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“First and foremost this company has address and...”

written by adPuckett385 on 28/08/2022

First and foremost this company has address and contact info in Florida. There is a number but no one can reach them. They mainly operate from India and their customer service is absolutely useless and only offers lip service. I made a flight reservation with connecting flights ! The airline didn’t honor their reservation and said there was change in order. When these people make a reservation for you, you don’t really have a confirmed reservation for the time and date specified, it is matter of luck to have that reservation confirmed if someone drops off for some reason. In that case, the agency may or May not send you confirmation about change in flight Which totally mess up your schedule. I was in Turkey and Turkish Air wouldn’t accept their change in flight I was nervous and I couldn’t even reach their number in India. I had to buy a one way flight for $1300 from Airline to get home and these screw up ( booking .com) wouldn’t want give my money back… In nutshell, don’t trust these Organizations!!!! They give lip service to get you off their back but they never follow through complaint and getting your money back from them… oh, Good luck! I open up a case at credit Berau.

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“I sent a review in August/September 2021. It was never...”

written by Bahy on 20/07/2022

I stayed at Garden City Inn, Murrells Inlet SC. I included pictures and all other items that were asked of me. It was never published. No reason for me to use anymore.

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written by TheWoodgnome456 on 21/11/2021

I tried booking a hotel stay through The price was shown as £211. I pressed the "Reserve" button & found the the price suddenly increased to £324 without explanation (53%increase) I tried with other accommodation only to find the same results. Why are allowed to mislead people with this incorrect pricing. Surely this is illegal not just despicable & immoral.

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“Sedona Summit nowhere near the summit”

written by Prattyo215 on 04/11/2021

Sedona Summit has not functioning WIFI in the buildings. They say this is noted on their web page, but it is burred under news and events. The staff first said it would be fixed in a couple hours, then upon further interactions admitted it wouldn't be fixed until January. It is unacceptable to rent expensive suites with no WIFI connection in the 21st century. Additionally, the staff's main concern is selling property to clients not taking care of those who are only renting. I would never stay at a Dimond Resorts property again.

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“Don't use this dreadful company”

written by Avidtravelers on 19/09/2021 clearly spend money marketing and not customer service. Even after my last bad experience I didn't learn and it was so easy to click through the advert and book. What a mistake. I was double booked, only finding out on the morning I was travelling direct from the owner. No contact from so I had to call to try and rearrange but no luck as the agent had not a clue. Eventually gave up and booked in at an extortionate rate to the only place available nearby to my destination. No apologies or attempt to make up for this Just don't use them!

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“Be Careful ”

written by AdrienneMcCulloch330 on 09/09/2021

I had a horrible experience when booking through a relative booked and paid for me through for the Med Airport Hotel (Turkey), when I arrived the hotel claimed not to be able to access the funds and made me pay again after a long and tiresome travel experience. Both the hotel and Med Airport Hotel and have evaded refunding the money. I would much rather book directly with a hotel.

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“Stranded in Faversham and sleeping in the car ”

written by cece2 on 26/08/2021

My girlfriend and I booked a romantic getaway in a cosy country cabin. On arrival, the owner informed that had overbooked our cabin, showing proof, and explaining that she had no additional availability. We spent 2hrs in the car park on the phone with an advisor (mostly on hold) who wasnt able to get his supervisor on the phone. He provided a refund (without our agreement) and wanted an additional payment to book a studio flat in Kent as an alternative. As I explained this was not suitable as an alternative paid accommodation, he offered a 1 bedroom flat 60 miles away. We spent an additional 2hrs in the small town on/off the phone with other advisors trying to speak with a supervisor, and get somewhere to stay. The supervisor finally got on the phone at 8pm, being very pedantic and blaming the cabin owner, although our payment was sent to them as the agent. She refused to provide emergency stay without us paying again, even though I explained I didn't have an additional £360 in the bank. Having no additional funds available as the refund takes 14days, we will be sleeping in the car and driving home tomorrow. Tired, destressed and anxious about our safety. Will never use again.

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written by DSAND on 19/08/2021

I used and it was a HORRIBLE experience. We booked an All-Inclusive stay at The Betsy Hotel in South Beach weeks before we were to arrive. Since it was a 10-hour drive, we went down early to be there rested when our vacation started. On Sunday evening, less than 24 hours before we were supposed to check in I received an email saying that the reservations were not All-Inclusive as it said on our reservations and if they didn’t hear back from us in 30 minutes the reservation would be cancelled. In that we had booked All Inclusive and were not getting what we were supposed to get we decided to go home. The next morning our way home as a precaution I called The Betsy Hotel and was told they had no record of our reservations. I called customer service and they told me the reservations were not cancellable. I explained they had sent me the email cancelling my reservations and why. He finally said okay but I would have to pay a cancellation fee. I explained very slowly that they had sent me an email to me explaining that the reservations were not All Inclusive as was plainly said in the reservations and they emailed me they were cancelling my reservations and he said okay and hung up on me. That was four days ago and I have not gotten a credit on my card so I am disputing the charge. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!

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“Filthy rooms ”

written by rabbitt01469 on 15/08/2021

Mold on ceilings, walls and bathroom. Advertised as non smoking. However, allowed at pool and everywhere other place. Spoke to management, not concerned

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“Most appalling customer service, bullies and ignorant tugs”

written by DevanBarnett24 on 12/08/2021

I used them a lot as traveller, now I wanted to be a host. Forget about it. The most obnoxious, nasty team of people. I wanted to cancel a booking, they insisted I paid for the guest to find alternative accommodation. They still do even after I terminated contract.... They do not offer individual to let their home in a safe fashion. DON'T USE THEM AS HOST.... DON'T, DON'T, DON'T and for travelling I'll go to Trivago... Ciao Most appalling service out there. Ignorant people, telling me they don't abide by any law! Telling me I don't have right of withdrawal, never heard of cooling of period.... Bunch of tugs

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“False information”

written by DebbieWooldridgeThompson on 26/07/2021

The hotel was definitely not what Booking said it would be. It was awful. It did not have what I had specifically asked for. I am handicapped and needed on site parking or assist. There was none. I specifically asked for Breakfast included. There was none. The hotel was absolutely filthy. All areas from every surface in every area. The only one elevator was nasty inside and out. The windows were dirty. There was black mold in the bathroom. There was no stopper in the sink. There was black mold behind the bedside stand at the baseboard where I went to plug in a device. Visible clumps of dust could be seen in many places. There was no coffee maker in the room. There were not enough towels nor any toiletries. MOST ALARMING was the lack of a working smoke alarm. It was beeping occasionally upon our arrival. When I requested it be repaired of replaced a man had someone on his cell phone trying to tell him what to do. With no success, he just decided he would disconnect it and request maintenance repair it in the morning. It kept beeping and he came back and removed the fire alarm. That was Monday evening. We left on Friday. Nobody ever came to replace or repair the smoke alarm. Also there were ants in the room and in the hall.

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“No care for customer - disingenuous.”

written by Robertsjx297 on 19/07/2021

Mix up with the booking left us wasting many hours per departure. Agree to check in to find we hadn’t been allocated what we expected or the next best option despite assurances. Wait over an hour on phone then cut off then folk promise to phone back and don’t. Hotel blamed Booking.con and still waiting for contact from 4 days on with various messages sent.

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“Paid 165 CAD/night cancelation fees out of 192 CAD/night”

written by Aomar on 11/07/2021 charged me 165 CAD cancelation fees to cancel my booking in OHG Hotel Belleville (I paid 192 CAD for 1 night). The hotel confirmed that the cancelation is free of charge within 24 hours and I canceled before that time and even though took more than 80% of the booking cost as a cancelation fees. I am writing this to express my dissatisfaction of customer service who keep me waiting for more than 1 hr and no one answer despite that they mentioned in their site that they have 24/7 sevice which is not true. bad service and bad conditions and I dont advise anyone to use this app or site. Thanks

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“What customer service”

written by Neveragain222222 on 20/06/2021

Booked a room in Omaha for College World Series. Arrived at destination after a 13 hour drive to find the hotel overbooked. Met one other group that shared our fate…they, too, were re-routed to another hotel…not comparable to original site at all. While I cannot definitively identify a villain in this (right now I am blaming myself for using them), I will say seems to go out of their way to make sure you cannot speak to a live person to express the obvious which is how can you let this happen…ever…and lack the guts to make a customer service rep available to even discuss how this could happen. Never, ever again…ba-bye.

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“No Refund on accommodation cancellation due to car...”

written by Breenqp243 on 30/03/2021

I have not received a refund for accommodation that was cancelled three days prior to my stay due to car break down on trip to Tasmania. The accommodation provider has been excellent emailing to provide refund, but no response from! The service from is very poor and contacting them for response is proving difficult. I suggest you bypass and deal directly with the accommodation and cut this difficult and uncooperative service provider form the middle of your transactions.

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“Client satisfaction means NOTHING to”

written by on 25/03/2021

Recently, I've made a reservation through There was a certain price throughout the reservation procedure, which almost tripled in fine print when I entered my credit card details, and I didn't see it. I wanted to cancel free of charge - minutes after placing the order! - but that's it, all in vain. They said it only depended on the host, which turned out to be a greedy liar playing tricks on me (when I finally decided not to cancel and check in, he changed the check-in date and matter-of-factly told me I would not be supposed to check in the day after tomorrow, not tomorrow. When I complained to, they made him change it back, but then I asked them again to cancel and they still declined, even having understood what kind of a host they were dealing with. I felt like I fell a victim to some gang conspiring against me. Conclusion: client satisfaction means NOTHING to!

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“Swiss Star Zurich via”

written by wkScott50 on 28/01/2021

I booked one night in Zurich at Swiss Star, and although I put in the correct date, there was a mistake and I confirmed one night on the day after. I have tried to get the Swiss Star Zurich and to change this booking. There was a button - to enquire about cancelling of which I selected BUT this cancelled my booking. I have asked for them to reinstate my booking AND they have said sorry but NO and I was charged for it. After 2 weeks, BOTH parties are of no help. AND they think this is acceptable...

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“Pandemic caused cancellation”

written by brucekline on 12/11/2020

First the facts: In November, 2019, we booked a one night stay at the Frankfurt Hilton via for May 1, 2020, and it was a non-cancel booking. We were taking a world cruise from January, 2020 – May 1, 2020 and the hotel was to be used for our layover before returning to the USA. The pandemic changed all that and hallway through our world cruise we were forced to fly home from Sydney. Once we got home we contacted all the airlines, hotels, and car rentals about the problem we were refunded the fees we paid except for and the Frankfurt Hilton. They insisted it was a no cancel booking so I lose my $102.43. I even asked for a voucher for a future stay rather than a credit to my credit card, but they still said no and kept my money. I decided to dispute the charge via my credit card company and well after the 90 day limit for the response I got word that Capital One decided was entitled to the $102.43 due to the pandemic overriding the credit card dispute rules. So I want to congratulate and the Hilton Garden Inn at the Frankfurt Airport for winning this dispute and I hope they enjoy the full amount of $102.43. I also want to inform them that we have traveled a great deal in the past and once we have a vaccine (soon I understand); we will be traveling a great deal again. We have a daughter and her family living in the UK and we travel there at least once a year. We also average at least 30 days/year on cruise ships. 2021 is also the year we are planning on traveling the USA to take in everything we have yet to see. Naturally there will be many cruise lines, airlines, hotels, and car rentals involved, but sadly we will not be using or any of the Hilton Hotels or their subsidiaries for these excursions. So again, enjoy the $102.43 you won the right to keep. By the way, Capital One, I opened a new card which allows me to charge in other countries without a conversion fee. Looks like I may not need your card in the future.

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“Horrible Service”

written by Trey444 on 14/07/2020 treat their customers terribly and will charge your account money that is not owed to them. If you have an emergency and need to modify or cancel they will still charge your account even if you try to cancel days prior. Stay away and use I will never use them again!!

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“Horrible system - double/triple books properties!”

written by Chaza1980 on 16/05/2020

I rented a vacation house at the beach through I rec'd a confirmation email with confirmation number and all. Week before I went, I was looking at property online and saw it was available. I called and was told that someone else just booked it - I told them I had booked it before the other person and had confirmation number. They said nothing can do besides refund my money. A few hours later I went online and saw property STILL said available. Either system is a wreck or they are just collecting credit card numbers.

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Asked by maryteach on 14th September 2018 Report this content
How do I get a refund? I booked through for one price and later found a much lower price on their site. The customer service rep, in an email, said the hotel would refund the difference. The hotel said that would refund the money. I have emailed 6 times and have received no answer. What to do?

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Asked by deniseshaw on 12th April 2015 Report this content
We cancelled a room online but hotel didn't get fax from, so we were charged. We want a refund. What should we do?

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Answers (11)
Report this content PeterBryan Written on: 13/04/2015
So long as you have proof you cancelled in time through the right channel keep complaining . We were charged twice for the same 2 rooms . First individually and then together . At first there was the attitude the hotel must be right . But once we emailed copy of bank statements and this was sent to hotel we got our money back . Worth a try but not guaranteed .
Report this content dogscott Written on: 13/04/2015
After being misquoted about the room rate (although I had received a confirmation email from complaining to them, this is when I was advised that they are only an intermediary and advised "ME TO TAKE THE MATTER UP WITH THE HOTEL" I cancelled the reservation. My advise is, if you have paid with a credit card pass on the problem to the credit card company. Or I think you are going to have to deal with by emailing them proof of the double charge. LESSON LEARNED KEEP AWAY FROM BOOKING.COM and consider yourself lucky that issue did not occurred overseas and spoiling your holiday.GLA
Report this content A522 Written on: 13/04/2015
When you cancell a reservation sends a confirmation email. Why don't you send a copy to the hotel and insist on a refund.
Report this content nosnevetS Written on: 13/04/2015
Gather all relevant documentation: contact them with exact details give them a chance to reply say 48 hours let them know that after the 48 hours you will go to the small claims courts. Keep records of all communications, date time & whom spoken with. Good Luck.
Report this content javy53 Written on: 13/04/2015
I have to say that when we had an issue with the hotel were very helpful and the refund came from them not the hotel without any fuss. My issue with was that I could not share my experience of the difficulties I had with the hotel. I was unable to put a review on their site as technically I had not stayed there. I felt that this put others at risk from the dodgy hotel treating them badly. I suggest that you provide them with all your evidence and speak to a supervisor or manager, that usually works with such organisations.
Report this content avodoc Written on: 13/04/2015
We had a similar problem, which ended with blaming the hotel and the hotel blaming and I was out $180. I spend thousands a year on travel but will never ever use them again.
Report this content a-deans Written on: 13/04/2015
I would contact by email and not by phone so that you have proof of all correspondence. I would demand that sort this out either by refunding the cost of the room to you or by dealing directly with the hotel as none of this is your fault. We actually ended up in court after refusing to pay for accommodation that was awful. Thankfully at court it was decided that we did not have to pay. We found from our experience that were not helpful to us and by what came out in court it appears that were not exactly helpful to the guest house either. Don't be put off and do not give up. Court is a final option. However try getting your money back by whatever method you paid with as there may be a disputes department that will help especially if you have proof. Good Luck!
Report this content Beeker12 Written on: 14/04/2015
If you have the return confirmation email from that they accepted your cancellation and they will not refund your money. Contact your credit card company and they should cancel the charge after you send them your documentation.
Report this content sweetielauren Written on: 16/04/2015
if you have proof you cancelled then you should get your money back. I would call up the line until someone agrees to give you your money back.OR If you paid it by visa just phone your visa and tell them what transpired and that yo cancelled and never used the room. Visa will refund you the money.
Report this content Australians2 Written on: 16/04/2015
If you have kept a copy of your original online booking with, a copy of your cancellation advice and the subsequent confirmation from of that cancellation, then I suggest you forward these to and ask them to refund you. I'm a bit puzzled when you say they didn't fax the hotel since this is an online service and I would have thought their links to the hotel would be online. As such should also have a log of the cancellation advice sent to the hotel. For what it is worth I use all three of the main online booking agencies and have always been pleased with the service. I keep a complete record of every online booking transaction, just in case there is a foul-up somewhere.
Report this content BrianTK Written on: 18/04/2015
Hello, Sorry to hear about your problem. I would recommend reading the Terms and Conditions on the website there may be a chance that is liable and that you have a claim. Ensure that you have proof of cancellation such as fax or email etc so as to back up your claim to I hope that you have been or will be successful and get your money back. Brian K.
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Asked by zaklina on 18th November 2014 Report this content
How do I find out what is going on with my case about refunding my money?

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Answers (14)
Report this content yorkshireman02 Written on: 19/11/2014
Keep posting reviews about lack of progress on Reviewcentre about they monitor themselves I complained on Review centre and got a result but wasn't after a refund though. Find more review sites and post comments about
Report this content a-deans Written on: 19/11/2014
The customer service number for in the UK is found from a previous email that I had so I hope that it is still their current number. Best of luck with getting your refund back. Kind regards
Report this content Ingvar Written on: 19/11/2014
Did you pay by card or cash? Did you make your claim directly to the hotel? If you paid by card you can contact the card issuer (or bank if automatic withdrawal). If you paid by cash then I suppose you have an ongoing case with the hotel? Has anything been concluded, offer for refunding been accepted, then you should contact the hotel directly, preferably with a reference number if available.
Report this content zeidani Written on: 19/11/2014
After contacting, they will tell you that you will recieve a refund within a specific period of time. Check your credit card statement frequently or you will recieve a message from your bank.
Report this content ex-ginger Written on: 19/11/2014
Can't really help on this one as I have, fortunately, never been in the situation do needing a refund. I presume you have tried contacting them by phone. Surely if you have a case number and ring them they should be able to give you an update. Best of luck
Report this content Sdiez Written on: 19/11/2014
Hello Zaklina. I had a case where due to a failure of the booking site, I received a message stating that the the room I wanted to book was no longer available. I booked immediately my 2nd best option. And just then, I received 2 consecutive messages confirming both the 1st and 2nd bookings. I called immediately to explain the situation and cancel on of the non-refundable bookings. As their reply was vague and they implied that it was my fault. I decided to turn to explaining the case in all of the social networks that I had available: Twitter, FB, specialist blogs like review centre, their own website, etc. I got a response back via Twitter within 1 hour of posting the case on social networks and within one day they confirmed the full refund of the booking. The customer service is so messed up that the 1st person that I contacted via telephone, called me a week later telling me that they were still trying to solve the issue, but that I would most probably loose the reservation money. IN SHORT: POST YOUR CASE IN ALL THE SOCIAL NETWORKS UNTIL YOU GET A REPLY. Otherwise, they will mess you up until you loose your patience. You can retwitt, repost, resend the same message as many times as you want. Don´t forget to put the right hashtags and the name of the booking site!
Report this content R.Cordeiro Written on: 19/11/2014
Dear, if you booked by credit card, the refund will probably be made in the next bill. You can also check the session "Customer Service/Quick answers to the Most Common questions from our guests" for more tips on this topic. Additionally, you may contact the hotel.
Report this content travelwritersue Written on: 19/11/2014
When I was waiting for a refund (summer 2014) for a hotel-snafu via site, i couldn't find any email or phone to contact, although a year earlier i somehow found a phone and called them with another problem which they immediately took care of. (i wonder if they stopped publishing their phone.) So all i could do was wait: i contacted them upon my return home, uploaded my receipt for the expensive hotel i used to replace the cheap one we got bumped from, and then all went silent for some time. Eventually, though, i received an email requesting that i go to a secure site to enter my cr card number because that was the only way i could get my refund. i hesitated. is this legit??? so my husband and i agreed we could give them a credit card we don't use, no balance, and that way if there is a problem we know exactly where it would have come from. end of story: money arrived and once again we are SOOOO happy that we use Good luck, but if you are working with, don't worry.
Report this content Muffy123 Written on: 19/11/2014
this is a hard one as I dont know all the details, if you payed by credit card and its over £100 you can claim it back on your card, if under then I think you need to get intouch with, have they charged you twice, in this case contact the hotel and they should refund it stright away, if not then should step in to help you as they are the agents for the hotel hope this helps you out a bit hope you get your refund quickly
Report this content Yoda181 Written on: 19/11/2014
If your money is with then you have no chance of getting it back. Be realistic. They will string you along. They have made their commission. You are not their customer. They see the property owners as their customer. I am sorry to disaapoint you and am being realistic. Stop living in hope for a refund from
Report this content Luv2travel57 Written on: 20/11/2014
Have you contacted the hotel directly? In my experience doesn't take any moneybut some, not all, hotels do even if there is a free cancellation. I booked something this Christmas and then cancelled.... the hotel had charged my credit card. I cancelled on but then rang the hotel directly and they refunded the money, they did keep the credit card fee though, so I will be more careful in future, just panicked as there was not a lot of accommodation at that time of year.
Report this content PaulOz_5 Written on: 20/11/2014
I have not had this problem but I would try the following. Go to website. Choose "Contact Us" link near the bottom of the page. On the "Contact Us" page there is a further link to "Offices Worldwide" (3rd down under the heading About, Choose your country and there should be a phone number ... try that :-)
Report this content RICARDO1974 Written on: 20/11/2014
You just have to keep pestering them at at the refunds department. I did for a refund and it took ages, but they are willing to refund if necessary but don't expect alot of money back or any sympathy!
Report this content Dolly6 Written on: 24/11/2014
If you paid by credit card, can you not get them to refund the money on the grounds that have charged for a service which they said was free?
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Asked by ksanders86 on 22nd June 2014 Report this content
Hello, I'm interested as to why when we have booked hotels (2 in fact) we were told there were no upfront fees. The hotels, then contacted us demanding deposits before they would accept our bookings? Has anyone else had this experiecne?

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Answers (40)
Report this content Maire1987 Written on: 23/06/2014
Hi, I have never had this problem but some hotels do specify on under an extra section which I think it is normally under important information that they require deposits however in my experience very few as I imagine it is annoying to Refund if you cancel your booking.
Report this content Zippyali Written on: 23/06/2014
I haven't had that experience. When booking it is clearly stated which rates are refundable and which ones are not. However, I have received an email from an apartment I booked to say they are looking forward to my stay and should i need any information, I should not hesitate to get to them. am fine with this since i can directly contact the hotel for any issues that i may have
Report this content johnboy4 Written on: 23/06/2014
I have not had this problem and there is a difference between a deposit and a fee. As I understand it, a deposit will form part of the hotel cost that some venues want in advance to reduce the possibility of clients 'pulling out' whereas, a fee (booking,admin etc) would be in addition to the overall cost.
Report this content Miriam-Ireland Written on: 23/06/2014
Hi, I just looked back on our bookings for 2 hotels in Malaysia in 2013. The Terms and Conditions of each booking were very clear on the payment i.e. no deposit required for one hotel in KL and the other hotel at the airport required payment at booking. Hope that helps.
Report this content R.Cordeiro Written on: 23/06/2014
No, it isn't correct and you have to inform about it and they will contact the hotel. The hotel can email you about another information as if you need a shuttle service or to confirm your check in hour, but NEVER to charge you. If the payment has to be done at the moment of a booking, it'll be through the It must be a mistake or this hotel isn't reliable!
Report this content anhminhluu Written on: 23/06/2014
Yes, I do have many times. Even if you're booking the postpaid hotel, there're different conditions of cancelling the booking. For example, for most of hotels it's free for cancelling 24 hours before time of arrival and they will charge you for 1 night if you cancel later. But, I don't know why, recently tries to charge you for this 1 night IMMEDIATELY. I think they will return you the money in case you cancel your booking in time, but I don't know why they do that. Yes, it feels like they are trying to cheat and I hate it too :(
Report this content Anniehen Written on: 23/06/2014
I have been using for years and find they give an excellent service. They themselves charge no fees to us (up front or otherwise). Most of the hotels stick with the arrangements and only take a fee at the date we stay at the hotel. I have found though that some of the small Independent hotels and guest houses want paying at the point they confirm the booking. I think the only way could avoid this occurring is to not include these establishments in their listings. I personally prefer that they continue to include them, so I have the choice. We always have the choice not to pay and proceed with the booking when the hotel contacts us.
Report this content MLSReality Written on: 23/06/2014
I agree with johnboy4's reply below, that there is no upfront FEE, but there may be deposits. I have grown increasingly disenchanted with's hair splitting on their wordings of different items. My biggest complaint is on Total Price. I.e., Total Price NOT including VAT, hotel taxes and fees (and of course NOT including other charged for amenities like WiFi, Parking, Breakfast, etc. unless specifically stated as Free.) When I have written about this practice, their response is that they do tell you the Total Price with taxes and fees. And in fact they do, at ONE SINGLE point in the transaction. But for the most part, the Advertised Price does not include these fees, and until you click the button to begin booking the hotel, you won't see the Total Price. Not dissimilar to what the airlines did until this year.
Report this content Margb38 Written on: 23/06/2014
I've been using for about 5 years and have never had that happen. The only time we have had to pay any deposit it is clearly stated at the time of booking. Have you spoken to customer services about it? Maybe they can advise.
Report this content Ingvar Written on: 23/06/2014
Hello. This has never been an issue, and I wonder which countries you are talking about? Did you leave your card details during the booking of these 2 hotels? Normal criteria for no-show and cancelling should apply, but I have never encountered deposits. Regards Ingvar
Report this content avodoc Written on: 23/06/2014
My experience with is that they don't always communicate very well with the hotels they book. I cancelled a room and was later charged for it when the Hotel claimed I never cancelled the room. For that reason I will never use again.
Report this content Samkatzkeenan Written on: 23/06/2014
No never happened to me.
Report this content killagigi Written on: 23/06/2014
Hello, Yes I have booked over 100 times using and the great majority of hotels just accept payment at the hotel, a few hotels do however, charge your credit card before hand, ususally those bookings stating they are non refudable bookings, other hotels pre authorize your card, and dont take any money but they check that all the credit card details are correct, I have been contacted by a hotel that had problems pre authorizing my card. A very small minority of hotels do request that a deposit is paid before they will confirm your booking , even though your booking is confirmed with,if these bookings have free cancellation, then they should honour there promise if you do infact pay them and decide to cancle at a later date...the staff at will be happy to help any queiries that you have and they are available 24 hours to help you. gigi
Report this content ksanders86 Written on: 23/06/2014
Hello, and thanks to everyone for replying. One hotel was in Blackpool and the other in Rouen, France. Both times booking. com said there were no upfront booking fees/deposit. The woman in France, however, emailed me to ask for 25% of the overall cost to ensure our booking. The nan from Blackpool asked for a £60 deposit too :-/ It had me a little bit confused.
Report this content ksanders86 Written on: 23/06/2014
Please excuse typos :-/
Report this content davidgriffin7 Written on: 23/06/2014
I think this may happen as a result of bookings done via other booking centers. Or when they the hotel does multiple listings. It is unusual, and probably we should report them, but then they own the hotels, not sure what the agreement with is. I have been asked not sure which small hotel or B&B, but can we have your credit card details for an impression, but not necessarily a deposit. They seem to want to make sure that you will really come and stay. The bigger hotels don't appear to care some of them do not want anything until checkout. That one is good. Although most are pay or at least Credit Card details on arrival, depends how long you stay, but most will want a credit card impression when you walk in the door, just in case you empty the fridge. You need to read the details well when you book, just in case it is one that you cannot change. Hope this is useful?
Report this content Bevtheboo Written on: 23/06/2014
I haven't had this experience with, but I have with another agency. If you look below the booking information there is usually some information about what the hotel requires, so although are not charging you, there may be some condition imposed by the hotel which you may be unaware of. So read all the conditions of the hotel before booking and hopefully that will sort things out. With another agency, a hotel pre-charged my credit card and I didn't know until I received my statement! So now I always read the small print. Hope that helps.
Report this content ex-ginger Written on: 23/06/2014
I agree with johnboy4. I think you are a little confused. do not charge any fees for you finding and booking accommodation on their lovely website. But there are different booking terms and need to click on the little information button on the rooms available page of the hotel's website. I admit it is usual for the hotels to be 'book now and pay on checkout' but some do take a deposit or even upfront payment. In my experience it is usually the smaller establishments who need the deposit or full payment. I must say though that I do find that is easy to use, value for money and would recommend to anyone.
Report this content RICARDO1974 Written on: 23/06/2014
I have booked through lots of times and never encountered these problems. If the hotel is asking you this then I would contact who you booked with and ask them if this is legal!
Report this content carolineThraves Written on: 23/06/2014
This has never happened to me. Which hotel did you experience this problem with?
Report this content Muffy123 Written on: 23/06/2014
Hi which hotels did you book normaly you dont need to pay up front but some rooms on special offer state you pay up front, you could have pressed the wrong button, as some times the site will show the same rooms with different prices, and the same room could be booked with or without breakfast and also pay now with no return this price is usually cheaper check which option you chose I have never had any problem with my bookings, and on the odd time I have had to change hotels there has never been a problem, or charges I hope this helps you and does not put you off, its a quick and safe site to book hotels ect
Report this content popeye227 Written on: 24/06/2014
Hi, I've used several times, occasinally cancelled bookings - all as smooth as pie. Never had this experience, I thought all fees were through Maybe avoid theses hotels (and check with
Report this content luluzine Written on: 24/06/2014
Hello. To be honest, I have become so weary of booking anything at all through but calling the staff personally usually always resolves most problems ASAP. It's like I have suddenly stopped seeing hidden mines and bombs these hotels are usually planting all across their sites! I did not see the consequences of Cancelling a hotel in Magdeburg , Germany 48 hrs before leaving and my penalty was paying for the entire 5 days!!!!,! Not one day but 5 days! I am sorry if I am seriously digressing but what will not protect us from this unreasonable penalties! They did get me half the money back but I was really not happy still all. My suggestion, when you see something you like, call to make the booking so they can take care of all the backlash! Trust me the hotels do not want to be in their Red Book/Black books! Hope this helped!
Report this content Gary1962 Written on: 24/06/2014
Haven't had this either, those that needed upfront payment stated it and we paid, have never been asked for anything upfront when it's stated it wasn't needed. We haven't used any other company for accommodation for ages and can't fault the service and the places we have stayed at, even 1 that was cheap but in need of upgrade we were aware of this due to the honest reviews for the hotel
Report this content adsmike Written on: 24/06/2014
I have never had this happen. I have had hotels ask for a credit card number up front to secure the reservation and guarantee arrival, but they have never charged the card in advance. If this does happen just call's toll free number and they will resolve any problem. At they actually answer their phone, and the customer service rep is very helpful in resolving problems! Amazing!
Report this content southernbelle758 Written on: 24/06/2014
Hi - I have never had to provide a "deposit" or pay for the rooms upfront but it could depend on where you are staying and when to ensure that you do actually intend to stay at the hotel. Not unreasonable if there is likely to be a high demand e.g. Xmas time and the hotel is popular - read the small print just to ensure but I don't think that hotels generally require a deposit - seems like you have just been very unlucky. Better luck in the future !
Report this content knergan Written on: 24/06/2014
It's true that a number of properties don't charge a deposit, but most properties have their own online booking system which links into. So if they charge a deposit on direct bookings then the same will normally apply for bookings from booking sites. It will be written in the property info on so you must have just missed it. Some properties charge 100% up front as well. All the places I booked in Argentina charged in full, in advance.
Report this content dgilp Written on: 24/06/2014
I have had it for one hotel out of many bookings, but it was a surprise to me. I called's customer service once, but they weren't very helpful.
Report this content helenjw7 Written on: 24/06/2014
I have noticed that if I book Hotels within my own Country Australia - they take the money ahead of your stay where as when I booked hotels for overseas accommodation I was not charged until I stayed. Not sure why.
Report this content OzLeanne Written on: 24/06/2014
Yes, some hotels do ask for up front deposits or some even ask for the whole amount before arrival, we haven't had any trouble with any of our bookings made with, depending on the country or size of business, some ask for cash, they have all been terrific. Sometimes it is better to have paid ahead, less bills when you get home.
Report this content PaulOz_5 Written on: 24/06/2014
I have not encountered any situation where payment options were different to those indicated on the web site. Often a credit card number is required to verify booking but it is not usually charged to until the time of the stay. If a pay in advance or deposit requirement was needed, it was always clear in the information.
Report this content heleneh Written on: 24/06/2014
I've booked many hotels with and never experienced this. In every case I have only ever been contacted by the hotel to confirm the booking, with instructions on arrival or perhaps offer transfer from the airport. Maybe it depends on the country.
Report this content stonecoldkane Written on: 25/06/2014
Hi, l have used for 8 years, and during that time l have used it around 60 times, l have never had this problem. I would have contacted if l had, l would also refuse to pay up front, and would have told these hotels that l would report them to somebody. Were you using or another booking agency ? If in doubt, l can't recommend highly enough, l've never had any problems using them, and this includes 4 to 6 week stays throughout Europe staying in a different Hotel every few days.
Report this content madcat12 Written on: 26/06/2014
We, too, were told there were no upfront fees. When we made changes to our reservations -through the hotel we canceled apparently never got word of the cancellation and charged us anyway (we were told hotels wouldn't have our card number) and despite at least 6 complaints to, we have never been reimbursed.
Report this content Fidgetthemidget Written on: 01/07/2014
I can honestly say that this has never happened to me in all my dealings with and the respective hotels I have used. If it did I would tell the hotels to abide by the booking rules stated at the time or cancel
Report this content RonJL Written on: 19/11/2014
In more than 10 years I have never had this problem. In that situation, however, I would politely remind the hotel that I am making the reservation through and that their published information stated that no up-front payment is required. If they insist on a pre-payment then I would find another hotel and report them to In addition I would tell my friends about my experience with that hotel.
Report this content Muffy123 Written on: 19/11/2014
usually they say when booking your room if you have to pay the dept up front,but most are free booking, I must admit I have not had your problem, I think I would choose different hotel in this case, If you got intouch with the admin for they should be able to help you hope this helps, but I do know of hotels who want an up front payment but they always put it on the room prive box even in some hotels you may have to pay up front for one room deal then lower down the page the same room could be free no dept to pay
Report this content killagigi Written on: 19/11/2014
Yes this has happened to me, I rang and told them , they looked into it said they were sorry , that they would remove the hotel from the website. Other times if there is a non refundable price then the hotel usually charges beforehand so if you choose this option make sure you have a travel insurance in case you can't go.
Report this content RICARDO1974 Written on: 20/11/2014
With you should have no fee's if they do demand them get in touch with on line at the hotel! I haven't experienced any similar problems my self!
Report this content MLSReality Written on: 20/11/2014
No I have not had that experience. But if it were to occur, I would send the email request to and ask for an answer.
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Asked by JL2010 on 9th April 2014 Report this content
I'm thinking of advertising my holiday lets in the UK on Is this recommended? I have been using holidaylettings but have become increasingly disgruntled with their appalling site and service so I am looking for a substitute. I already use Homeaway. Thanks 

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Answers (46)
Report this content Maurella Written on: 09/04/2014
I have booked a large amount of accommodation both in NZ and Australia and have always had fantastic service from They are pretty much the only company I book with now. I use them mainly because they are so flexible with cancellations, change of dates etc and also their competitive pricing. I can only speak for myself, but I think they are excellent to deal with.
Report this content Ron48 Written on: 09/04/2014
Over the years I have travelled frequently around Europe for business pleasure and family. Having tried several sites to help me find the most suitable hotel (which may or may not be the cheapest) I have come back to In my experience it is the only site that is reliable and consistent. I would recommend it to anyone.
Report this content MateuszN Written on: 09/04/2014
I think not. I don't recommend - they are able to cancel your booking or raise prices without any reasons.
Report this content ruhaizah Written on: 09/04/2014
I have been using and some others for quite sometime now and I have found to be most satisfactory - always meeting my requirements and expectation, assisted me with some issues that I have and the accommodation have been most of the time very satisfactory and well it apartments or hotels. I do not have any issues so far and even if I have, I can always raise it with them for their attention and improvement. I have always got good response to date and I recommend to u as I have recommended to many of my friends and families. For info, I have just came back from my short visit in Auckland, New Zealand en route from Christchurch and again I am very satisfied with the arrangements made thru I have no problem with reservation, the location of the hotel was very good, room though small but very comfortable (especially for one person) and most importantly as usual I am very happy and satisfied with the services provided. is the only travel agent that allows you to pay upon check-in and not when booking. All this made possible thru
Report this content Joseph_Farrugia Written on: 09/04/2014
I have been using for a number of years to find accommodation in various parts of Europe. I have used it for my own personal travels, for my business travel as well as for my staff when abroad. I also find better than the local sites for internal holiday accommodation! They have a fantastic site with loads of criteria and a wide range to choose from in every location. They seem to be very popular with the owners and staff of the places I visit as they always mention the site with a certain satisfactory smile. Most importantly, when I had a problem with my booking because of failure to travel due to health problems, was there when I needed them. What more can I say!
Report this content ex-ginger Written on: 09/04/2014
Thanks for asking. Although I don't have the need to advertise on myself I do use it to find accommodations for my travels. I have used them many times over the years (but not exclusively) and have always found them to be reliable, efficient, good value. The website is easy to use and there is all the info you need...maps, facilities, reviews and the like. My very first experience of them was excellent, I booked a room late on a Thursday night for the next night and put in the requirements that we needed car parking. Within a few minutes someone RANG me to say that parking could not be pre booked but that there was ample public parking behind the hotel and if we could get into certain marked bays then it would be free.......what service! This was what made me continue to use them. Hope this helps. Good luck!
Report this content obsidian8 Written on: 09/04/2014
The idea of is good, it takes a lot of hassle out of planning a holiday/break, with a couple of clicks you can eliminate the most vital part of any holiday/break which is 'were to stay'. The problem is the sites details are not reliable since they are submitted by the host organisation and not validated in any way by, this can result in a customer having an experience which simply spoils what would otherwise be a great holiday/break. I personally would never use, but with the use of a google search book direct with the hotel. If you are considering using I would suggest that you make sure your details & photos are accurate & keep them up-to-date, any changes in your establishment should be reflected in descriptions & photos to your listing on their website. This should help prevent you from receiving poor reviews from customers.
Report this content aldo08 Written on: 09/04/2014
I use all the time for holidays in a variety of countries. They are a great, well organised website. From a user perspective its very smooth and easy to use site. Plus the way they encourage reviewers to give simple ratings, plus positive and negative aspects to any bookings means its easier for holiday makers to make a judgement before booking. I've not used homeaway so can't compare.
Report this content Baykoc Written on: 09/04/2014
Use without hesitating at all. They do their jobs perfectly. They offer many options like refundable, non-refundable, cancellation, change etc. when you make your reservation. They simultanously give you national, regional,district information around your hotel. More importantly, they don't use your credit card at the time of booking, all charges will be later on.For ten years, I have been using this website confidently.I strongly advice you to do so.
Report this content seashellmabelle08 Written on: 09/04/2014 is really easy to use and very trustworthy. I've used it several times and don't have any regrets. Go for it!
Report this content Mac51 Written on: 09/04/2014
Yes - Booking's good - as is Homelidays. (end user, not an owner)I don't use anyone else.
Report this content AussieChris Written on: 09/04/2014
Going on personal experience alone, I had no troubles whatsoever with when I travelled to the UK last year. I looked at other sites but always ended up coming back to The site was always easy to navigate, easy to book and amend/cancel bookings if need be and the comments & reviews left by others were always very helpful. They are well advertised and well known in the world of Travel and I would definitely both recommend them as well as use them again in the future. Obviously not all places may be exactly as you expect them to be when you arrive but that's half the fun of Travel right? After all, can only provide a certain amount of information and then rely on reviews such as this to be able to provide a more detailed overview of the facility itself. At the end of the day everyone's opinion is going to be different and what might annoy one person is acceptable for another. As an advertiser the more 'honest' information (and photos please!)that you can provide to to advertise your Holiday Let the better including helpful hints & local knowledge to assist the Traveller. If the information is minimal, sounds less than friendly and the photos are dreary I will go elsewhere. Definitely give them a go and Good Luck! :-)
Report this content Anniehen Written on: 09/04/2014 is a great company. I think the reviewer who said they will not use them again because they were unhappy with the hotel they stayed in (there was building work) misunderstands the nature of a booking site. It is there to pass on well negotiated prices, ensure the booking is made efficiently and provide reviews from previously people who booked and stayed there previously! I have used regularly for several years, always receiving an excellent service. I once made a mistake in my booking and rang them to ask for assistance. Their customer service operator was friendly and helpful. One of my favourite companies.
Report this content Margb38 Written on: 09/04/2014
I use for 99.9% of my holiday bookings. The site is so easy to use and if, in the unfortunate event of having to cancel a booking, it is extremely easy to do so. Obviously I always read travellers' reviews too to help me choose accommodation that is suitable for us. On the odd occasion I have needed to phone the advisers have been very friendly and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Good luck!
Report this content spartaly Written on: 09/04/2014
I have been using for the past 2 years (Almost) started my bookings localy in Dubai and I have found them really helpful even in turkey and europe. from my point of view what it makes a unique instrument is their back office staff services and support. They will revert back to you on the spot day and night not only that but will do all they can by liaising with hotel management for your own satisfaction and piece of mind.
Report this content Dolly6 Written on: 09/04/2014
I would not use again EVER- but then i was a customer not an owner like you. I ended up at an hotel in Paris that was shabby-chic without the chic! And they would do nothing- it cost pounds in a phone to them and all i got was in effect- you booked it! What i was really annoyed about was that they said there was no refund within 24 hours of the booking time ie if i had not arrived and not cancelled 24 hours in advance, i would have to pay- that is fine but what they DO NOT say is the hotel can keep your money even if you do not like the hotel. I believe that is not fair - how can you know what it is like until you arrive? This means the customer keeps their side of the bargain by showing up but the hotel can have lied through their teeth in the advert and do nothing about it So the hotel cannot lose, therefore as an owner maybe is for you .
Report this content AP99 Written on: 09/04/2014
First and foremost, is a site I always revert back to. Try as I may, the others cannot compare. I book all my hotels through BC and have not had a bad experience yet. Sine I do a lot of travelling for work, I can genuinely say that BC works for ME. Now your requirements are a little off the normal track that I use BC for. I have searched for holiday lets and must admit that BC never came to the top of the search results. This is very important and will impact how many visitors go to your let page. When searching for hotels, BC always comes near the very top of the search results which allows them to be one of the top most visited sites. My advice would be to search for lets in your area using different search engines. You will see results based on each particular search engines most visited sites. This will afford you the information to decide if BC is the right site for you ori if there is a better site that cones up mire often. I sincerely hope this helps and wish you all th best with your lettings.
Report this content juliejj Written on: 09/04/2014
My husband and I have always used when we travel as their service is fantastic. They have always responded to our requests within minutes!! The nicest thing about is that we didn't have to pay upfront for our stay at different hotels in Europe and were able to change certain part of our booking within 24 hours (or was it 48 hrs?). They also checked with us after our stay to make sure we were satisfied with our choice. Great service by this company and we have recommended them to many friends.
Report this content avodoc Written on: 09/04/2014
I've used many times, mostly with good results. I stopped using them after a dispute over being double booked for one night in a hotel in Rio. They did a terrible job of handling the dispute and I am out almost $200. I haven't used them since and intend to avoid them at all costs in the future.
Report this content NovaScotiaRoadrunner Written on: 09/04/2014
I have used many times, for years now, for booking hotels and have had great success. I didn't realize until today, after reading your question, that they offer vacation rentals so I checked into this. Unfortunately, after my research I found seems to cater more to hotels, as the list of vacation rentals revealed only a few. I have been booking vacation rentals for about 10 years now and my first choice is: vrbo My second choice is: tripadvisor I feel you'll have better success if you list your vacation rentals with VRBO or Tripadvisor. Hope this is helpful.
Report this content TruthOnly Written on: 09/04/2014
I found to give me the best overall feedback when I was searching for accommodation. It provide a good depth of information on available accommodation at the location, the facilities on offer, the rates and availability and the deals it listed were accurate. I tried several other sites and found them lacking in one or more of these 'user critical' factors. I think this would be a good advertising medium for somebody in your industry.
Report this content AnetteB Written on: 09/04/2014
From a customer's view: Yes, is is recommended. Through the years I've rented both flats/Apartments and rooms on "". This has been my first Choice when searching for holiday lets, mainly because of's Level of quality; standardized information, good descriptions, many details about the Place/property. Good Luck!
Report this content Maire1987 Written on: 09/04/2014
I have been using for years now and it has a fantastic customer service team and not once have I ever had a problem that was any fault of!!
Report this content a-deans Written on: 09/04/2014
I would not recommend to anyone as we had a bad experience which ended with us being taken to court by the B & B for not paying for the terrible conditions that we encountered. The B & B were not awarded the money by the court. were not exactly helpful during all of this and in fact their actions could be deemed as making matters worse. However I would definitely recommend tripadvisor as I have seen holiday lets on their website and I believe that it would be a good way to advertise your holiday properties. Good luck and I hope that my answer helps in some way and that you do not encounter any more problems.
Report this content travellingsurfer Written on: 09/04/2014
I have used numerous times, travelling overseas through Europe, Canada & USA. I have used their 'Reviews' on places to stay and found them very helpful, honest and reliable opinions. Having said that, there are reviewers who have had a 'one off' bad experience and readily report same. I also use 'Tripadviser' to double check some locations' reviews. Be warned though, if your holiday lets are not 'up to scratch' (in need of upgrades or shoddy) then they will be exposed by reviewers and potential clients will keep away. So the ball is in your court, if your holiday lets are good and receive positive reviews, then one would expect them to be well utilised. I am unaware of the financial side of your proposal, what charge etc.
Report this content PaulCork Written on: 09/04/2014
I use all the time for business reasons and I found them to be very professional, flexible and great value. I think it would be a smart move to use them. 
Report this content Ronaldo2 Written on: 09/04/2014
My wife and I traveled through Europe and the UK for nearly nine months last year and booked all of our accommodation through I found them excellent and the web site very user friendly. We stayed in the UK for just over two months and booked accommodation from the very South East of England to Scotland and Wales and in total thirteen Hotels or B&B's. Every place we stayed in was excellent and very much exactly as presented on the Bookings web site. I will always use them on future trips.
Report this content PeterBryan Written on: 10/04/2014
I am not sure about the letting side,but as someone looking to rent for 2 months of travelling around the UK we found the site really easy to use . I think my sister-in-law was astonished that as a 63 year old I was able to do all the booking from Australia and have everything fall in to place .
Report this content MohdIkramAhmad Written on: 10/04/2014
Just give it a try. No harm in doing so JL2010.
Report this content OzLeanne Written on: 10/04/2014
With all my experiences so far, I have been very happy with I am a general traveler not an agent but have used a lot over the past couple of years in Australia, New Zealand, South America and Europe and it has never let us down.
Report this content blackcomb Written on: 10/04/2014
Yes, as well as expedia, as we use that site a lot in the UK so you may have a lot of luck through that site, not sure how known is in the UK or how used, but expedia is for sure.
Report this content killagigi Written on: 10/04/2014
I uses at least once a month , so as you can imagine , I have come across a few problems, but overall for the customer, does offer the best possible service on the web.
Report this content Quadcab Written on: 10/04/2014
I used them for a business trip to Frankfurt. Had some problems and found there staff to be arrogant and self righteous over it all. Would I use them again...yes but begrudgingly! Would I advertise property with! The other thing is they bombard you with emails with the same information yo the point where we unsubscribed. I don't need to be reminded that they are there twice a day.
Report this content Muffy123 Written on: 10/04/2014
Yes I have book quite a few hotels on this site, I have found them easy to book through, and I would recommend them, as someone who books holidays with them I find they have plenty of advice and show rooms and conditions, also if there is a problem with our booking we can cancel with nothing to pay if before our holiday date, in 5 yrs we have only had to change our dates once and it went smoothly, I have a lot of faith with and have booked this yrs hotels with them again we will be travelling from England to Corfu and have booked hotels along the way hope this helps you,
Report this content R.Cordeiro Written on: 10/04/2014
I travel a lot and do all my reservations on The website is nice, practical, and has reliable information. I never had problems with and every time I needed to cancel a reservation or change something (date, hotel, room, etc) it was very simple and convenient. In my opinion, is the best place to booking on line. I really recommend it!
Report this content hethncol Written on: 11/04/2014
I try to always use for my intrastate, interstate and overseas holidays. Their website is so easy to use and cancellations if required are just as easy. Their customer service and back up is fantastic should you require it.I don't think you will be disappointed if you decide to give them your business. Cheers
Report this content A522 Written on: 11/04/2014
Definitely! I trust What you read at their website is what you get. No hidden charges. No deliberate omissions. And it is so easy to book and cancel. Their review ratings for the hotels, B and B etc are usually spot on. So if they give great service to us their customers I think they would do the same to you
Report this content Zippyali Written on: 11/04/2014
You will not be disappointed with So don't hesitate...just do it.
Report this content Fidgetthemidget Written on: 11/04/2014
As a customer of I can only say that I have found their service impeccable in every way. What you read on the screen is what you get. If I were still in the holiday letting business I would not hesitate to use their sevices.
Report this content Topgear29 Written on: 11/04/2014
I would 100% recommend I have used them repeatedly to book accommodation up & down the country & they are first class in every way. Never let me down as a consumer. Good luck. Happy & satisfied customer.
Report this content Nickybun Written on: 12/04/2014
I have always found booking .com very useful, never go past it to book anything. Always gets you the best deal
Report this content PaulOz_5 Written on: 14/04/2014
Last year I booked all my accommodation (approx 10 locations) through I found them excellent in terms of range offered, information about their offerings and the smooth trouble free booking procedure. Replies and confirmations were incredibly quick and on the trip at every stop everything was in order with no stuff ups. Speaking as a client looking for accommodation, I was 110% satisfied.
Report this content Miriam-Ireland Written on: 15/04/2014
I used for trip to Malaysia last year and found them most helpful. Cancelling and re-booking alternative accomodation (based on reading reviews closer to our trip) was not an issue for them. Our final acomodation choice for the thrid part of our trip was excellent. What I loved was the facility to change the booking without penalty. The conditions were clearly explained and abided by these conditions. I will definitly use them again. Best of luck
Report this content JL2010 Written on: 17/04/2014
Thanks to everyone who took the time to give an answer to my query; your input has been very helpful indeed.
Report this content davidgriffin7 Written on: 23/06/2014
I have used for staying all over the world, we live in Australia, have booked, Germany, Ireland England and France. Never had a really bad experience. Fantastic places in nearly all cases. I like to book places with breakfast, and all so far have been excellent. Depends on what you want, I like budget prices with my gourmet appetite. I recommend you use So far so good all over.
Report this content woodlands1216 Written on: 03/12/2016
Hello I have a small hotel business. Recently over the past week or so the CVC required to collect the money has not been appearing on the Extranet. Have been emailing them and speaking to customer services, each time in a different country. They recognise the problem but have done nothing about it. To-day I lost a booking for 3 nights because of it. I have been with them for some 6 months but every second month or so there was an issue. OK when everything works according to plan, but systems seem to be full of bugs, resulting in the need for huge time consuming interventions.
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