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“Definitely providing to be the WORST DECISION EVER!”


written by kxGlass47 on 08/01/2024

Please DO NOT enter into ANY agreement with these utter ruthless incompetent idiots! I’ve never regretted ANYTHING so much in my life! First the guy never told me that you cannot enter your rent under an IVA (when that was the MAIN reason I contacted them.) Secondly they each tell you crumbs of I fur stink each tube you call and it’s NEVER the full transparency to what is actually going on. I have regretted ever contacting these people and EVERY one I have spoken to from here has been a complete useless waste of time and they REALLY don’t care about their customers! Please avoid them with your life! Or if you must enter into an IVA just look elsewhere!!!!

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written by j.swietlik on 19/08/2023

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! They are completely incompetent and no more than glorified debt collectors and actually have consistently harassed me more than any debt collectors. I have sent them the money to pay off my full debt and am still receiving harassing and threatening calls, texts and emails daily. I repeat DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY they are as malicious as they are incompetent

J.swietlik's Response to j.swietlik's Review

Written on: 25/09/2023

It won’t let me edit my review so I will put it here. I paid £4,600 in fees on a £9,300 debt, £2,643 of that went to paying my case supervisor. This company is disingenuous, incompetent and prays on the desperate

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written by Jackphillipson on 23/05/2023

Was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me and I was it by a car! It’s that bad stress, confusing, still fighting and cost more than just borrowing more money avoid

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“Incompetent and contradictory ”


written by Yeodave1978 on 03/09/2022

Tried to change my circumstances back in April, shared bank statements, completed budget and jumped through their hoops. Waited 3 months and nothing happened. I complained and they upheld it but still haven't finalised the changes. Now they want to start an annual review which involves the same process. I complained as the last 4 months have been very stressful so they agreed over the phone to take just 3 bank statements which I provided. Today they told me my IVA is at risk if I don't give them P60, access to bank statements and get proff of earnings from my employer. Going to Insolvency Service and Financial Ombudsman. I want a different company to deal with all of this.

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“warning avoid them”


written by Geordie865 on 12/08/2022

I would advise this is a case of buyer beware. I have had a debt added to my account after my annual review which I did not recognise. When I asked to speak to my case manager over a month ago about this I was told he is not available, to date I am still waiting for the call back. This has now been 6 weeks. THIS SHOULD ACT AS A WARNING TO ANYONE THINKING OF SIGNING UP. I had also changed jobs and as I was working a month in hand I asked them to delay taking payment, which they agreed but still took the payment leaving me unable to pay my mortgage. I have now started recording all calls so I can take this to the regulator. Entering this IVA has been the biggest mistake of my life. You have to remember this is a business and all they want is your £3600 and do very little for it. When you look at the fees and how they are made up. If during the cost of living crisis you find yourself needing to go into an IVA I would strongly advise you not to use the insolvency group. This is not a company that care about its customers and you have to remember you are paying them and they are not doing this out of kindness.

Aly101010's Response to Geordie865's Review

Written on: 22/09/2023

thanks for your review. i have the same problem and even more with this company.

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Kessyb's Response to Geordie865's Review

Written on: 17/11/2023

very similar to my experience. Continued harassment from one creditor who they told me to just ignore. This is still ongoing. I retired earlier this year and was told they would contact me regarding a settlement. I have not heard anything. Called today regarding transactions on my bank account. told them this is my pension and informed no notes made on the system and no notes regarding my settlement payment. I have now contacted the FCA.

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“Very helpful ”


written by Zainy on 27/05/2022

Hi just wanted to say thanks for the help Very easy process Fantastic service

07935704341's Response to Zainy's Review

Written on: 31/05/2022

Hi, My agent was very helpful and took her time and went through everything with me. I am very satisfied with her care towards me as well as the rest of the team I would highly recommend this company to anyone in financial difficulty they make you feel so much at ease...

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Mcauley-Lartey's Response to Zainy's Review

Written on: 06/12/2023

I am relieved that my application has been approved and at least I will not be living in fear and panic for sometime.
If feel like I've got my life back to order. I can spend a relaxing Christmas with my family.

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“Very helpful”


written by on 27/05/2022

Very helpful. I now have a Iva that now has my debts under control. Thank you for money advisor as I can sleep well tonight

Aly101010's Comment

Written on: 22/09/2023

3 full reviews in the same day after many bad reviews at 27/05/2022 !!!!
who can believes they are from real clients? don't try to fool people guys.

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“The best EVER”


written by fuzzybuzzysara on 27/05/2022

Thank you to everyone I spoke with, never felt judged and always there to help! Highly recommend!! Finally feel so relieved after years of worrying.

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“No communications after initial set up! ”


written by AndreaM1066 on 17/01/2022

All was great in the beginning, from July to Sept 2021 when I contacted the group but my emails to them after September have gone unanswered except for the automated reply of receipt. My concerns about new letters from debtors over taking me to court to get money is unanswered after they add the old debt to the new amount. I'm quite upset how this group have turned out!

Theresa1234's Response to AndreaM1066's Review

Written on: 04/01/2023

I am 100% agreeing with you they have done this to me also.

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Andream1066's reply to Theresa1234's Comment

Written on: 04/01/2023

Hi. Did you find another group? Hope all is well with you now

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“Keep the communication through out of my IVA, deal...”


written by on 17/04/2011

Keep the communication through out of my IVA, deal with bailiffs who came to removed goods and council, so not too bad over all. On a down side taken longer than first told but that was down to HMRC but would recommend.

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