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Karcher K5.55M
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Latest Reviews

“Do not buy from Karcher Outlet ”


written by Gillandrhyselvis18 on 25/06/2019

I have purchased K5 website is horrendous to order. Went to use it for the first time and there is water gushing out of a split fitting. This product has not been tested at all. It must of been a return and resent out. No quality control at all. Trying to return that’s a laugh in itself. You log on your account select your order and reason for return. You get an automated message back - to log back on your account and do the same again this is the only way they can process. Done this twice I have asked them to call. They haven’t. The service and process is disgusting. I wish I had gone off other reviews and not purchased one. When I eventually get this sorted I have to stay in whilst they pick up wait another week for a new one. It’s pathetic. DO NOT BUY FROM THE OUTLET

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“Loss of pressure”


written by hqStone1977 on 27/04/2018

Had this machine 4 yrs, repaired twice for loss of pressure and now failing again. Complete waste of money. I was told that the diaphragm in the pump is made of plastic and this is the reason for the failure. I would have thought that Karcher would have been concerned about their reputation but clearly not so.

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“Karcher 5.55m ”


written by on 15/04/2017

I bought this machine about 3years ago at first I thought it great,but now it is only good for cleaning my car and not the slabs I initially bought it for,as it seems to have lost the pressure it had in the first place. For what cost I would have expected to have lasted longer.Will be looking for a more powerful petrol one next! 

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“Never buy another Karcher”


written by NathaliaCantuItalian404 on 12/12/2015

Have had a Karcher K5.55 for a couple of years now - it is a complete disaster. It has never worked properly and the supplier has been claiming we have overused it- We have only used it for domestic purposes. I will never buy another Karcher product. I was offered an equivalent Stihl for the same price- bad mistake - should have bought a Stihl! The Karcher soon lost power due to a plastic head distorting!

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“Made of Reconstituted Cucumber!”


written by Crossharp on 17/04/2014

Started 'pulsating' at 367 days old. Service centre (Karcher Store Consumable Products, Newtownards, County Down) didn't want to know until, as above, my wife contacted Karcher to find there was a 2 year warranty! They should have told their service centres. However, at about 2.5 years it failed again. I replaced the cylinder head (apparently the most common fault) to no effect. Replaced as many 'o-rings' as I could fing - you guessed it! Anyone want a brute of a motor to hold a large door open? I should have read more reviews and I hope this helps others avoid problems. DO NOT BUY KARCHER - I won't!!!!!

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written by loz1982 on 28/02/2014

Went back to karcher 3 times with pressure loss.After only a short time would have same problem again.Would never bye another.Stay away from Karcher.

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“Karcher pressure washer review”


written by on 06/02/2013

The pulsing started last summer when the machine was 18 months old. The paperwork said 12 months warranty. In disgust I put the machine away with intention of scrapping it then I had a flush of desperation and emailed Karcher. Their response was: Thank you for your recent email, what date in January did you purchase the unit, any machine purchased after the 1st Jan 2011 came with a 2 year warranty, if the machine is still in warranty we can arrange collection upon receipt of the receipt of purchase. I was in luck so I delivered the machine to their recommended local agent. 4 weeks later I collected the machine and the agents parting remark was to the effect of 'don’t let the frost at it again’. This prognosis was confirmed by Karcher when I again emailed them requesting a status of warranty (12 more months) and what faults were found (frost damage). The thing is the machine failed in the middle of summer. During the harsh winter of 2012 the machine spent its time in our laundry much to my wifes annoyance, I spent a lot of money on the machine afterall and the paperwork does stress to keep out of frost. I have yet to try the machine as I only picked it up on Monday. I just hope it works. Would I recommend Karcher???????

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“complete waste of money”


written by chippy1959 on 08/01/2013


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“load of RUBBISH”


written by robotrobo on 20/03/2012

i have used this karcher for less than 20 hours k5.55 what a load of RUBBISH i have bought again , it is pulsating like everyone elses , what do i do get it repaired ? , no reading this forum i am going to bite the bullet & never buy another karcher & look for som e other make . ALL YOU GUYS LOOKING FOR A POWER WASHER BE WARNED NEVER BUY A KARCHER YOU WILL BE WASTEING YOUR MONEY , BE WARNED.

Ralphlewis's Response to robotrobo's Review

Written on: 26/09/2013

I agree. Mine was a similarly pulsating load of rubbish. Get it repaired, excellent for a short while then the problem returns. I thought that the fault was because my supply hose was inadequate, so I bought the suction hose to deliver water from my rain water storage tank, but it still pulsed then it stopped working altogether after a short while. The number of times that you need to use a machine like this domestically is small - it should last a life time.

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Ralphlewis's reply to Ralphlewis's Comment

Written on: 21/10/2013

I wish to withdraw my criticism of Karcher. I completely mis-diagnosed the problem. My repairer sorted it immediately. The pulsing is caused by blocked nozzles. If you are in a hard water area and use your machine infrequently they can easily become blocked with chalk deposits. I was misled because two attachments got blocked simultaneously. I hope that this helps. The Karcher literature does not suggest this in their trouble shooting guide.

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“Same Problem”


written by scooke on 18/03/2012

I have experience the same with my washer. At the start is was perfect but then it all went wrong! After about 18 months the power went and all I get is this pulsating supply of water. I have had a quote to get it repaired and this came in at £240.00 as it needs a new pump. As it is out of warrenty I can't afford to get it fixed. I will never buy a karcher agian either. Karcher don't care in the slightest as they are a very big company and we simply are not important to them.

Guest's Response to scooke's Review

Written on: 17/06/2012

i to had the same problem with the k5.55 reg it suddenly pulsating, like you all karcher were so unhelpfull quoting me 96 pounds just to look at it, and not interested in me quoting this particular model having read all the blogs, have aquired the same problem, which i concluded must be a manufacturing problem, which they would not accept, after many e mails and phone calls, saying i am taking it to the highest level, including going public to the media, i rec an e mail to say they would collect the machine, at no cost to myself and look at the problem, 5 days later i rec an e mail to say they have concluded that it is a manufacturing fault, and they will repair free of charge, so i say to you all who have experianced the same problem, to contact karcher again and insist that they have agreed there was a manufacturing fault with the k5.55 and it is there duty to fix the problem.

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“Karcher K5.55m motor pulsating”


written by on 08/02/2012

Brought this pressure washer about 18mth ago working fine at first about 4 months ago it started losing pressure then the motor starting pulsating. its that powerful you can put your hand in front of the lance without it being a problem what a load of rubbish never buy another one.

Guest's Comment

Written on: 24/02/2012

You've just put me off Karcher, thanks for the advice I was about to buy one this weekend...Hope Karcher is listening!

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“I've had the same problem with 5.55s. The first lasted...”


written by on 27/02/2011

I've had the same problem with 5.55s. The first lasted some time but reeated repairs were unable to fix problems. When it finally failed, there was an offer on a new one with all of the tools. It failed during warranty and Robert Dyas replaced it completely. It is only about 18 months old now and will not switch on. I won't buy another, whatever the offer.

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“I`ve had 3 Karcher pressure washers and I should have...”


written by on 07/02/2011

I`ve had 3 Karcher pressure washers and I should have learnt my lesson by now. Every one has developed the same problem and every time Karcher fob you off saying it`s not an inherent fault. My last one cost £200 (k5.55) and lasted 18 months of which I used it approx 18 times. They e-mail you the same air lock rubbish every time. They make out they are one of the better brands but don`t believe it I will never ever buy one again.

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written by on 20/07/2010


Ag St Albans's Comment

Written on: 18/10/2010

I found this review not helpful because the product is given 5 stars as an overall rating and only one star for value for money. Cannot see how it gets 5 stars if the contributor would not recommend Karcher Pressure Washers. Probably a typing error if not disregard the review as it is illogical.

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Hugo Innell's Comment

Written on: 01/11/2010

I also bought a Karcher K5.55 ( Aug. 08 ) , which has developed the ' PULSING ' problem which seems to commonly occur , mine also has only had about 25 hours domestic use ! Annoyingly I took the word of the till assistant at Focus as gospel when they said it had a 1 year warranty and then was told today by Karcher U.K that it came with a two year warranty , if I had known this I would have done something about it nearly 1 year ago when it first started to play up !
<br/>The performance of the K5.55 is impressive but not necessarily a major improvement on my old basic &pound; 50 model ( handbag size & only 1400w ) which was also used many a time for work . What has been noticeable is how well some of the k5.55's attachments work , notably the T200 Patio cleaner , my little &pound;50 model would have loved to have been hooked up to it .
<br/>The repair people who Karcher have put me in contact with , seem to know these machines inside out and almost as importantly are very proud to work with this brand , that says something to me .
<br/>I'm not thrilled about having to spend up to &pound; 100 fixing mine , but after the sterling service my first one gave me , I am keeping faith with this brand ( for now ) . Maybe I've been unlucky this time round .
<br/>If the repairs last the test of time , hopefully longer than a mere 25 hours , then I see no reason why I would consider another brand of pressure washer .
<br/>What does baffle & annoy me in equal measures , is the ridiculously large range of pressure washers which they produce ! This seems unnecessarily confusing , blurs the line between their ' cutting edge ' products and older superseded models , in turn , dressing up in slightly different clothes what are essentially the same specification machines must add to their own costs , which in turn are passed onto the customer . Maybe they should take a note out of Henry T Ford's book .

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