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“"Franchise Options: Empowering Businesses for...”


written by franchiseoptions on 03/06/2023

Franchise Options is a business located in Indore, India, dedicated to providing comprehensive franchise solutions. We specialize in assisting businesses in various stages of their franchise journey, offering a range of services tailored to their specific needs. Our services include: Franchise Development: We help businesses establish and develop their franchise systems, ensuring they have the necessary infrastructure, documentation, and processes in place to successfully expand through franchising. Franchise Expansion: We support businesses in expanding their franchise networks by identifying potential franchisees, evaluating their suitability, and facilitating the franchise recruitment process. Franchise Branding & Marketing: We understand the importance of a strong brand presence for franchise success. Our team works closely with businesses to develop effective branding strategies, create marketing materials, and implement marketing campaigns to attract customers and potential franchisees. Franchise Lead Generation: We employ targeted marketing techniques to generate high-quality leads for businesses looking to expand their franchise networks. Our lead generation strategies focus on reaching potential franchisees who align with the business's goals and values. Franchise Lead Management: We assist businesses in effectively managing their leads by providing lead tracking, nurturing, and conversion services. Our lead management system ensures that businesses can make informed decisions during the franchise recruitment process. Franchise Audits: We conduct comprehensive audits of existing franchise systems to identify areas of improvement and ensure compliance with industry standards. Our audits help businesses streamline their operations and enhance the overall efficiency of their franchise networks. At Franchise Options, we are committed to helping businesses maximize their potential through franchising. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch services that cater to the unique requirements of each client. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving your franchise goals.

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“Trend about online buying and selling”


written by DeniseCrabtree413 on 31/01/2023

The ubiquity of internet access has leveled the retail playing field, making it easy for people and businesses to sell products without geographic limitation. In 2020, U.S. e-commerce sales, receiving a boost due to the COVID-19 pandemic, grew 44% and represented more than 21% of total retail sales, according to e-commerce information source Internet Retailer. The growth of e-commerce has not only changed the way customers shop, but also their expectations of how brands strategy customer service, personalize communications, and supply customers choices. The future of on-line shopping depends on savvy professionals who can create a personalized, engaging virtual shopping experience for consumers. Those entering a career in business administration should undertake the most recent digital applied sciences and instruments — such as data analytics, machine learning, and cell tendencies — to meet the demands of today’s online shopper. Completing a program resembling an angels market place might help you gain these skills.

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“We have had many problems with their broadband”


written by NadiaThompson on 27/11/2020

We have had many problems with their broadband service, their router & broadband line. For nearly a year from the start of the contract, we had many hours of no internet that wasted countless business hours being on the line. They opened cases and close them without fixing the issue moreover you have to open another CASE for the same fault over and over again. And when you ask to cancel your contract, they say you have to pay for the full contract payments, as a consequence you are stuck with them. Their customer service was always polite, however, their technical team lack adequate knowledge on how to handle issues correctly. My contract is about to end and when I called last week to cancel the contract, they took me to their “Loyalty Team”, offering fractional discounts and she said that if I sign up with any other provider, they should take care of everything but TalkTalk will not let me keep my phone number. This truly needs to be addressed to the government to stop phone providers use the power of their offered phone number to keep their customers even their service is not good. Now I am faced losing the business line that I had for many years! I wish I had signed up with a better provider in the first place! Today someone from TalkTalk sales team called and said they could offer a better deal if I stay on the line to get connected to their royalty team. After 28 minutes of my business hours, another person from their royalty team informed me that it's not possible to offer a better deal than the first person did. All in all, be prepared to stay on the line or their website for countless hours at some point of your contract for many months if you decide signing up with them.

Angelsmarketplace's Comment

Written on: 31/01/2023

Absolute shocking business from them. Went through the process of setting up my future fibre broadband, pretty straight forward to start. Two days later i get a text to say my fibre has been cancelled as there is a problem, so phone them. The guy i speak to has no clue and just says its not been put through to then selling me another package and will be the same as the last one will take 2 mins, go ahead - doesnt take 2 min took over an hour!! I then get another text again 3 days later saying the exact same thing its been cancelled! Trying to get through to them has been the wort experience ever, and when i do get through they say they cant do anything you need to go through to fibre team, i will transfer you but they never put me through i been going through this process now for over a week and now they are trying to tell me the fibre hasnt been cancelled but i am not allowed to cancel it now as its been over a week - yet i couldnt get through to someone the whole week to make sure it was cancelled as they said it was!!! Customer service is shocking and basically an out right sham.

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“Has anyone heard of Free business forums , they are...”


written by drex4485 on 08/03/2011

Has anyone heard of Free business forums , they are the most unprofesional outfit i have ever come across DONT JOIN THIS SHOWER and if your not British
watch out ..

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