wouldn't be ready until the end of the day tomorrow, leaving me without a car with 3 small children! Collected the next day and I struggled to even drive the car as the clutch was so tight. The car was also making other strange noises. Customer service was the worst I've ever experienced. They were extremely rude and argumentative. Contacted head office to complain and this wasn't simple either. Kept saying they'd look into it but systems were down and couldn't access cctv or phone records (there was always an excuse). After weeks and weeks of chasing and more rude staff the issue was still not resolved fully.

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written by Mlavey on 24/01/2022

Took my car to MR CLUTCH in Basingstoke and had a new clutch and gear box installed for £1900 Once i collected my car i had an awful grinding sound coming from the engine, i returned and my car had to sit in the garage for another half a day for the problem to get rectified. When i collected my car after having a drive i noticed problems listed below: No reverse lights No parking cameras No Cruise control No speed limiter No hill start/auto hold Handbrake faulty System failed appearing on DASH. I have now had to take my car to Nissan and am awaiting a full report. When i was in the garage complaining about these issues the technicians told me that there diagnostics machines were rubbish and that the tools supplied were rubbish so most of them brought in there own. I now have to pay nissan to sort out my car whilst MR CLUTCH carry's out an investigation but have already been told that i was lying about what the technicians have said, I have witnesses to prove that isnt the case, Awful experience i hope they resolve the matter ASAP and send over there investigation to me.

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“Nissan Juke - Shocking Service”


written by Subkiller on 21/01/2022

Car had a fault on a dual carriageway and went into "limp" mode. RAC identified a problem with Injector number 4. Took the car to Mr Clutch who quoted £595 to replace and reprogamme the injector. After a week they called and said they were calling an auto electrician as they could not obtain the correct communication between the injector and the ECU. To cut a long story short, they had the car for close to 7 weeks. Although they replaced an injector, the fault still remained. Took the vehicle to another repair shop and they analysed the problem after an hour and had the vehicle ready for collection the same day. The "new" repair shop informed me that Mr Clutch had replaced the WRONG injector as some Juke engines have cylinder 4 closest to the fan/belts etc. (I had made Mr Clutch aware of this fact). Unfortunately, I had to buy another injector (the correct one this time) and clear the other faults which were associated with the Glow plugs. Due to the appalling service provided by Mr Clutch, I was without a vehicle for more than 6 weeks, the fault was not cured and I purchased an additional injector. My advice is to stay well clear. I was one of their original customers more than 15 years ago and very happy but now they have different mechanics who don't appear to know the meaning of customer service.

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“Exemplary customer care and mechanical service”


written by 40Dodd on 21/11/2021

Once again Mr Clutch Maidstone exceeded expectations with both customer care and mechanical service. I would never go anywhere else as they have always provided honest MOT service and saved the day when unexpected problems have occurred.

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“They damaged the car stopped replying”


written by zagor on 17/09/2021

I left the car in the Leyton garage for a mot and service. The car was left 2 days in the garage; when I collected it, I noticed some smoke coming out from the bonnet, so I had to take it back again after a couple days. When I took the car back the second time, it remained there for just a few hours, but unfortunately, when I parked the car at home, in my driveway, after the second visit, I noticed a vertical scratch and some dirt of used (black-ish) motor oil on the passenger door. I immediately called the garage, and they suggested me to contact the HQ. I called the HQ to check the cctv and after multiple calls and emails, they replied saying that they did check the cctv and saw nothing, but they had only checked the second visit and not for the 2 days the car had been left in the garage for the mot and service. I kept sending emails and called them multiple times, and they said that they were going to check the cctv of the first visit too, but they never really called back, so I stopped calling them and I was left with my damaged car. I do not mind about my car, as it is a little old, but a review for the crappy garage is the least I could do. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS!

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“Stay far far away”


written by Johnston138 on 15/09/2021

I used this Centre for an emergency clutch replacement of my 5 year old Audi and I wish I had never gone there. The very next time I took the car out after the repair there was a coolant leak and I had to replace the coolant liquid every 20 mins while driving back home. The only reason I went to the centre was because it was cheaper quote and was Mr Clutch but I later found that Mr clutch garages are independent garages that only uses the name of Mr Clutch unlike Halfords and so beware that they don't really guarantee quality, which makes me very nervous about getting more work done there. I will be taking my car to Halfords and if they find the cause of the leak was error in putting parts back while replacing the clutch I will take legal action against Mr Clutch. Update:- I was told by the Leyton garage after inspection that the fault is not related to the clutch replacement and explained the clutch and pump is on either side of the vehicle and pressured me into paying for it. I told them I am taking the car and having it inspected by Halfords. Right after I took the car back, I got an email from customer support saying that the pump is on the rear of the engine and they could have damaged it by dropping the engine and so they would like to take a look at it to fix it. I told them I already took my car back home and I would never be comfortable taking the car back to Leyton as I do not trust them at all. I was assured that it will be a different person from head office looking at it and they will come to my place where the car is to pick it up and so I cancelled the Halfords appointment. Today morning they called me again asking me to take the car back to Leyton which I refused. I would rather take it to Halfords and make sure I take legal advice for the situation. They are nothing but deceptive people, please don’t go there. They also asked me to remove this review. Please don’t make the mistake I made and don’t go because the quote is cheaper, you will waste more money and time later.

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written by Milesy07 on 08/08/2021

I drove my vehicle to be inspected to Mr Clutch Luton as I had been having difficulty getting into 1st and 2nd gears for a couple of days. They said they would check the gearbox clutch and hydraulics and call me back with any findings. I stated I wanted to spend as little money as possible if something was wrong. I was working away so said they could have it for a couple of days no rush. They called me 2 days later saying I needed a new clutch and dual mass all in cost of £950. And that the vehicle was now undrivable.........? My father was a mechanic so i have decent knowledge of cars. I told then that was too much money and why is the vehicle now undrivable ? They said the clutch failed right as they were putting it in the garage for inspection. Unbelievable timing. I went to collect it the following day stating they have messed with the vehicle which they denied saying this time the slave had gone leaving me with no clutch at all. No mention of the slave before. I had to drive the vehicle with no clutch which is possible of the premises. They deliberately sabotaged my vehicle thinking I would have no choice but to have it repaired by them for £950 I will be making as many complaints and review as possible and contacting trading standards. STAY AWAY FROM MR CLUTCH CENTRES

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“Don't use.”


written by 363Wentworth on 17/03/2021

Don't use. Following a routine service, staff agreed to run a FREE engine diagnostic if a certain fault persisted. Post service, the fault light remained and I rang up and confirmed, that the issue could be checked again for free, as it was soon after the service. This was agreed and the car booked in. On collecting the car, I was charged again for diagnostic and labour. When I mentioned it was agreed that it would be looked at for free, this is quickly denied and dismissed. Hugely disappointing with terrible service. I will be telling everyone to avoid this garage.

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“Faulty part ”


written by Woodh on 16/01/2021

Took my car for repair in September. In December the part stopped working. Another garage said it was a cheap part. Mr Clurch blamed leaves build up (we do not park are car near any leaves). Bring down again January same reason & other garage confirmed faulty part. Mr Clutch took it in again then blamed leaves build up & charged us another £40. I will never use these again & lesson learnt as why they are so cheap on repairs !

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written by Witchymumma on 09/06/2020

Last year I had my clutch done on my car by mr clutch in strood. 5 minutes after driving my driveshaft fell off!!. Luckily my youngest who is ASD and ADHD wasn’t in my car atm. I called RAC as branch closed as it was about 545pm. RAC came out and found the driveshaft had fallen off, also bolts and washers on windscreen. They also found my air filter not bolted on and My wheels loose.We was both shocked. He stated my car was dangerous too drive. RAC did a temporary fix and followed me back to mr clutch. Following morning I rang branch and at first they tried telling me that they wouldn’t of let the car go like that . I then rang Headoffice who asked fir proof etc which I gave the RAC report . They did the repairs then when I got the car back I didn’t feel happy, so I took it to another garage and asked them to look over the work they did , only to find a major oil leak from my gearbox. They’d used an old seal . They had my car a week fir this to be repaired. I asked how I was supposed to get around without a car and they agreed to pay taxi fare. First of all they offered me a free full service which I declined, then £50 again I declined, now £150 . Is thus all my life is worth after they sent my car out in a dangerous state. After nearly a year of emailing a person from Head office they are now black mailing me as I wrote a bad feed back on Trust Pilot about my experience. They’ve said I can have £150 plus taxi fare ONLY if I take my feedback from Trust Pilots down with immediate effect. Again I’ve said no . I’ve also contacted Ombudsman but haven’t had a reply since last year. Again my oldest son had a clutch done my mr clutch in strood and he came out with a major oil leak. Does this firm intentionally do damage to get customers!! AVOID AVOID AVOID

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Asked by Scorpio68 on 12th November 2022 Report this content
Has anyone experience of getting a clutch done at Mr Clutch, Cardiff? Thanks.

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