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“Amazing, fun, and excellent!!! ”


written by Kaiyav253 on 22/06/2015

Excellent tour! Before coming to Oz and during my entire time there, the staff was extremely helpful to answering any questions. It is a great opportunity to meet other travelers and to forge new friendships. I had a wonderful experience with Ultimate Oz and the Ultimate Thailand tour. I had an amazing time doing both. There are plenty of activities during the week and you will learn more about the country and what to expect during your time in Australia. Great experience. Thanks for everything!

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“Best week ever! ”


written by Cehynds on 19/06/2015

Absolutely loved my week with Ultimate Oz on the Sydney intro package! It allowed me to meet an amazing group of people, who I'm still in touch with now, and experience all the best bits of Sydney! The walking tour of the city is the perfect thing to get to know the city and the group your with, base camp is the perfect get away from the city centre, the dolphin cruise is just perfect, sand boarding is so much fun and there are great night outs in there too!! Basecamp was my personal highlight, relaxing away from the city centre with great people and great surroundings! It's lovely accommodation and they have Josie the tame kangaroo!!! She's adorable! The group leaders played a massive part in helping us all get to know each other and have a great time. They really helped make our experience as amazing as it was!! The leaders and everyone at the Ultimate Oz offices are very knowledgeable about Australia and always on hand to answer questions about travelling and plans after Ultimate Oz! A truly unforgettable week, amazing activities, amazing people, just perfect!! Thank you Ultimate Travel!

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“My ultimate experience :-)”


written by Nataliej87 on 18/06/2015

Ultimate Oz made my first week in Australia one to remember :-) with an action packed week of activities your guaranted to have a blast. The best part of the week by far is basecamp, so much so i returned again a few months later. The tour leaders were amazing from day 1, everyone was very helpful and informative. From the moment i booked online everything was very easy and straight forward and there was always someone avaliable to answer my questions. You're group become like your family and nearly 5 months later they have become some of my close friends here in Oz :-) you share some amazing experiences together and create memories to last a lifetime. I would definatly recommond to anybody thinking about coming to Australia to book with Ultimate Oz :-)

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“Waste of time and hard earned cash!”


written by qkGarrett278 on 24/11/2014

I went on the ultimate oz trip in August it cost me about 1,000 pounds. When I arrived at the hostel I was amazed how lovely the place and the staff was! I met some brilliant people on the same trip as me. Although gap360 advertised the trip incorrectly if you love drinking and being hungover this is a trip for you. Don't expect guided tours or adventures just poor tour guides with little experiance and the bottom of a goon box. Ultimate oz failed to deliver what was advertise day gap360 we didn't have accomodation tours and the help to find work is utterly no existent. The rsa they provide is worthless as you can't use it in NSW or VIctoria you have to pay extra for that! I was homeless due to the lack of accomodation in Sydney as ultimate oz failed to show us any flats. I'm still unemployed and I have been here for four months now! It's really hard to find a job in Sydney guys try and look outside! Ultimate oz fail to provide any sort of jab advice or job search help so don't rely on them to help you! Other people who reviewed their bad experiences with this team had their reviews deleted! Don't waste your money on booking through gap360 or ultimate oz as the tours are cheap and trips are worthless. If you want to party all week and don't want to see Sydney then they are tour group for you. I complained to gap360 and they were really unhelpful in the end! I guess it's my duty to tell fellow travellers to avoid advoid advoid it was a huge rip off and you can set your self up with tours pretty well!!.

Ultimatecrew's Comment

Written on: 08/01/2015


Thank you very much for reviewing our UltimateOz package. I am glad to hear you loved WakeUp hostel and their staff; we have been working closely with WakeUp for years now and they always do us proud.

I’d like to bring a few things to light and give you our perspective on your comments.

You mention you paid over GBP 1,000 for your package, we only charge AU$829 for our 7-day UltimateOz package which equals GBP 445. I am very sorry to hear you believe that Gap360 advertised the trip incorrectly. To move forward on this matter, I would very much appreciate your input so I can get in touch with Gap360 to discuss your case. As you may appreciate, I would like iron out any issues with future bookings. I will leave you my email address at the end of this message and it would be great if you could let me know where the discrepancies lie.

Regarding our online RSA, we do mention on our website the certification is valid everywhere in Australia except for the states of NSW & Victoria. There are two reasons why we choose to provide this particular RSA course. Firstly, most of our UltimateOzzers leave Sydney for a trip up the East Coast and find jobs in QLD, NT, WA or SA. Secondly, there are different rules and regulations in NSW & VIC meaning a full day classroom course is required to get RSA licensed for each of these states.

Our accommodation assistance includes organising a furnished accommodation viewing tour when requested. We mentioned on the itinerary we emailed to you one week prior your trip to get in touch with us if you require an apartment viewing tour. Did you take us up on this offer? If so, could you please provide feedback?

We have a jobs representative in our UltimateOz office every Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. Have you had a chat with him during your first or second week with us or even after this? We are always more than happy to help our UltimateOzzers with any jobs / resume / travel / tax / housing related questions, but I hope you do appreciate we do need to get people to get in touch with us to let us know they need help.

Regarding your feedback about the drinking and partying, you are correct, the majority of our clientele does like to have a good time and things do get a bit loose sometimes at our UltimateOz Basecamp. I am sorry to hear you found the guides not very helpful, it would be great if you could email me the exact date you did UltimateOz so I can look into this further.

Thanks again for taking the time to leave a review. We do value constructive feedback and will definitely take yours on board. I hope you are having an awesome time in Oz and hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards,

Karin (General Manager Ultimate Travel)

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“Fun week. But not if youre there to find work”


written by on 23/09/2014

Im giving my honest opinion. Yes I had a lot of fun and met some great people my Sydney intro week. Yes i did think the package was a bit over priced for what it was. Contrary to the bad reviews below I think the ultimate Oz staff was very approchable. As far as how they advertise it as "Ultimate Oz Jobs" I would change. For 2 hours of the week they roughly explain to you about jobs. Luckily i have great work ethic and expierience so it wasnt hard to get a great job on my own. Intro week is more of a big party than informational week. If thats what youre looking for than this is the way to go.

Ultimateozcrew's Comment

Written on: 24/09/2014

Hi mate!

Thank you for reviewing UltimateOz. We appreciate constructive feedback and will definitely take yours on board. I am very happy to hear you had a lot of fun and met great people in your first week!

As you have personally experienced, we do keep our groups busy during the first week in Oz with lots of sightseeing and group activities. You can however use our services and pick our brains for the duration of your stay in Australia, and even after this!

Regarding your feedback about jobs; our three hour information session contains essential information about finding jobs in Oz. We hope it was clear you can meet our jobs representative in the shop, whenever you need advice and/or further information. Our jobs representative is available from Monday - Friday; 9am to 5pm and can also be contacted via email.

Taking your feedback on board, we will get our jobs representative to introduce himself during our information sessions and explain he can help with writing CV's and covering letters, tips on where the best places are to find work, claiming tax back, organizing Australian farm & training courses and everything else job related.

Also, please be aware that we do not advertise the week as Ultimate Oz Jobs, we solely advertise the package as UItimateOz.

Thanks again for your feedback and please do get in touch with us if you need assistance in any way. We are here to help.

Have an amazing time in Australia!

Karin (UltimateOz)

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“Avoid avoid avoid ”


written by Esther307 on 23/09/2014

I did the ultimate Oz week in August and what a complete and utter waste of money. It's basically a week of getting drunk, four guys were too young and inexperienced. The week was about getting drunk we did a city tour and wasn't even told anything about the city. I felt pressured to drink when I didn't want to I wanted to come and see australia. After the first week it was basically there you go bye sort of thing max just left us on the bondi and Coogee walk because the week was over he was also moaning about spin free tours because he wanted to work in the office. I felt like i wasted my money there is no after support no help finding and place to stay just told to look on gum tree. Your told that they help you with finding work there's none at all just to look and apply on the taw website. I feel very let down by this company and by the rude people that work in ultimate Oz !!!! You can do your first week for alot cheaper than what these guys can do everyone avoid avoid avoid!! We got no bar skills course and no help with Medicare and there was no accmodation tour. I struggled to find work and was told to sort myself out we can't help you these guys are ruthless and unprofessional. ££1000 wasted! Me and other in the group are not happy with this tour group at all!!

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written by Johnny216 on 05/08/2014

Ultimate Oz massively overcharges you for the Sydney intro week; booking each component yourself would cost you less than half what you'd pay for the package. They promise to find you housing and make it sound like you'll have your own personal agent finding you a job - they give you no help with either of these things. They sign you up to a 'Travellers At Work' site which has terribly paid jobs mainly in farming or nanny jobs ( it costs $69 for a year if you want to sign up for it independently). They promise a bar skills course - which is only valid in Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, or South Australia - NOT NSW or Victoria which is where most backpackers want to work. Their 'travel and work planning morning' is basically a boring spiel advertising all of their other tours and packages. The '3 day basecamp' you can book for around 150GBP once you're in the country. They give you a bank account that you actually have to PAY to keep open and a sim card from Vodafone (which you have to pay for if you want any credit) with the worst deal you can find. Many of the hostels offer free activities such as walking tours of the city and bar crawls anyway. The whole intro week was advertised to me as an adventure week, and it turned out to be full of people who wanted to get drunk every night and play crude games (including the tour guides). I missed the harbour cruise because I was told to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and after complaining I was given $89 of 'travel credit' which I cannot use on most of the hostels in Sydney or flights, or any discounted offers, and do not want to use on their overpriced party tours. The staff are very unhelpful and do not look after their customers. Don't expect anything from Ultimate Oz and take your money elsewhere!

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