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Apple's jewel in its iPod crown is, without a shadow of a doubt, the new fourth-generation iPod touch

But, is it worthy of your hand-earned cash? And if you've already got an iPod touch, is it worth upgrading? Read our reviews below to find out.

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Main Features
iPod Model iPod Touch
iPod Model iPod Touch

• Up to 64GB
• Up to 14,000 songs
• Up to 80 hours video

Battery Life:
• Audio Playback: Up to 40 hours
• Video Playback: Up to 7 hours

• Earphones, dock adapter USB 2.0 cable

• 4.4 x 2.3 x 0.28 inches (111.0 x 58.9 x 7.2 mm)

• 3.56 ounces (101 grams)

Charge Time
• About 4 hours (2-hour fast charge to 80%)

• 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi-Touch display
• 960x640-pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch

• Multi-Touch display + Voice Control

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Latest Reviews

“Amazing help and peace of mind”


written by on 11/03/2013

I have found the site very easy to use, my children both got ipod touches for Christmas and i wanted to ensure the best deal for insurance and Protect Your Bubble had the best deal and the most comprehensive cover and peace of mind for me. I completed the forms on my smart phone and found it great to use on the phone as sometimes sites are not very compatable with mobile devices with resolution and so on but this was great. I have recommended to my family and friends and also my teenage daughters friends as the price is well worth the peace of mind.

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“Easy to use. ”


written by on 23/01/2013

Easy to use website, easy to purchase policy. All documents and emails received quickly and efficiently. Was definitely the best insurance and price I could find. I will insure any future gadets with them. Would definitely not hesitate to recommend to friends or family.

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“IPOD Touch”


written by on 27/09/2012

I bought this for my son as a birthday present. I have since bought 2 more. It is lightweight, easy to use and very user friendly. My children love them and are constantly using them to talk to friends, listen to music play games. The only negative thing I can say about it is that going into ITUNES and loading music for first time is very confusing and a user friendly guide to doing this would of great help. The first time I ever did this it took me all morning. Also it would be great to know how much data the GB hold in order to make the correct decision when buying one.

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“best gadget”


written by jokeren75 on 25/09/2012

The best gadget I have used so far with not so high prices. An average user must have an iPod touch 4g.

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“first one broken second ok so far”


written by on 09/09/2012

i was given an iPod touch for my birthday and a few weeks after that for some reason the screen started getting white lines all over it. i turned it off and waited 5 seconds and it was gone. a few months after it did it again by to clear it i had to leave it on for 10 minutes. i took it back to HMV where i got it and they gave me a new one but it took at least 10 minuets for this to happen is a tip buy if from apple not some other company. the new one works good for now i just hope it stays that way. other than mine they are good machines .. i will never go back to a Microsoft product again because apple out beats them with their products. in my opinion the iPod touch has better graphics than a Nintendo ds or a Wii. so if you want to get a good gadget that you can rely on choose an iPod. did i mention if an iPod brakes you can back it up so you don't have to pay for anything you had on it. apple you GENIUS

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“Every0thing and iPhone can do, except to make a phone call”


written by on 30/05/2012

All the apps you could ever want on the most popular media. Easy to use and understand. Basically an iPhone without the mobile phone function - however, when you're on WiFi you can use it with Skype (and it's free). Video capability is excellent, but no flash for still pictures and you can't zoom in when using video (zoom on stills is pretty bad too). Still excellent for a quick snap on the spur of the moment, but can't replace an actual camera. Only limitation is the memory size, I only have the 8GB, and you can't expand the memory.

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“Excellent policy”


written by MissMandyJane92 on 22/05/2012

I am very pleased to have my iPod insured with protect your bubble the policy is definitely what I need, I was really surprised at the quote that you gave me as I wasn't expecting it to be so affordable !! I am that happy I am really considering changing my phone insurance to you as I pay £15.00 and you quoted me £5.99 I told my family about it and they are thinking of doing the same, I can't find any faults with anything it was so simple and easy to understand

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“bad screen strength or design”


written by markaylott on 04/04/2012

I purchased an 8GB for my son for xmas , and we have another three in our house. Unfortunately this was dropped from a height of no more than 18 inches onto our wooden flooring and the screen broke!! I have since visited my local apple store to see if there is a fault on this model and they have said that they will repair/replace it for a cost of £75 (half the cost of the actual Ipod !!!!) . I find this disgraceful that an item such as this would break as easily and would therefore NOT recommend this product, especially for children ... Disappointed with the product strength and disappointed with the back up customer service , especially as we have 3 ipods , 3 iphones and an I mac computer..... will not be buying any more Apple products!!!!

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“These things fail and they fail often!”


written by skytour on 16/02/2012

My girlfriend bought an IPod Touch. It lasted 8 months then failed - it stopped responding to the touch screen. Eventually it was replaced by the large retail chain it was bought from (Comet, UK). 8 months later, the replacement failed in exactly the same way. I contacted the store. No problem, they said. Products replaced under warranty carry 12 month guarantees, just like any other new product. Then I told them what the product is. Ohhhhhhhh....sorry, they said. We didn't know you bought an Apple product. Apple products are a special case....they only have a 90 day warranty when supplied as replacements (or blablabla....not relevant here). So - if you buy a much cheaper Chinese or Korean or whatever-made product --- those manufacturers have enough faith in their products and respect for their customers to offer a reasonable warranty service. But Apple ....a £300 item that seems to be incapable of functioning for 12 months? And its a world-leading brand? So here I come to my point. Brands like Apple spend millions, tens or hundreds of millions convincing you that they are 'better' and 'smarter' and even ....'friendlier'. And it works! So many people not only believe that corporate nonsense, they actually believe they are too smart to believe other advertisers hype; they think, in the case of Apple - its different! The Apple hype is so good, and so well thought out, that relatively smart people who don't buy into most hype ---- buy right into this Apple hype, and they think its not hype its some kind of 'truth'. All that money Apple spends on hype that could be spent on making reliable well-engineered products, or on paying up when a customer makes a warranty claim that 'lesser' brands would accept without question. But Apple didn't get where it is today with that spirit. It really does know best after all, its just doing what works best (and sells the most units at the highest prices). Lets hope the other manufacturers don't realise how well that works and follow their example.

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“ipod touch”


written by sjaie on 22/11/2011

fantastic as described . very pleased with both product and customer service from spotbuyer with text and email confirmations and item delivered in alloted hour.Item was as stated in every detail and would buy from company again.

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written by doughillard on 01/11/2011

The whole experence was fantasic and i love the player

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“The iPod Touch was really one of those things that I...”


written by AmineBTT on 14/03/2011

The iPod Touch was really one of those things that I have wanted from the beginning, but have never really been sure about actually getting around to buying. I'm now very glad that I did.
The iPod Touch 4th Gen is a device that has inspired many-a-gadget with its sleek applications; brilliant usability and massive amount of usages. Apple started the touch-screen craze, and I'm not surprised to see that they have pushed their product up yet another notch.

The quality of the device, both in the screen and the build, is excellent. I'd be hard pressed to say that the screen can be easily damaged, as it has now survived many accidental droppings, many of which unprotected onto a hard surface. Despite all the droppings, there is absolutely no damage whatsoever to the actual device, an astounding feat for a device such as this. However, while the build quality is a fair amount better than other players of its kind, how is the screen quality?
The screen quality, as you'd expect from Apple's relentless advertisement of their new 'Retina' Display, is excellent. Text is generally crisp and easy to read, touching the screen feels responsive, even without exaggerated feedback from the device; heck, even the apps can have a little graphical oomph to them on this little tiny iPod screen. The quality that Apple has managed to work into their project is really something to be admired.

I'm assured that I will never find the excellent, touch responsive screen of the iPod Touch damaged after a tough, nasty fall onto hard ground which may have quite easily damaged other, competing players of the kind.
Taking only fifteen seconds to boot from being completely turned off, this is quite an efficient mobile device. While, compared to some competitors, fifteen seconds may seem like an unreasonably long time, it's important to remember that the iPod has a lot of bells and whistles that its competitors simply don't have.

However, once the device is turned on, you have what is practically a computer at your fingertips. It can browse the web; download an application or even check your Email, and I have done all of those things several times now, and it has yet to fail me.
What's new
There's a few new features that have been implemented into the fourth generation of iPod Touch. For example, the ability to place background onto your iPod without having a jailbreak or being able to record voices from your friends to your lectures. The audio quality is not amazing, but it is certainly a decent addition to the iPod, and it's one that I am happy that they have added.

There is also a camera to coincide with the newly added sound recording. This camera is sleek and efficient, if a little bit grainy. From the start screen, you can take several pictures in just a few seconds, useful if you see something that you really want to capture. Indoors, quality suffers considerably, but outdoors, the quality is just as good as your average digital camera.
There is also FaceTime: a new addition by Apple. Essentially, it allows you to make Skype-esque calls to anyone who is currently using their iPod with either their e-mail address (if they have another iPod Touch) or their phone number (if they're using an iPhone 4). The calls are generally good quality, they may take a while to connect, but the images tend to be smooth and not lag behind too far while using Facetime. It's a really good addition for the iPod Touch, but I do wish they included a similar, phone-like mode where you can just transmit voice. It would have been a massive positive to me.

Game Room also makes an appearance, doing a similar job to the Xbox 360's "LIVE" system. This built-in application keeps a track of your username and password and adds achievements for the paid and free apps that you have downloaded from the app store. Again, much like the Xbox Live achievement system, it's just so you get a sense of achievement (or get cocky with your friends), but it's not as well implemented as the similar Xbox system. However, this is not a problem, since its interface is not particularly intrusive, and once you're signed up, it's just there and always ready to use.
Disk Space
There is enough disk space for anyone here. It could fit 800 smaller, just for fun applications. Approximately 2,666 songs or even up to 16 full length movies! This is a lot of disk space, and it's more than enough for most people that just want a music playing device. With the amount of disk space that the iPod has, you could easily have a long-plane journeys worth of entertainment on one device; providing of course that the battery doesn't run out.

Providing that the applications are of 10mb size
Providing that the songs are of 3mb size
Providing that the movies are approximately 500mb size
Sync it
What might be a major turn off for some people follows. It uses the iTunes system for its synching. It's generally fast for syncing between the computer and the iPod, but there are a massive amount of niggling problems (you cannot plug the iPod into a new computer without it deleting everything, album art doesn't always save onto the iPod). On the plus side however, you only need to use iTunes once before switching to a free alternative, and it's generally very fast to update every time there is a new firmware release for the device (it's quite regular, generally bug fixes, but sometimes performance increases and brand new features) and a convenient backup system (although very annoyingly not your music, as that may violate copyright laws) for your applications.

There is of course, alternatives to the iTunes software that sync with all of the iPod Touch devices, but it generally takes a short while for them to update their support to work with the new firmware. My personal favourite, although this is strictly unofficial to the review, is MediaMonkey, to anyone that is generally annoyed by the lack of features and complications that face them during their general iTunes use.
This was one of the only few problems that was noticeable to me from the very beginning. It's not very good at connecting to routers. It will connect, but page loading will always seem sluggish compared to a laptop or desktop at the same sort of distance from the router. I have never tried connecting with a Mac, and therefore cannot say if it's a fundamental flaw in the Apple operating systems, but it is certainly quite annoying when a page that should be almost click-instant to load takes a few seconds. Websites that have applications developed for them, however, like Facebook and YouTube, are generally very fast to load, showing that the problem may be in Apple's complimentary Safari web browser.

Another feature that comes under connectivity for the iPod is the Bluetooth that comes with it. With no discernable use other than transferring photos between iPods and other phones and playing apps with other people in the same area, it is a nice feature to have, albeit a little pointless unless you have something that you would specifically require Bluetooth to use. The Bluetooth communication is a little bit slow, but it's nothing that cannot be beaten for anything but the most intense of iPod Applications (three dimensional games or games which require a lot of data to be transmitted over a short period of time all lag behind a little bit, causing a less enjoyable experience).
Ease of Use
Everything on an Apple product is two things, shiny and entirely user friendly. One of the things that I really like about the iPod Touch is how quickly it lets you do everything. It has everything that you would need for a mobile device, it even has word suggestion for your Google search results. Ease of Use is generally one of the biggest subjects for the iPod and its developments, and this iteration of the product has metaphorically blown away the others with its vastly better ease of use. Usually, I'd say 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it', but Apple fixed it, and they made something even better than what they did before.

While you can view video sites such as YouTube or view animated images on the internet, the iPod Touch is still missing vital function. Respectively, Adobe Flash products and Microsoft Silverlight products are not included, nor are they installable, on the iPod Touch. This is likely to promote an Apple based-multimedia form, but it is unlikely to be heavily used seen as I have yet to see a single website that uses it. Essentially it means that you cannot do everything that you might want to be able to do on the internet. It's not a major drawback, seen as most sites have a relatively decent non-Flash alternative, but it's always nice to know that you have the feature, but here, you don't.
Technical Specification
Resolution: 960x640 (slightly smaller than a blocky computer screen)
3.5" display (multi-touch)
Three Axis Gyroscope
Ambient Light Sensor
Forty hours of music battery, Seven hours of video battery

Height: 4.4"
Width: 2.3"
Width: 0.28"
Weight: 3.56 ounces
256 megabytes of RAM (about a quarter of the amount your netbook has)
1GHz processor (about the equivalent of a 2004 desktop)

Two cameras (front and back)
I never thought a handheld device could do everything that my computer can do. This iPod can play music, browse the web, even render realistic three dimensional graphics, and it's slimmer than your average DVD box. It's an amazing device that can do so much. It's discrete, portable and harder to break than your average, household sledgehammer.

This is a device that truly does revolutionize the boundaries of what handheld media players were supposed to be able to do. Apple have always said "This changes everything" in regard to their latest iPod releases. It wasn't until I actually picked this excellent device up that I actually realised that the claim was incredibly true.
I'd recommend this to anyone that would love to listen to music on the go, have a swordfight with a monster on a train or anyone that just wants to watch any film from 127 Hours to Love Actually wherever they go. This really is a device for everyone. If you can get over the iTunes thing, of course.

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“Its great, its easy to link up to a computer and its...”


written by Bennyboo on 12/03/2011

Its great, its easy to link up to a computer and its hold lots of apps. Its also great with music as its compatible with any set of headphones unlike some new mobile phones. I liked the fact it had a big battery but it took a long time to charge. Its not that bad if you get a charging docking station. Its double touch and only allows finger e.g you cant touch it with a pen or gloves. But you can get pens and glove for it.

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“iPod Touch 4 Review ”


written by keenkenneth on 10/03/2011

iPod Touch 4 Review

After a fortnight I have a few things to say about the iPod Touch 4.

The iPod Touch 4 does not show up in your Finder, which would enable you to place items EXACTLY where you want them. It seems that Apple prefer that you access your videos and photos via additional software which they will gladly sell you. This makes things of course more complicated. You have to turn on iTunes and still the photos are not to be seen. iPhoto has to be bought and installed.
You are then asked to "Set Up Your iPod" and I have been asked this each time I connected the iPod since I did not wish to copy everything from the Mac to the iPod without my concent. Even though iPod (now named KKPod) has already appeared on the side bar of this extra software, Apple still ask every time that you Register and Set Up Your iTunes store Account.
This is tedious, and brings back memories of "Windows" - do you remember those ugly days?
Well, just ignore that and press continue. It now automatically goes into "Syncing iPod" and by this stage you are best just to scream out loud rather than smash your expensive toy.
The iPod contains new voice memos, do they go to the iTunes library, well here we are at last, yes, that means that they will be imported and I will at last be able to access them on the Mac Book.

iTunes is 10.1 so it is up to date, (December 2010), where can all my videos and pictures be?

Well I click on "Devices" in the side bar of iPhoto and at KKPod I see Voice Memos. When I click on that I at last get to see my fourteen Voice Memos.
But what happened to all my Videos and Photos? Still no sign of them anywhere.
When I click Movies I get a chance to spend money through Apple, don't want that. TV Shows is empty, and Music strangely has all the songs I placed on the iPod PLUS the Voice Memos......
This requires further investigation.

Well a few months further living with an iPod touch 4 and it is not only a very dull camera, a disappointing internet access, an application fail as often as not, but the possibility of putting some more music on it - FAILS. Despite much time spent today 2011 03 09 16:34 documentry screenshots proving this, I was not able to get the iPod to show up on the computer despite it being attached by the "special" usb connector (itself the source of future annoyance - who wants a doubly wide connector with sharp corners to catch on any uneven surface and then cause the cable to fail as has done in the past with Mac power supply cables?).

Fortunately I have bought a windows machine and can you believe it on the second attempt I was able to get all the pictures to show up on the windows laptop and even now I am transferring them to an 8GB stick so that I can then put them in the Mac. Is that not just a little sick? As to putting some more music on the iPod, after denying the iPod to sync without my permission, it has "gone dead" according to iTunes in Macbook. It only appears in the extra software iPhoto as a "device" not a hard disk, but the device shows NO operability so "device" means "less status than a hard disk" since with a hard disk all files are accessible and on this thing only "virtual images" are accessible. All very complicated, and difficult to believe considering it comes from Apple, but basically Apple want you to PAY to access the pictures that you took on the iPod through a scheme which ensures that in fact the iPod and the Mac can remain in sync. Of course the first 60 days are offered "free" to convince you that it is better to pay even more than not be able to access the photos you have taken using an expensive camera, and despite having bought additional software, the additional "service" is perhaps the option that many people will, weary by now of the third attempt by the trusted company to get hold of yet more of your loose cash. Who cares? So they only want the money - at least perhaps we can then access the photos we have gathered.

I never bothered, having found the windows solution, it is still transferring files to a stick so that the work I have spent so much time on will be available whenever and where ever I choose.

I would not recommend this iPod4 Touch to anyone other than children or perhaps teenagers who have inferiority complexes and think this expensive toy will alleviate that, it is great for giving the impression that you have lots of good technology at your disposal. For those who wish to USE the technology, I would advice not to have too high expectations. We all hope and pray that this iPod4 Touch will be made accessible with perhaps newer updates, the biggest problem being access as far as I can tell so far (2011 March). The shiny case is wonderful, scratched within a week despite never being removed from the thick rubbery case (£15 in the Apple store)except to examine it for scratches. It has already fallen on the ground (in the case) and still operates flawlessly, except that I can still put no music on it and cannot get anything out of it except by using the Windows computer. Go for it!

Incidently the biggest disappointment for me was the camera. It is well, normally I would call it trash, but since this is a review I will have to be careful with my words. Let us say that is is "restricted".
1. The angle of vision of the lens is too narrow for most purposes.
2. Everything closer than 60cms is unsharp, so there is NO macro - forget about taking pictures of this screen with the camera - everything remains blurred.
Other than that - colours are fine, the "zoom" is digital - ie it gets even more blurred when used. There is "an aperture control" which is clunky and requires you to touch the subject on the screen in order for the camera to take a reading and then adjust the aperture accordingly. This does work for a few seconds and then returns to automatic - it does of course record sound - when switched to video. Incidently all changes, such as video camera to still camera or even just camera, take a frustratingly long time to start, not so good when you need to take a photo and have to get used to counting up to five before anything will work. The video camera is the same as the photo camera and there are two, one front and one back. Both are "restricted" as described above. It is a great feature having the back camera - being able to film yourself and watch the screen at the same time - such a pity Apple haven't put in anything better than a £2 camera lens in the box. Once the "guarantee" runs out then some of us will get out our plastic guitar picks and prize open the case so that a real camera can be installed - or maybe that should be the first thing you do after opening it when buying. Surely on the net someone is selling small cameras for less than £5 which will bring us sparkling clear sharp pictures - we only need to connect up the wires at the back - more on that later.

The variety of applications (aps) available is wonderful, there is a non-stop flow of creativity coming from non-Apple people who have found a suitable container for amazing devices which they have dreamed up such as the spirit level and .well there may be another but it doesn't remain high up in memorable items in my brain.

Yes, go and buy this iPod 4 Touch if you get the same feeling I did when I saw the wonderful screen - so much detail, the human eye is truly stretched to its limits when trying to see any pixels. Such a pity that the access and camera make this gadget in all a total failure for those who are a little serious about what they do with technical gadgets.

The specially created iMovie for iPod Touch 4 is yet another cost, well sadly that was the main reason that I bought this thing - to be able to cut some little stories together while on the move. Maybe if I had not been so reticent about buying yet more "bits and pieces" such as the screen pen, I would be able to use iMovie for iPod4 Touch, but with not even a place to hang, hook or stick the screen pen and thus loose this thing a week after buying it, I never bothered. Thus iMovie has not yet been used to any purpose other than making 4 or 5 little doodles, none of which I would even bother to show anyone since they cannot be properly managed by anyone with fingers thicker than 1cm.

The keyboard, yes it works, but for someone to actually use this - he/she has just got to be a geek (or a teenager). If someone would come up with a foldout bluetooth keyboard, then I could imagine that I could use it for writing reports. But currently anything more than one line for a google search is very very slow and even short notes tried initially are just not worth the effort - hunting around through the various menus to find the notes which have been diligently fiddled around to get into shape - a piece of A4 paper in one's back pocket folded up into 8 and a small pencil will get your REAL results and won't hurt you when you are sitting - it will also be there when you arrive at the store and want to ask the man now you are at the front of the queue if he has any details about
1. Something else you could have spent over £300 on in order to be on the ball.
2. If you can return the iPod4 Touch - money back, no questions asked - despite very small almost unnoticable scratches.
3. When the replacement batteries will arrive.
4. If there is an even more effective method of getting frustrated on a daily basis.

Despite claims that by using the Apple browser Safari, all those sites which are accessed can later, when off line and in a non wifi area, again be read and enjoyed. Sadly my experience showed me that some of these pages remain for a limited time, then oddly the device throws up a message "you are not online" and so you are left with a blank screen where you had previously been looking forward to reading all the latest news on perhaps iPod5 Touch. Likewise the google maps - wonderful when operating in a wifi zone remain there for differing times and then too are lost, your wifi connection has been lost.

The screen zoom feature when surfing, meaning that with two fingers you can make details on any sites get larger so that they can be read, is wonderful. Scrolling too is great, unless you are faced with a list of 2300 photos and want to get back to photo number 3. The engineering boys in the back room have done a wonderful job with this and there can be no doubt that they will be suffering the most frustration of all, knowing that despite all the work and effort they have put into designing such state of the art technology, those in the marketing department at Apple have put up the shutters and for reasons of finance introduced all the flaws that I have been able to describe. There are more criticisms than the small assortment I have outlined above, but I know that you too have better things to do than go through all the boring details of some sad sack who has spent his precious time and money only to find out that, well in his own eyes - he has been done.

Just so I can say "Kenneth Keen told you first" - the usb socket is constructed so that the plug does not enter snugly, it does not enter with ease, it enters only when perfectly parallel to the case because a space has been left above and below so that there is lots of room for error causing damage to the casing or the plug or both. Apple never did bother explaining why the huge plug they prefer to the neat small usb or even better the mini-usb was not good enough for them. Why at one end of a cable there are a number of connections and at the other end the number has increased, not just by one or two but more. The standard usb connector (usb 2) has four pins and the earth or shielding, while at the other end of Apple usb cables there are, wait for it 30 pins (making 26 pins redundent [useless] other than to give an excuse for an elongated shape). This is presumably continuing the same strategy which they used for power supply cables - MagSafe where a two-core cable supplying power to the Macbook has 5 connections and not two like any other laptop - to put off anyone trying to solder it back together again after it has caught (with a specially created square plug, rather than streamlined like other makers manage to produce) on any tight corner behind an assortment of other cables hanging from peripherie devices. They make a good profit selling replacement power supplies for £75 and more, simply because the cable has become snarled with the square head at the end .

A great machine - if only the engineers had been rewarded with seeing their products mounted on non-obsolescent non-disposable, honest user-interfaces.

PS The iPod_touch_iOS4_User_Guide.pdf is not included in the package when you purchase. It must be downloaded from the internet - a nice Catch22 from Apple. How do you download instructions without having instructions on how to do so?

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“ipod is brilliant it give's you loads of things to do...”


written by stacee on 04/03/2011

ipod is brilliant it give's you loads of things to do like listening to music and downloading apps for it so you can have games and other bits and bobs i would really recommend it to anyone who enjoys all of that..It holds loads of music and pictures video's

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“The iPod touch 4th generation, is a great iPod for the...”


written by brandonkay39 on 28/01/2011

The iPod touch 4th generation, is a great iPod for the kind of person who likes games, photography, and listening to music. There are thousands of applications in the app store. Anywhere from music apps, to action, comedy, and entertaining apps and games. Also, you can you the wonderful 1080hp megapixel camera to take wonderful pictures and videos. There are plenty of apps in the photography world just for you! Lastly, it is a significant music player. The quality of the speakers is phenomenal and it takes the music listening to the next level. One thing I CAUTION YOU ABOUT IS the sensitive screen. Be very careful and buy a case the day you get it. This is a great product by Apple Inc. and I suggest you should buy it.

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“bit expensive i thought knowing zilch about modern...”


written by mollmagee on 19/01/2011

bit expensive i thought knowing zilch about modern technology.never mine cost its for wifes xmas.since shes had it and family have downloaded her fav. music and films etc.what a change my lifes become.soon has the ear things are in her lugs its bliss, no more constant yapping. can you do this can you do that, will you come to shops life has been returned to me. thank you apple,should have got one 40 years ago, maybe my hair would not be so grey

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“amozone are not £169 there £189 just thought people...”


written by puresilver on 26/12/2010

amozone are not £169 there £189 just thought people should no. it is 5 star at £169 but its not that price so didnt want people going for it.

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“Of course the ipod touch looks great and sounds great...”


written by keengreen on 14/12/2010

Of course the ipod touch looks great and sounds great - when it's working. The problem I've had is 3 units in 6months. 2 simply died after a few weeks use. Apple are a very aroogant company, we had to send the product off despite going into an Apple shop. They reconditioned the first one and sent us a new one for the second. I knew they were unreliable but Apple really should get their customer services improved.

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“IT'S BLOODY AWESSOOOMMMEEE. Except for the sucky still...”


written by on 05/12/2010

IT'S BLOODY AWESSOOOMMMEEE. Except for the sucky still camera. But it is still the best mp3 player on the market! It is useful, fun, functional, good quality and everything! Everyone should have one of these! It's a sin to not like this thing, its absolutely, positively AMAZING. I've done much research on it, I have tried using it and everything. All I need is to get one. And as lucky as I am...I am getting one! For Christmas, as a present from my parents. Once I own one of these, I will spoil it and give it everything that will maintain its beauty. The only thing I'm not so happy about in the exterior is that it scratches real easy. Which is why I'm going to need a body protector for it. And I've done my research, I suggest Best Skin Ever for everyone. :)

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