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Latest Reviews

“All they care about is money. Overly moderated. Poor site.”


written by LaurenceGough on 28/06/2022

Moderators delete too much content. If you mention a comment that goes against a website or company they make money on they get very upset and ban your account. Hot UK deals are overly moderated, they don't care about the user and instead allow deals that bring them money in even if they are a poor retailer. A shell of its former self.

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“Unfriendliness central, bullying staff, bullying posters.”


written by on 01/10/2015

Site owners are bullies, the majority of posters are bullies. It's mainly life from the bottom of the pond on there causing daily disruption and hate towards anyone they want. There are a handful of genuine nice posters, but the whole site is broken and is a cesspool of intolerance run by greed and geared toward moderators pay packet links and their ss attitude and the biggest disgrace of all is the contact us which is a trolling tool the site administrators use when they won't discuss why they are in the wrong for punishing you and is part of their bullying regime to use ignorance to torture you as they never respond to genuine issues and to apologise for their mistakes.

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“What's in it for me?”


written by jasoncooke93 on 03/08/2015

Absolutely Nothing... Yet another affiliate website built by money hungry geeks with no understanding of win-win, nor focus on providing any value whatsoever to the user. Customer Support? forget it... The site does one thing, accumulate accounts which are worth X pounds each or collectively millions, with the ultimate goal of one day selling the company. As an account holder you take time out of your day to find a deal, post it on the site and get zero reward apart from hot or cold votes and a "badge". And the company makes big commissions for each sale made as a result of someone clicking from Hot Deals to the deal website and buying. If you create an account and need help, forget it. If you want every deal, every comment, every vote or action you take monitoring or moderating not only by staff but by die-hard users and in the most condescending and aggressive way, Hot Deals is the place for you. Want your account removing, username changing or posts deleting? Absolutely no chance, as your account = lead = value to the company. They will not budge on this Modern Day Tech/Websites AKA a lovely welcoming benefit orientated facade with lucid and vivid design, driven by neurotic, sociopathic, money hungry geeks sat at a PC with sweaty armpits. Your call...

Samanthagreen's Response to jasoncooke93's Review

Written on: 11/01/2017

unfair comment, the site has saved me hundreds of pounds doesn't matter what they make or not, people like me and you can spot deals and post them up.

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written by fyCassidy246 on 01/08/2014

Looks like a great idea, but you get banned for no reason, with no contact as to why. If you post a deal it gets removed, no contact for a reason why. If you contact you get no response. Not sure what is going on but it has the potential to be fantastic, but its really let down by the lack of communication.

Jamesgeee's Comment

Written on: 03/01/2015

Yea' ive just been banned ( twice in a week ) now for being argumentative ! I wasn't !! Posted some great deals and asked why my deals were voted cold - replies from ' admin ' were to be careful with my words and watch my attitude ?! I was like
What the hell ? Replied back asking for an explanation only to get a ban !
Admin on this site are terrible - anybody asking constructive questions get shot down - avoid !!

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“Brilliant love it ”


written by Kenney201 on 18/04/2014

after my kindle key board broke (accidently Sat on it) had it for almost 3years Amazon said it was discontinued, was devastated, then was just browsing HUKD site and actually seen this advertised for half the price I paid originally couldn't believe it, being a pensioner and crippled with arthritis so not a student, but I placed my details in and I got it, OMG I love it, arrived very quickly and informed of each step even getting an email from Royal Mail to say the day it was going to be delivered, Cant beat that for service, thank you very much 1 very Happy Customer

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“Great site, till you scratch the surface.”


written by LolaPrice on 12/03/2014

A site that had great potential until greed, power and control took over. If the politics behind a company don't bother you, and you just look in for a bargain, I'm sure it will be of use. Just realise that not all bargains are what they seem. Although the site does have many users posting great deal. Many deals are just made up for that site and the retailer pays for the privilege. Fair enough you may say but it's all done in such a cloak and dagger way. They aren't even a UK company, much as they would like us to believe they are. I've set up an fb group for anyone with issues who would like to discuss them in a more appropriate place.

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“Nothing Best About HUKD”


written by Maniev on 07/02/2014

Idea Great but Mods are useless.Ban and Suspend really common cause useless Mods.They have "Contact us" i don't know is working.If they respond you than you are lucky.Your post suddenly can get lost for no reason.Don't waste your time to post any deals.I am sure they have cashback agreement to make it profit. Popularity Going DOWN and DOWN!

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“Unfriendly & arrogant community”


written by on 14/11/2013

This site could be a treasure trove of bargains and shared information for consumers but it fails at most hurdles. Add a genuine deal and you'll be flamed or the deal will be removed as spam and then mysteriously reappear posted by another user and it'll go hot. Voting appears to be manipulated so certain deals take precedence and certain users (mods?) get the credit. It makes you wonder if they're getting some sort of affiliate payment or kickback. As it stands, it's not a relaible source of information for anyone looking for deals. If you want to get shouted at for trying to share deals you've spotted, be my guest. Basic useful features like being able to save a dealare either missing or so hard to find they're pointless.

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“flippin chuff”


written by on 03/04/2013

great idea for a site but its run by a team of total incompetent fools, from pea poor moderating, non existent security, users( like elton chong and adnan) who are allowed to abuse other members in the misc section, and dodgy goings on with the mods using secondary usernames to make certain companies deals hot, even though they are kak deals but big kick backs for the site. It used to be a good site now its full of deals for 10p baked beans and kak like that. avoid like the plague, or at worst do not use any personal details as they will either lose them or the site will get hacked and people will steal your details.

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“HUKD is a cashback site but they keep the cashback”


written by stockportcounty on 21/10/2012

HUKD is a cashback site but they keep the cashback As soon as a deal is posted the so called "Mods" change the link to their affiliated link so that if anyone buys something HUKD get the cashback. The Mods are probably paid commission on how much revenue each link generates. They frown on cold votes as this discourages people from using the link You are better off just using the site to spot deals then going to a Cashback site such as Imutual,Topcashback or quidco to make your purchase

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“Garbage & full of abusive nerds”


written by on 20/06/2012

Great idea in theory, but sadly site is populated by a core group of pedantic misanthropes who take pounce on and belittle deals. Poor management and the ability to vote 'cold' without having to explain why make this site a bewildering and unfriendly experience for anyone who dares to be new. And if your opinion differs, you are a 'troll'. Avoid unless you like reading arguments about iPads and abuse if they can't find the same deal in their local Tesco.

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“Given Up with HDUK”


written by ellis456 on 20/01/2012

HDUK is good for hunting out a bargain but not for the bargain finder, I have posted a few deals since joining and the same thing happens again and again and thats voted cold for no reason, even when asked why for the cold votes you get no answer, even if it is the cheapest around if someone doesn't like the product they vote cold. I have now given up posting deals what is the point?. If they could implement a way where users have to give a reason for the cold vote then maybe that would help.

Hduk_Killer's Response to ellis456's Review

Written on: 07/06/2012

It's HUKD you moron

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“Used to be fantastic”


written by Bossybittch on 14/01/2012

Used to be a fantastic website, where people helped each other out, unfortunately that home has long gone. A few non stop posters take great delight in belittling and spreading untrue rumours about others. Said bossy poster needs to take a break from arranging there online affairs and get a real life.

Guest's Response to Bossybittch's Review

Written on: 23/01/2012

Hi Mark/Vb1, hopefully one day you will be able to finally break free from HUKD. Try counselling

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“Not interested in the users, only in the money.”


written by on 04/11/2011

Used to be a good community site, has gone massively down hill. God forbid you ever try to post something! You'll either abused by other members or flat out banned (with no reason as to why). Haven spoken on a popular forum (which I wont name) as to why this happens, - the general consensus is unless they can make money from your link (they make money off every link posted via affiliate links) they are not interested and will ban you. Used to use this website daily, but now completely avoid. Find our own deals with a quick google search instead of giving these jokers money.

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“Utter Rubbish”


written by S.hukd on 23/07/2011

Used to be a fun community with a great deal of bargains to be had. Sadly the website has declined, mostly due to an influx of Scottish posters who delight in belittling others. I have been cyber stalked from this website and my personal information used by these sad individuals for their own gratification. Terrible moderators don't ban these individuals.

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written by Coolhat2005 on 29/06/2011

Hotukdeals is a web site where people post deals they find in store or over the internet. It also allows you to rate the deal and comment. Most of the posted deals are usually in store, or some misprice that you'll never see as it won't be availible in your area. I've been browsing it for a long time and never found anything decent. mostly 3 for 2 deals at play for example, nothing special. More importantly they must have lack security as my account was hacked from some user who must of disagreed on something I wrote on the web site which lead up to further problems, I even had cancelled my credit cards just to be safe. ------- I would avoid this web site if possible, The mod staff are ignorant and ignore even at a time of crises such as a hack. The community overall isn't much better with alot of different opinions leading to confrontations. Also they mistakenly suspend or ban people for thinking they have more than one account in their household, the only way I imagine they could even know this is if they are monitoring IP addresses which is definite cause for alarm. Plenty of more pleasurable places on the internet to find a bargain, Definatly best avoid this one..

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“Good, but moderation and pettiness spoil it”


written by on 03/06/2011

You can't argue that there are some excellent deals to be found there and it is probably the most complete in terms of collating such info. However the over zealous "helpers" keen to change anything to fill their days, the wildly inconsistent moderation and the general pettiness of a core of cold voters and moaners have dragged the site down in recent times. Couple this with one of the worst implemented search functions on the web today and the site is more akin to panning for gold in a nest of vipers than a fun and easy way to find bargains. There are other, more friendly sites for general bargains, but sadly they often lack the sheer volume and diverse nature of those found on hotukdeals.

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“Hotukdeals is in theory an excellent idea. Get...”


written by dabmim on 11/02/2011

Hotukdeals is in theory an excellent idea. Get everybody to post any freebies, discounts or deals they have found - so that everyone can share in the deal. They have different sections for diafferent options such as a page for Freebies, another for voucher codes, etc. So all is well OK? Well not really, you see the trouble with Hotukdeals is the strict moderating team. I recently placed a deal for a possible free deal (or at least one pound off) and it was removed, because the moderator said you needed to download softeware in order to get the deal. You didn't. As I had made clear in my post, you can opt for a free coupon to be sent direct to your house. I am aware of a lot other members who have had similar done to them.

I get the fact that you need moderators and that they need to realise any potential breaches in terms or conditions etc. But surely it is up to indivuals whether they downlaod a small piece of software OR opt to have it sent by post OR indeed ignore the deal altogether. It was a legal deal which didn't breach any terms and one that anyone could easily have got to via the hosting website.

So to sum up, it is good for getting freebies and bargains that are allowed, but for those that aren't go elsewhere, Hotukdeals IS NOT the only website for such deals

Alexp1982's Response to dabmim's Review

Written on: 15/02/2011

I found this review helpful because, it is talking about the moderator issue that indeed I also faced...hotukdeals is a nice site and very helpful, but sometimes the strict rules should be reconsidered

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Stuart77's Response to dabmim's Review

Written on: 17/03/2011

Unfortunately some of the mods (and now some of the helpers) are the sites biggest problem. Some are known to remove deals and then repost them for themselves. Recently noted that one of the new helpers (name removed) has been expiring others deals and then reposting them herself OR Unexpiring the original deal which is what is supposed to happen.
<br/>The FS moderator is a joke,whether the helper (name removed)will be of any use is something that remains to be seen but he seems to just follow (name removed) around kissing backside rather than flushing out scammers. I wouldnt use the FS section of HDUK anymore as (name removed) has left it open to scammers. Expires and suspends people for slight mistakes or because he doesnt like them(and no I've never been suspended OR scammed so its not a bitter rant) yet allows people to scam all the time.The old FS mod (name removed) was a fantastic FS mod but this (name removed) just seems to be on a power trip. FYI if you ARE thinking of listing something for sale on HUKD and you do get scammed HDUK will NOT HELP YOU AT ALL...they will say its your problem so best to stick to other forums like AVF etc where mods arent on a power trip and will actually try to help

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“Pretty sad some people have used this review site to...”


written by on 11/02/2011

Pretty sad some people have used this review site to carry on some stupid, pathetic arguments, although you have to wonder if it those getting slagged off doing the reviews, gives them something else to moan about.

As for the site i would say for deals its a pretty good site

Dabmim's Comment

Written on: 11/02/2011

There was no information about the website what it does or anything as such

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“Hot UK deals is a site I randomly came across a...”


written by MrJiffles on 29/12/2010

Hot UK deals is a site I randomly came across a couple of years ago, and have been using for a while now. I like the fact that the community is really active, and there's loads of great deals that are added hour by hour.

The main down side of the site is that there are possibly too many deals on the site - and so it's really difficult to find the really good deals.

That said, the community generally help dig out the best deals meaning that you'll eventually find the good stuff.

On the bad side again, there's issues with cliques within the community - however as long as you ignore the bad comments, the experience is a really good one!

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