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Latest Reviews

“Rude. Over priced. Poor ”


written by Collinsud74 on 31/12/2021

A bit over priced. Really rude staff owner and disappointing service. Everything is too Much trouble. Its like they hate cats. Won’t be using them again. Avoid

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“Hugely disappointed - avoid this place”


written by heatherdavis on 01/01/2019

We have used Fairmile for over five years and have always been very impressed with the care given to our two ragdolls. Latest stay changed everything! Cats were boarded for 11 days over the Christmas break - upon arrival, the cattery was closed - no lights, even leading up the steep steps to the building. We waited over 5 minutes for the owner to appear. The cattery was freezing cold, dark and deserted. Felt so uncomfortable leaving them, that we called the cattery an hour later to check whether there was any heating. We were reassured that the place would fill up and warm up (no other cats there at the time). Upon our return, we were shocked to be told the cats had been 'a real handful'. We found them separated and clearly distressed - we had to open the inner door as it appears the cat flap was closed to release the smaller cat from the sleeping area. The litter tray was stinking and had not been changed. Their bed was wet (clearly an accident that hadn't been cleared up) and we had to throw their toys away because they were so smelly. Neither cat had been groomed at all (larger one very tangled, with poo on her too) and the owner commented when lifting the cat box how heavy she was - indicating that for 11 days, our cats had not even been picked up. It has taken days for us to settle them at home, whereas they have previously been happy, healthy and super fluffy when collected. We are extremely sad that we will now have to find a suitable alternative boarding for our beloved cats.

Protopia's Response to heatherdavis's Review

Written on: 28/03/2019

It is quite common for catteries to have problems with condensation when humidity levels are at their maximum, which they have been recently. Cattery regulations require that outer rooms should be open to the outside air for ventilation for the animals. The result is that sometimes this generates a lot of condensation and the cat`s bedding becomes damp and it has to be changed very frequently. This dampness could be construed by cat owners as urine but it is not. The same applies to the cattery floor which sometimes become very damp with condensation also.

During the winter months there are days when it is cold and dark but our rooms are individually heated; are monitored with minimum/maximum thermometers and have individual thermostats to ensure the rooms are correctly regulated. When the weather is cold or damp we keep the inner doors closed and the heating on 24/7 and we do not charge extra. Not all catteries do this.

Every cat is groomed every day, with the exception of those who will not allow us to do so. Some cats object strongly and are impossible to groom. Some do not like their `bottoms` cleaned, which is often necessary with long-haired cats, but most owners would be aware if there is a problem with grooming if they have tried to do this themselves and usually inform us.

The litter trays are inspected at least 3-times daily at regular hours and emptied as required. Visitors arriving between litter tray inspections may see a soiled litter tray.

In 2019, under the new licensing regime, our cat hotel has been awarded 5-STARS by the Licensing Authority which reflects the excellent standards we work very hard to maintain. We welcome visitors to come and inspect us for themselves during our opening hours.

Barbara Barber

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“Awful, rude and untrustworthy”


written by 180Pope on 27/07/2018

Avoid at all costs. My experience was he was very rude and arrogant and did not seem honest. Not trustworthy and certainly would not leave my beloved pet with such a person again.

Barbarabarber's Comment

Written on: 16/06/2019

Please note that the Fairmile Cat Hotel has been under new ownership since December 2018 and is getting excellent reviews with the new owners. Refer to website

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“Not happy with service ”


written by bromwich123 on 12/07/2016

On arrival there was no warm welcome. I was welcomed with, we are closed now and this is stated on all our leaflets. I was appropriately 5 minutes late and they even stated they were preparing for other owners to arrive to collect their cats. I asked how my two cats had been and received a hash cold response of " they have not been good house quest" they stated they had been toileting all over the floor, even when they had put out three cat litters for them. I informed them both my cats knew how to use litter trays as I've had them in my house and never had this issue. They stated my cats on arrival were very depressed, had no energy and were dehydrated. To my disbelief and shock I replied my cats were in very good health on arrival and only the week prior,they had received a full health check in the vets. They stated they had fleas and this had made them anaemic, depressed, no energy and unable to move. They stated after they treated them, they were different cats. I informed them my cats had not long been treated in the vets for fleas and moreover, they had never been away from home, placed in boarding or looked after by strangers. This would have been a big shocked, especially after both my cats were rescue. I then had the reply that the vets i use were not good and they advise people to avoid them. I paid allot of money for this service and will not be using them again.

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“Fabulous Place!”


written by CocoCat50 on 01/10/2013

Our cat has just returned from her second holiday here this year. She is shiny, plump and confident and obviously had a great time as always. The cats have a daily itinerary of play, grooming, feeding times so there is always something going on. They get running water, great food, lots of cuddles and lots of attention to be honest I think she misses the place! The accommodation is excellent. Can't recommend it highly enough. Thanks Ann!

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“Five Star Cattery”


written by earleybird50 on 27/07/2013

My cats Bonnie and Clyde have been "guests" at the Cat Hotel several times over the past couple of years. Our initial impression when we went to see it , was "WOW, when can we book OUR holidays here!?! Hyper clean UPVC, cleanliness to very high standard.. Comfortable, and plenty of stimulation (garden with bird feeding station outside).Also plenty of cuddles and grooming by Ann Ann is very professional and knowledgeable , and has answered many cat health related queries (re worming and flea treatments etc). Over the past few months, we have had a very stressful family time with elderly relatives; terminal illness and bereavement in Yorkshire, and critical illness in Cornwall. This resulted in our having to "be on the road" to these locations at very short notice, and Ann very kindly came up Trumps every time, and managed somehow to take Bonnie and Clyde in at very short notice, a couple of times even "Out of hours". We really appreciated that, Ann, thanks. As for the cats?....I am pretty sure they love their holidays there, even though it must have been very confusing not so long ago, when they were collected one day, and were bundled into their boxes for another "holiday" the next, when another family crisis arose! Thanks Ann. Enjoy your fully deserved holiday in Novemeber (I hope the accomodation is as good as your Cat Hotel!) Viv and Bob, Sidmouth

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“Cat's Holiday Hotel”


written by on 24/07/2013

Once again, third year of visiting, I have to say a big thank you to them for looking after Katy cat so well. She has returned a happier 'old' lady and is enjoying the new food lots! The attention and care she received whilst we were away gave us peace of mind knowing that she is being looked after so well. Definately recommend to anyone.

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“Absolutely fabulous cattery”


written by on 17/02/2013

I cannot praise Fairmile cattery highly enough. I have never ever felt confident about leaving my cat in any cattery before untill I discovered Fairmile. [name removed] really does give 110% care to my cat Lilybelle who is a very grumpy puss at the best of times. She is played with, warm and comforted, well fed and groomed. When we collect her she looks in such good condition and very relaxed that she doesn't want to get out of her bed to come home. Please Devon folk do send your cats here..you won't regret it.

Josehederson's Comment

Written on: 11/06/2013

We like to travel often, and my husband works for GM Place doing concert sound, so we often need someone reliable to take care of our cat. Jack is a rescue cat, and a border collie, both of which make him a playful cat, meaning he doesn't want to leave our side, and it also makes him a skittish cat. This cat hotel is highly recommended

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“Absolutely fabulous!!”


written by Lyndish on 02/08/2012

We are so pleased that we have found the fabulous Fairmile Cat Hotel for our lovely Burman cat LilyBelle. We moved to Devon from Northamptonshire last year and got Lily from Cats Protection.She had a fairly traumatic previous life and needs a lot of loving care and attention. Ann Shear provides this for her in bucket loads, offering kind attention to detail and sound knowledgable advice on cat care, feeding etc. On collection we find Lily calm, well groomed and happy. Ann freely gives us feedback on how she has been during her stay.We would not hesitate to reccomend the superior facilities at Fairmile to other cat owners.

Maybelineclark's Response to Lyndish's Review

Written on: 22/04/2013

I found this hotel for cat in a newspaper, I try it out and expecting it will be good but it turn out great.

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“Excellent, caring and understanding putting your cat first”


written by Pusscatharrop on 13/02/2012

I came across Fairmile Cat Hotel in Google. Having tried several cattery's in the past and not up to your expectation, we tried fairmile. Having made a visit to see what it was like the woener was clearly caring undestanding and cared very much about your pet. For our cat she is insulin dependent and was concerned about the administration to ensure she recieved it. Anyway she was booked in and stayed for the weekend. On picking her up we found her to be chilled out in her bed looking like she had been waited on hand and foot. She had a an excellent stay, been brushed very well fed and cared for. Her room had a view and continuous water via a water fountain, lovely bed to sleep in and very clean. I was so impressed and her administration of insulin was so well doccumented excellent. She had fish cooked for her as well which was the cherry on the top. Very highly recommended and Pusscat wont be going any where else in future except for Fairmile. If you're nervous and about putting you Cat anywhere, beleive us your fears will soon dispappear. What can I say pure excellent. Thank you s much Pusscat

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“A clean 5 star cat hotel owned by a true cat lover”


written by sadman on 19/07/2011

We saw an advert for the Fairmile Cat Hotel and were impressed with what we read. However, we turned up unannounced to 'have a look' and were very impressed with the whole site. The accomodation is a huge investment constructed of uPvc (similar to that used in our homes) and are very clean, easy to clean and theer is no smell at all. The guests overlook a garden area where birds fly about, there is fresh water in a fountain, a pot of cat grass and a scratch pad. Philip (blue point) & Lizzie (British Short Hair) appeared to enjoy the stay of 5 days and Ann pampered them with snacks, grooming and cuddles. There is a feel of someone who is really in tune with cats and understands their needs both emotionally and in terms of food requirements. We can recommend leaving your cats here.

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“The Fairmile Cat Hotel is very different to most...”


written by Sophist on 07/03/2011

The Fairmile Cat Hotel is very different to most catteries I have used. The owner, Ann, really understands cats and their needs, and this really shows.

The cattery itself is made of uPVC on a tiled base (like a conservatory) - so not only does it look and feel bright and clean, there are no porous surfaces for cat pee or germs to soak into (unlike the typical wooden frames and concrete floors of most catteries) so it smells clean too.

Ann says she spends almost an hour cleaning every surface of a room after a cat goes home, and judging by how clean and fresh smelling it seems when you go to visit, I can quite believe this. My cat, Sally, seemed much less stressed when I took her for her first visit than she was in previous catteries, and this may well be because the room didn't smell of the previous cats.

Sally also looked very relaxed and healthy when I came back from holiday - Ann grooms the cats most days and so she got the fuss and contact she needs and her coat looked great.

I can recommend this cattery to everyone - it is way better than any of the other local catteries that I have used.

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