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“Where do I start ”


written by DravenGill1974 on 11/11/2023

Well it’s full of arselickers that crawl up admins arses it’s now become a joke of a place all the decent and good people have left now and get me started on admin there is only one decent fair one the rest are just corrupt and racist think the owner should take a look at the admin situation because a few should definitely not be admin that definitely includes a new member of the admin team and I am not the only one who thinks that way .the owner should do something about the racism some horrible people on there hence why people stay away because it is not a good place no more

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“Good to pass the time”


written by DariusSweeney on 06/11/2023

This site is ok good to pass the time. It was rubbish for a long time cuz of drama queens but most of them are gon now. About time cuz no women was safe frm them

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“Dead and dying more by the day”


written by BaileyStevenson on 29/10/2023

Lucky if you get 20 people in at most times the. Admin are killing it with stupid bans .if admin did their job properly instead of flirting with each other and the owner was there instead of staying away for months at a time things could be different maybe he should see what the Viking n the menopausal glamour puss want a be are actually doing to help his dying little site which is nothing btw .in all honesty I can say this site will be gone very soon it's a toxic place

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“Stay well away there’s a guy on here who has become...”


written by Ronniepickering on 28/09/2023

Stay well away there’s a guy on here who has become admin now.  Very angry man stay away from him folks.

Funnygal's Response to Ronniepickering's Review

Written on: 28/10/2023

grow up shitbox

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Chellesmum's reply to Funnygal's Comment

Written on: 04/11/2023

Chelle can you please get off your rear end and look after your ma haha

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Chellesmum's reply to Funnygal's Comment

Written on: 04/11/2023

Go look after your ma lol

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“Don't do it!”


written by Monahanxp313 on 02/09/2023

Where does one start?. You get the group of"socially inadequate" running around on this.. chatsite. Making up pathetic tags about other users. Making quite frankly slanderous allegations which has resulted in legal action. Chit compts Just Trying to make this site great again one review at a time. Thanks prodigits for my free ringtone for my Nokia 3210. Peace out.

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“Dead chat site”


written by CrailsPretendGF on 28/08/2023

Only a small handful of mentally challenged re tards there now unfortunately,including the admins.spend 24hours a day on their gossiping and have nothing better to do. A well known wife beater has now become admin too. Just don't arrange to meet him all he'll get very angry if you change your mind.

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“site is good, it's the people you rate”


written by Hortongi88 on 16/04/2023

Read some reviews, each one complains about users or admin not the site, most probably they come here after they abuse someone and got banned.. Mods are doing best to moderate this site for 22 years! If it was that bad why would people come back and why would this site still be online?

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“Bad site”


written by Armani178 on 01/03/2023

I do not like this site. Admins have there favourites and tell what ppl have inboxed them.full of gossip and back stabbing. Numerous fake profiles. Lurking peados which admin are not very quick on banning. Also come across a few r a p i sts. Becarful if you use this site

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“Don7star ”


written by riHood394 on 24/02/2023

He abuses the trust of the owner with his tools ..gets very jealous untrue and claims his the victim of abuse .when he is doing it under numerous tags acting as female or male rekons his famous rapper lieing about his identity ..his a sham .don’t know why owner has employed him .constantly clearing the chat rooms .his very unstable on medication u don’t know what next his capable off …

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“Dead site”


written by on 30/06/2022

Place is already dead due to the behavior of the so called moderators. It now has more mods that actual users. There's one particular loser mod by the username of don7star who used to be in a wap relationship with demoness now goes around saying he's a huge music celebrity to get the girls to sext him and also goes around clearing chatrooms and banning other guys who's been talking to his "girls".

Thedemoness's Comment

Written on: 10/04/2023

I am actually admin Demoness and I would love to know when I was in ‘wap relationship’ with Don7star!!! This is a complete wrong on your part! We only ever worked together monitoring the chat rooms and forums as admins and nothing more! Please stop posting untrue, maybe I banned you for something so you felt bitter towards me but posting untrue comments is not good at all!!

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“Perverts ”


written by Zaccy on 24/09/2021

This site is full of perverts like me pretending to be nice and all we really want is filthy chat and dirty pics beware

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“Phishing site”


written by Trevinomq266 on 21/09/2021

Google Chrome picks this up as a phishing site which is the only reason why I guess it's still around.. It's never been a good site it's never been up to date it's so basic and embarrassing. It has forums and chat and games but they're poor.. It's not even moderated to a good standard the mods are either overseas and don't have a good grasp of the English language or just bums who couldn't care less. There aren't any users on it anymore and I understand why.. It's an outdated site I mean very outdated now and should just be buried like all the other useless things.

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“Full of desperate people”


written by RoryLong on 10/12/2020

This site used to be okay but it has seriously went down hill. I don't use it much now because I normally get people who think they can just start being vulgar and sexual towards me. I mean you wouldn't just help yourself to someone sexually or say sexual stuff in reality to strangers out in the streets so why do it online ? That would be classed as sexual harassment (the dirty vulgar/sexual chats)if done without consent or sexual assault (touching without consent) if someone did it in reality. my point is chatting sexually without the person's consent amounts to sexual harassment even if it is virtual. People come on the site to make friends not to be put off as soon as they log on.

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written by Letan on 06/12/2020

My ex girlfriend used to go on this site for 8+ years. Unfortunately she passed away in 2016. Just like to say a big thankyou to all the friends she made on here - through out those years. you's were always there for her & she loved you's. 

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“abusive users and unhelpful admin”


written by Danikap191 on 01/09/2018

The unhelpful admin and site owner wont to do anything to remove users who harass others and make it a disgusting site to use. I do not recommend this site because of its poor security and users who insist on harassing others and useless unhelpful admin.

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“Yoused to be okay ”


written by Blackbraa on 27/08/2017

Yoused to be ok innit but bin gettin warning latez cos i talks about my phanny allot. This isn't playschool it adult chat an men talk dirtay al the time innit but a got a warning for saying my phanny was putting

Bigbroben's Response to Blackbraa's Review

Written on: 24/03/2024

Can’t understand wit ye saying hen

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“I'm on a fence ”


written by EmilioHogan on 26/08/2017

I'm on a fence as the admin are terrible and want their buds to be only online but it's ok if you want to meet up with a local woman and you are gaurenteed a good time as most are a little desperate but overall ruined by terrible admin who don't follow the rules of chat and don't apply them to everyone Their buds seem to get away with worse than others are banned for but a little tip please wear protection if meeting a local as I was in the clinic 3 days later with an itchy you know what thingamy jig

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“Potential to be good ”


written by Nola270 on 26/08/2017

Potentially a good site but I have to agree with other reviews that Admin have cliques. Also touchy users who won't accept opinions of others or alternate views. FYI this also warrants a ban and deletion if the complaint is admins buds. I wonder how the pathetic admin would racy if they were a general user without tools? I have a feeling the site will close soon as the owner has no interest and allows bullying to happen

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“Admin On aPower Trips”


written by Blckbra on 25/08/2017

Used to be a great site but Admin have let power go to there heads . If your not in the little admin icky butt crew this sites not for you . Admin show off by bullying certain members by blocking etc . 1 rule for one and 1 for another . With decent admin the site would be ok

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“Enter the twilight zone ”


written by ZoeyDay on 25/08/2017

Yep, it is a strange place. Full of characters that are mainly '' special'' . The biggest strange cases are the admins. If you don't suck on their nuts then you're an enemy and singled out bullied and victimized. I say nuts as it's also very sexist with few female admin. I've taken physiological help with the victimizing I've endured by admin. Only join if you want to express your character to the admins way, which usually entails getting on your knees lifting that deriare high and taking a 2 incher for the team. Then expect a heavy set of balls to slap against your chin as they really go to town on your mouth. This is how I feel. I'm lost . I'm scared. I'm lonely. THANKS A LOT ADMIN

Was this review helpful? 10 2

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