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written by reviewwwer on 10/08/2023

It asks if you want to load the paysafecard on your account before buying one. If you leave it unchecked and when coming back after the payment, there is a trigger happy button which still still load it onto your account (right under trying to copy the number on a mobile phone). If it gets loaded onto your account you cannot do anything with your money beside paying 7.5% fee to return to money to your bank. Do not use this "service".

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“You will lose money!”


written by Sallylaster on 16/01/2023

This is a sham company used by Internet to defraud people, do not use you will lose money!

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written by Murphy-Alt366 on 09/09/2022

Paysafe card took 100 eur from and i sent them all my info and invoice!!!!!!!

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“Impossible to pay/no service”


written by MariusVvv on 11/03/2020

I bought this card from their official web dealer, then I tried to pay on bet site and pin didn't work. I tried to write to WKV but they said I need to contact paysafecard customer support directly. Their customer support does not provide any customer support. I wrote them and got answer after several attempts to contact. They offered to change pin to a working one and I agreed and then no new pin and no answer from them. After contacting one more time, they said that it doesn't work in country at all. So why then I was allowed to buy it at all. There were no information about any countries where it works, only commercial that it works very wide.

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“ Paysafe is frequently used for online gambling and...”


written by Crystal365 on 11/09/2018

 Paysafe is frequently used for online gambling and sex sites as often PayPal is not accepted. Customers buy cards as they are anonymous. However once Paysafe identify regular users they can make some assumptions about their behaviour. So they wait until there is around $40 left on a card and block it quoting "for security reasons". It quickly becomes apparent that this is just an excuse as they make the process of unblocking the card near impossible. First they request photo ID with the card. This stops 50% of users as many don't want to be identified or can't be bothered with the lengthy form they are required to complete. Then nothing happens unless you email them. They eventually tell you the photo doesn't meet their criteria. So the user sends another. They use auto reply emails so there is never an actual person replying. Then there is no further response from Paysafe. After a week customers give up and Paysafe keep the money. It is by design.

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“Never again!!!!!”


written by DesiraeChurchill on 06/05/2017

forget!!!! I paid 10E (+1 extra charge) to pay for megaupload account - I did it sitting in my home in my country and created in both services account (country the same and correct!) and I get error I cannot pay because country in profile are not the same???... but are the same!!!! (were always the same!!!)... now I exchange 3th day emails with hopeless support - last advice was to get money back with 7E extra charge (I bought 10e+1E = 11E.... minus 7E...I could get 3E back!!!!)... it is not a joke ... it is bad!!!!.. why why!!!! never again!!!!

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written by CaseMacGregor385 on 16/10/2016

i highly recommend you stay away from this sham site. they stole my money and their customer service is slow, almost non-existent and bad. customer service didn't provide any help to solve my problem what so ever.

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“ADD ME to Pay Safe Card victim list too.......”


written by stopotheft on 15/01/2016

hello everyone, if you are reading this, it is most likely that you have been a victim of too. i used to use Ukash but last few vouchers i bought have it automatically turned out to be pay safe card which means that Ukash has been taken over or merged with PSC. the last voucher i bought was for 50 GB pounds, when i tried to use it it was blocked when i tried contacting them it is only allowed through email and it seems computer generated/driven comunication, it just sort of sends 1 question per email then it turns out towards then end that it their cunning scheme to get you to buy their product my PLUS or something. i am not interested doing ay buisness with them so it seems i will never get my money back. there should 0 star option or red alert to prevent further victims.

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“worse customer service....”


written by JulienLeslie on 31/07/2015

their customer service is the worse on planet earth! 7 month and I still didn't get my money back after THEY cancled my contract without telling me the reasons! their mails..... inpolite and not helpful at all hotline..... inpolite, rude and not helpful at all their accounts department must be a big mess, after transfering E 1.- to their bank account from my bank account i got a mail from them that they got the Euro form my bank account to theirs, but still no money back from them and when i wrote again they wanted my bank details again. I told them you have my bank details they say no! and no matter with whom you communicate.... inpolite! I never ever would recommend this company to anyone!

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“Awful service”


written by Alip152 on 08/05/2015

So, bought paysafecards in another country, another currency. The terms state that their currency exchange rates will be applied which I was fine with. When I tried to use the cards it said I can't use them in this country. I contacted the customer service and they said you can't use paysafecards purchased in another country (why doesn't it say that anywhere on the site???) and that they will replace it, with PIN's I can use in my country after a picture ID is provided via email. I have provided them with all they requested and the email said I will have my replaced PIN's in 4-5 work days, today is the 6th work day since my email. After that I have asked about my case status, no response after 6 days. I guess ignoring customers is their way of dealing with the problem. Just brilliant.

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“Totally unsafe way to pay!”


written by JanetteP on 31/03/2015

Firstly it's a paper voucher not a card. If there is a glitch of any description with your 'card' payment such as buying something that doesn't match the exact amount of the voucher, alerts are issued and your cash is frozen. All over the web there are reports of people being stitched up through use of paysafe. Not necessarily by pay safe themselves (who are not in the UK BTW). Stick to conventional methods of payment online as paysafe is very unsafe.

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“Avoid PaysSafeCards”


written by Camiller346 on 07/10/2014

If i had known about all the negative reviews, i would have avoided these guys the first time. Avoid this company at all cost. I happened to purchase a $30.00 amount which came up to $33.95. Upon trying to use it once, the account was frozen. I called in and the operator told me to send in a photo of the receipt and just wait for an email and it's been a few days and yet no reply. There should be an option to give 0 stars, 1 star is way to much already for this company

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written by Julissae414 on 15/07/2014

wasted enough time with these jokers already so ill be brief .. don't buy this card at any value higher than £25 as it will almost certainly be blocked as you attempt to use it ...this will require you take a photo of your receipt and email it to support who will, in their own time, unblock the pin and send you an email saying "your card is now available to use!" if they have just done you a huge favour. if you buy a voucher for any value outside of office hrs then it will only be dealt with the next working day. so if you bought one at 5pm on Friday you might get to ues your "instant cash voucher" buy Monday lunchtime if things go your way UKASH is a better alternative but no doubt could have similar issues good luck !

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“Stay well clear”


written by Kendalluf84 on 27/06/2014

Just purchased a paysafecard from the shop, went online to use it and the paysafecard verification part of the payment came up with an error about the pin number being blocked for fraud. So I am without the service I was trying to pay for and without a working paysafe card but minus the money I paid for it. Emailed their support, no reply so far. Might as well have just thrown the money out the window.

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“Hit and miss whether youre just throwing away your money.”


written by 417Harris on 21/06/2014

The first time I used a £10 paysafe card it worked as advertised. Great i thought, anonimity online. The second time, I bought another £10 card but this time when i went to use it it was 'frozen for security purposes.' I wrote asking the customer services what the problem was and received no reply. Apparently this is quite common and no one knows what triggers it or whether its just a random check. If their customer service get back to me requesting ID I will just lose the £10. What a terrible service. So basically look at your money, look at the paysafe card. Theres a 50% chance youre just buying a really expensive piece of paper.

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“Open Letter to the CEO (MD) of Paysafe”


written by lone_ranger19 on 25/03/2014

Dear Mr Udo Muller, I am very disappointed with the service provided by your company. Today I deposited £350 in to my new Paysafe wallet which I opened on the 8th of April 2014. When I first opened the account I deposited £200 and applied for the unlimited status. Some 10 days later I received an email to say that the documents were not correct, as you required the Back of My ID card and the utility bill was rejected. I logged in to my account today to upload the correct documents and when you click on the link to research which ID you require you get a 404 error so you need to fix this link. I therefore uploaded my documents and searched for a contact number to speak to Someone at Paysafe at which point I was told that the documents had been received and to be “Patient” for someone to look at this. However I can not use the funds I paid in to the account because of the limit of £250 you have with Skrill, and I am not happy if I have to wait 10 days and then someone may tell me the documents are incorrect. I was told it would all need to be looked at by your “Technical Team” and that I could not speak to them and neither could your customer care assistant. When I urged her to speak to someone in the team she duly hung up on me, which has infuriated me. I called back and spoke to another member of staff who was equally as unsympathetic and duly told me to be patient again. I am not at all pleased with the service provided by your company and I will be posting this open letter on every single customer feedback forum I can find associated with your company. Kind Regards Mark Berriman

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“NOT a worldwide payment system”


written by notpaysafe on 06/09/2013

I recommend you do NOT use paysafecard. I bought a paysafecard in europe to pay a european site over a russian internet connection and my money was frozen. What do you guess the stinger was to collect my money? Having to give them copies of passport, address and bank details? Yes, that's right. You have to get on your knees and beg. Paysafecard are NOT there to provide a truly worldwide system of money transfer. They know there is a high rate of abandonment of claims against them due to privacy concerns, so they use a thin excuse of fraud protection just to get to keep all your money. Other than that, their trade is apparently sad internet gambling from people who got their cards axed. Search and all that comes up for paysafecard is gambling. There is no real point to paysafecard as it is cash-internet money that they won't allow to work on most of the internet.

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“paysafecard are terrible”


written by on 14/06/2013

unless you want to loos your money, stay away from them just an advice: STAY AWAY FROM PAYSAFECARD!!!! I bought a 30$ card with 3.95$fees on and i used 13.50$ to pay for an online service, then when i tried yo use it again they blocked it and when i contacted them they asked for a proof of payment. I scanned my original receipt and sent it to them and they replied: Dear Customer, many thanks for your e-mail! For security reasons due to access violation your paysafecard has been blocked. We are of course able to refund your paysafecard. In order to process a refund we kindly ask you to provide us the following details: - Copy of your photo ID (passport, driving license, ID card, front and rear) - Complete address details - Bank details: IBAN, BIC/SWIFT, account number, sort code and name of the account holder In order to service your query as soon as possible, please respond directly to this message with your documentation attached. Please be aware that the size of the e-mail attachments should not exceed 2 MB. Kind Regards, Your paysafecard Team Prepaid Services Company Ltd. Floor 33 Euston Tower 286 Euston Road London NW1 3DP Commercial register: 5761861, Commercial court: London Prepaid Services Company Ltd. is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and is authorised to issue electronic money (Register number: 900021). The register of the Financial Conduct Authority can be found at ANS WHEN I COMPLAINED SAYING THAT THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ASK FOR ALL THIS INFO AND THEY HAVE TO GIVE ME MONEY BACK THEY REPLIED Dear Customer! Thank you for your inquiry! Our company works with a very complex system, which checks the security of the paysafecard and its usage according to various criteria. If there's any suspicion of a possible violation of third party access to a paysafecard, it will be locked to protect our customers immediately. What exactly is the critaria and what causes the blocking of paysafecard unfortunately is information that we cannot provide you with. Unfortunately, in this case, only a refund is possible. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Your paysafecard Team. SO THE CONCLUSION??!!! I CAN'T GET MY MONEY BACK SO STAY AWAY FROM THEM

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“SafepayCard stole 25 GBP from me”


written by gavi on 15/05/2013

I tried SafepayCard because of their promise of anonymity. I went online to find a place to purchase the card and the first 3 closest places were either not existent or they did not sell the PaysafeCard: I lost about 30 minutes for this reason. When I found one that sold the Card (which is a PIN code) I went immediately home to use it to pay an reputable online service. At my first attempt to pay, there was an error message saying to contact the customer service. The customer service is either by email (no anonymity) or via phone (recorded call). They told me that they blocked my card (what??????) and that to have the money back I would have to do a process that would take at least 1 hour, including sending via post a copy of my identity card!!! Anonymity goodbye!!! And more than 1 hour of time lost and got very angry to this absurd service.

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“I've been looking desperately for a safe online...”


written by PeaceDove on 18/11/2009

I've been looking desperately for a safe online payment method. I've tried buying things with my credit card, I've used PayPal, and nothing bad ever happened to me and my bank account.
To be honest, I'm not a computer genius, I have no idea, how do all the 'fishing' viruses work and how are your credit card details getting stolen from your computer. Sometimes I use unsecure connections and I don't want this to happen to me. That's why I've started looking for an alternative payment method and I found it.
Many online games offer a payment method called Paysafecard. Moreover, you can use it to pay for Skype, you can buy a paysafecard voucher for amazon, for mp3 stores etc.
Paysafecard is a prepaid card. You can get it all over Europe and UK at any local shop with a PayPoint logo. There are paysafecards available in £10, £25, £50 or £75, each is protected by a 16-digit pin code. But if you lose it, the damage won't be so hard, because it has no connection to your bank account. And I, personally, like it very much. Another positive thing about it: there is a currency converter on the homepage, so you can buy at international online shops, too.
The things that I don't like about it: if you want to learn more about this voucher and visit the official homepage, you, most probably, get puzzled, because some important information is in German. I hope they're working on it, the service is really nice and convenient and I'd like to know where else can I use a paysafecard.

Caroline_Bidtv's Response to PeaceDove's Review

Written on: 11/11/2015

Absolute rubbish. As soon as you have "purchased" this card money, the person who you "owe" the money to can just pocket it and disappear.

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Stopotheft's Response to PeaceDove's Review

Written on: 15/01/2016

i am happy for you having such a good experience with their card.
i wonder if you will be so positive about them if you contacted them to resolve an issue. good luck

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Asked by Nodrogegroeg on 18th September 2015 Report this content
I was recently requested to pre pay postage on an item over internet payable via PayPoint Paysafecard to Executive Courier & Logistics. Later I received a request from them for insurance and was advised this refundable upon safe delivery of item. Item not received and advised by them that in order to look into possible spam a fee request for legal services. Can I reclaim any monies or any procedures to recover as per credit cards?

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