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“Family Fun”


written by redmask38 on 14/08/2015

Upon entering the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino, it looked pretty promising. The hotel lobby was colorful and decorative and had a classy air about it, yet it wasn't fru-fru. However, there is one thing that always bothered me from then on upon entering the first floor: the smell. The other floors don't have the odd smell the first floor has. The smell is unusual and repulsive. It's mix of cleaning fluid and old smoke. Though there is supposed to be no smoking, people still smoke and the cleaning crew must try to mask the smell with cleaning fluid. Cleaning crew: it just makes it worse. Not to mention all of the restaurants are on the first floor as well, and trust me, that smell is not appetizing. Though it's agitating, it doesn't outrage me enough to march to the front desk, and we're out a lot anyway so most of our time won't be in the lobby. Anyways, the attendants at the front desk were very nice and even gave us a free upgrade when we asked for it, out of convenience. Finally we went to our room. The hallway leading to the roomies obviously old on the sixth floor. The colors are a bit washed out, but thankfully, the hallways aren't unsanitary. They're perfectly clean. As for the hotel rooms, they're sufficient. There's plenty of room, thankfully not squished like some hotel rooms, but it's nothing fancy. The beds are extremely comfortable, however and the air conditioning kicks up almost immediately. The bathroom is rather small but it suffices. The bathtub is small and the toilet flushes very abruptly and loudly so it gives you a heart attack. It always makes me laugh when I jump. The water pressure is perfect, but it takes a bit for the temperature to adjust. There are also free lotions and shampoos and such. It's an overall good room. No complaints here. Now, back to the first floor, the smell is most prominent in the eating area, which is not where you want it to be. I was shocked when I found out how huge the whole hotel was. People literally come off the street to shop because it has a mini shopping mall and six restaurants. That's impressive. There's a toy store, cell phone case stand, and various touristy stores and clothing shops. Two restaurants we've visited so far are the Westside Deli and Circus Circus Buffet. The Westside Deli, I have to say, has the strongest cleaning fluid/old smoke smell, I nearly choked on it. Let me just say our experience there was not pleasant. My brother and I ordered nachos. They looked pretty good, but they were literally smoking they were so hot. Once it cooled, I tried some. It was horrible. The nacho chips had an odd taste and the cheese was funny and had a sickly salty taste. Runny salty liquid does not taste good. Finally, they gave us free hot dogs to make up for our unpleasant experience. They were okay. The soup is also okay. It's not a very good place to eat. The best part was eating a bag of chips. The tables were also wobbly and there was a loud, drunk woman shouting to her boyfriend across the restaurant. Nobody silenced her. If you're thinking about where to eat at Circus Circus, remember: don't eat at the Westside Deli. As for the Circus Circus Buffet, that experience was much better. They serve breakfast and dinner. Though the dishes are the same, they suffice. For breakfast, their waffles and French toast are absolutely TO DIE FOR. The syrup is a little sweet but so delicious. They pour some sugar on the French toast as well, which makes it even more scrumptious. Their bacon, of course, is excellent since all bacon is yummy, but their pancakes lack. With syrup, it may taste better, but at the time it tasted bland without syrup, so I can't make a judgement there. Breakfast at the Circus Circus Buffet is great. For dinner, they have okay chicken fingers, great macaroni, great baked beans, excellent waffles and horrible Mexican rice. I'm a big rice fan. I love Mexican rice, brown rice, you name it! However, their rice made me gag. It looks very appealing, but looks can be deceiving. Also, one time, for dinner, two cashiers chatted while there was a huge line and weren't paying attention to their jobs. The manager saw the problem and looked like a deer in headlights. She did absolutely nothing. Once they went back to work after ten minutes, the cashier was slow. Thankfully, we got to our seats 20 minutes later. After that, service was pleasant as usual. Service is great for the most part, except when a problem is encountered. The employees (and manager) of the Buffet have no idea how to handle a problem. Other than that, we still go to the Buffet, as it meets our needs and they have absolutely delectable desserts! I'm not sure if I'd recommend the Buffet, but it's good for us. Now, into more entertaining aspects of the hotel. The Casino is big. There are a lot of slot games and it's lots of fun. After all, Las Vegas is about gambling! If you like gambling, go there. Next we went to Midway. Midway is such an amazing place. There are neon lights everywhere and lots of carnival-like games for people who like that kind of stuff. We saw three performances onstage nearby in the circus tricks area. First was the wonderfully talented Mei Ling. Let's just say she is VERY talented with her feet and six umbrellas! With music to go along with her choreographed performance, I was entertained the whole time. The performances are approximately ten minutes and I still wanted more tricks from Mei Ling. Next was a clown performing. His performance was impressive like Mei Ling's but not as impressive. His was more humorous. The performance was not as good as Mei Ling's, but it was funny. Next was two acrobats from China. This was my least favorite performance and the performance I thought I'd like most. They were very good at what they did, but it was a bit boring. Their tricks were impressive, yes, but there was a lot of build up in the music and their body language for something not so spectacular. Their moves are slow and ponderous, rather than quick and entertaining like the previous two performances. It may be because I'm young I have a hard time appreciating things such as this, but it wasn't as big and bold as I thought it would be. Overall, the performances were great. Adventuredome was what I was most excited for, the indoor amusement park and 4D theater. It looked promising as well, but walking around, the rides did not appeal to me. If you're a big ride person, this place is for you. If you're a small ride person, this place is for you. However, if you're in the middle like me, you will not find any rides here for you. The rides are either extreme or childish. There is absolutely nothing for people in the middle. As for the 4D theater, it's very expensive at a whopping $9 per ticket. That's more than a 3D ticket at a high quality theater where I live. Though it was SpongeBob, I had higher expectations to match the price. However, I was horribly disappointed. The movie can't be any longer than five minutes and it's extremely childish. The 4D effects were not bad, but the "leg tickling" was more like "leg punching". The air was so sharp and abrupt it hurt. That won't make little kids cry. The whole concept of the movie is learning how to jellyfish, only for Plankton to be sucking their electrical energy to destroy the Krusty Krab. This movie features SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy and The Flying Dutchman. You only see Squidward once and he doesn't even say anything. We left the movie disappointed and feeling ripped off. Adventuredome is not as great as it seems, especially with its outrageous prices. If you like big or small rides though, feel free to go. Middle people, you're on your own. Though there are some setbacks at the hotel, it's a very fun and lively place that's great for kids and adults. I recommend Circus Circus Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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“The hotel was very resonable the pool area was all...”


written by tommyboy97 on 18/08/2011

The hotel was very resonable the pool area was all clean the breakfest buffet was extemely good it had alot of options for food and it was very clean and fresh the hotel its self seemed clean i never went into the adventure dome but im sure it would have been good. circus circus is more of a budget hotel for families ect and it very resonable it has everything you need in vegas a casino a minature themepark and isent too far from shopping outlets all round a nice hotel.

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“Just returned from staying at Circus Circus and had a...”


written by spiceysam2004 on 03/04/2007

Just returned from staying at Circus Circus and had a great time.
Myself and 5 friends from the UK (between the ages 22-35) stayed here. We were a little worried after reading reviews. But we had nothing to worry about as everything was fine.
When booking in we were given lots of room options, we all had great views from the rooms (Strip & Stratosphere Hotel). The rooms were all very clean and the maids were great (we tipped $1 a day).
The lifts were quite busy at morning and evening but didn't have to wait too long for the next one.
The buffet restaurant is great value at $11 for breakfast (£5.50 pp).
Lots of choice, e.g., scrambled egg, bacon, sausage, corned beef hash, hash browns, french toast, pancakes, waffles, fruit, cereal, muffins, donuts, cakes, etc.
Garden Grill for evening meal, prepare yourself they are massive meals. My partner and I would often share two starters for our meal (waffle fries and chilli & popcorn chicken) this would cost about $10 for both of us to eat and you get so much that we were full.
The casinos are great in the hotel, any drink you want whilst playing, e.g., Corona, Bud, Vodka and mixer, water, pina colada, Baileys, etc., from cocktail waitress just tip them a dollar note or chip and they will return with next drink within ten mins. You don't even have to be playing a lot really, you could just sit at a 5c machine and they will ask you.
Deuce bus stop outside hotel (slot of fun part of circus circus) this bus travels on the strip to every hotel, buy a $5 ticket and you can travel all day on any bus. Don't worry about missing a stop as the bus driver has microphone and announces every stop.
If possible, try not to go out till later in the evening as this is when it is busy and a lot more fun on table games. Often we would be going to bed at 1am and the hotel would just be getting busy.
If you are going, try and go for more than a week, we went for 6 days and this was no way long enough, there is so much to see.
Go and see the Bellagio Fountains (wow) Caeser's Palace, New York New York, Paris, etc.
You could spend a day in each one.
For those of you who like shopping, shopping mall near Wynn hotel (bus stop outside) it's massive. Big catwalk in middle of mall, models showing clothes you can buy in mall.
hope you find these tips usefull.
Any questions, I'm happy to help with.

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“Very ,very, very dirty rooms the Las Vegas Circus...”


written by mark181272 on 18/08/2005

Very ,very, very dirty rooms the Las Vegas Circus Circus Hotel and Casino is a dump after a look about and talking to other guests they are all very much the same the rooms dirty.
No point in complaining I tried 5 times but the staff don't care what you say they always reply ok then walk off.
I left this hotel and paid to stay elsewhere.

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Machinehead's Response to 206802_mark181272's Review

Written on: 27/12/2006

I know exactly what you mean. Those tramps and their high rollers. They can take Vegas and stick it.
<br/>Give me New Jersey every time!

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“We stayed at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, as part...”


written by beccylsmith on 17/08/2005

We stayed at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, as part of a multi centre package holiday.
We had no problems checking in and finding our room. The staff were friendly and helpful. Our room was MASSIVE, with a good view out of the window, and the bathroom was equally big and clean.
The food at Circus Circus was okay! Varied and reasonably priced, although not as amazing as I have read in other reviews.
The casino was one of the cheapest to play in Vegas, with lower minimum stakes than other hotels. But the clientel of Circus Circus seem to be lower class, and therefore the tables are pitched to appeal to them.
The worst points of Circus Circus, were that as soon as the weekend came, it was over-run with screaming unsupervised children running around. This wasn't so bad, as every morning we left the hotel to explore. We were only in the hotel to sleep, so we didnt have to put up with the kids for long. There is no way I would have spent time in the hotel, as I wouldn't have been able to cope with all the kids.
The other problem was its location. It was SO far up the strip. There is no way we could have walked down the strip to the other hotels, as the heat was too much to bear, even for one minute. We did walk to the monorail once, but it is miles away, and again far too hot to be walking that distance. So we ended up getting taxi's up and down the strip, which works out very very expensive, but it was the only way!!!
To begin with, Circus Circus was exciting with circus acts and a theme park, but it soon becomes frustrating with the children and location. We ended up feeling like poor relations to all the lucky people staying in the posh Ceasers or Venetian or even TI. But you get what you pay for I suppose.

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Machinehead's Response to beccylsmith's Review

Written on: 27/12/2006

Think on the bright side! You can take all your winnings and get a better room next time.
<br/>Er... You did win, right. OOPS I did it again.

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