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“Appalling customer disservice ”


written by SazNew on 02/10/2023

We booked a long haul flight and cruise a long time ago. They took £900 deposit for 2 people. Since booking our circumstances have changed including one of us having a DVT leading to a bilateral pulmonary embolism! The cruise was an absolute fortune and I am reluctant to fly such a long distance now after the PE. It was time to pay the balance. We emailed, we called several times they usually picked up saying I’m guessing today you want to book or pay for a cruise! When I said no to cancel they put you on hold and you are left dangling till you get fed up of the inane music and put the phone down. At long last our call was answered, the lady was pleasant enough but said there would be no refund oh and by the way there is a cancellation fee of £25 EACH. So they have taken £950 from us for absolutely nothing. I find it appalling and unbelievable it was bad enough thinking we wouldn’t get the £900 back but how can they justify the charge. The £900 in their bank for a year will have earned them interest. NEVER AGAIN IGLU.

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“Iglu left us stranded and lied about refund”


written by Incachick9560 on 24/09/2023

Were left stranded at Ravenna cruise port 4hrs before our flight to UK, facing a 3hr drive (if we were lucky) because Iglu booked our private airport transfer from the wrong port. They’d booked a Hoppa transfer from Venice port, which had been closed to cruise ships for the last 5yrs. Iglu’s ‘emergency’ number is only operational 10:00 - 17:30 Mon - Fri, this was a Saturday. We had no option but to pay 500euros to a local taxi firm who got us there by the skin of our teeth, only to find that there had been no need for a private transfer in the first place as Iglu could have booked us onto Celebrity’s airport shuttle for $6. Iglu emailed to say our out of pocket expenses had been authorised on 8th Sept, but they didn’t even attempt payment until a week later. By chance, I rang (took ages as usual) to chase and was told that the refund had failed 4 times that morning to our card. They couldn’t tell me which card they’d tried, but agreed to pay it to my bank account. The 6 days for clearing are up tomorrow, but it’s not even showing as pending in my account, so I don’t believe them. They refuse to even discuss the refund for the price we paid for the original transfer which never materialised, let alone any compensation for the traumatic experience we were put thro. They keep throwing the 28 day complaint window at me saying they’ve got until 2nd Oct. to respond. I won’t hold my breath as they’ve never got back to me on time before. Will never ever use them again as they made a pigs ear of removing one of my party from our cruise last year due to medical reasons (after 12hrs on the phone and eventually paying the refund nearly two months later to the wrong persons credit card) but I stupidly gave them the benefit of the doubt.

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“Not passing refunds from cruise line to customers”


written by WHALEY01 on 20/10/2022

On a river cruise in July 2022, saga cancelled second part of cruise due to low water levels and refunded money to Iglu. Iglu have not passed on refunded money to us, the customer. I have spoken and internet chatted with Iglu representatives (transcripts of chat available) but still no refund over 2 months later. Iglu representatives have on occasion boasted of the Iglu excellent customer service. DO NOT BELIEVETHEM.

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“Dreadful company”


written by SilG on 27/06/2022

What a dreadful company. I booked 5 cabins on P and o Ventura 18 months ago with Iglu for 3 Sept 2022. They were fine until I had paid all the balance. Since then no reply’s to emails. Phone calls are cut off or not answered. I would have thought that after lockdown and covid companies would be doing their best to keep customers but obviously not Iglu. They do not care about customer service once they have your money. Fortunately it looks like we will lose our cabins because of covid isolation so we will be able to cancel the five cabins with Iglu and get a refund and we will go to another cruise company.. NEVER NEVER USE IGLU!!

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“Customer service shocking ”


written by RubyT070363 on 25/04/2022

Dear customer care 25/4/2022 We booked our Royal Caribbean cruise on Friday 22nd April 2022 we processed payment & received our confirmation booking reference. We were waiting on the details being emailed to us but nothing came through my husband contacted you today on live Chat to try to get details of our flights but instead we were told that you could not fulfil our booking because you couldn’t give us the flights from Glasgow unless we go via London at an extra cost to us at £1100. I was not happy whatsoever with this so I then went on to the chat & waited in the queue & was cut off 3 times without getting to speak to anyone. I eventually got through after waiting in a queue of 38 & got through to customer services live Chat , I explained my complaint & he came back & said we would have to pay the £1100 or cancel the holiday , I feel this is very very unfair & through absolutely no fault of our own. & to be perfectly honest you are advertising something you cannot fulfil. To me this is false advertising. I was still talking when I was cut off with no warning obviously because it was after 6.00pm , he didn’t explain that he was finishing the conversation & the next screen that came on was the attached, I am absolutely disgusted with this treatment I would like to know why you are advertising & selling holidays you cannot supply. Sent from my iP

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“Terrible, nearly non existent, customer service.”


written by GedandAli on 24/03/2022

When you want to book a cruise Iglu are great, but if anything goes wrong they are terrible. I have had one cruise cut short at the start of the pandemic and two cruises cancelled since. As recompense for the curtailed cruise I was promised a substantial future cruise credit so booked a 3 week cruise of West Africa, which was again cancelled by the cruise company. After waiting over 3 months, and spending in excess of two hours oh the phone and sending several emails, I finally received my money back; but the cruise credit has been withdrawn! I have repeatedly attempted to contact Iglu by phone and have sent emails about this but have not had one single response from them. This despite having spent in excess of £50,000 with the company in the previous 4 or 5 years! Does this company even have a customer service department? If they do, then they all need to be retrained as to what “customer service” really means! I shall not be using this company again.o

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“Awful aftercsales ”


written by jsCarey160 on 22/03/2022

Amazing customer service when booking a new cruise! Awful customer service once payment is made. Up to hour waiting on calls to be hung up on when staff are not interested in listening. Do not take any responsibility for any changes in ship or itinerary and will carry on at customer expense

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“The worst customer service ”


written by Rubbishiglu on 18/03/2022

The only way to communicate with this company. 2 1/2 hours on the phone no email chat line 1 hour and then cut off. Please note that I require changes to this reservation. The second person, is now unable to participate in this 101 nights World Cruise. Therefore he needs to be cancelled from the booking. I will continue with my booking as a solo traveler in the same cabin (which adjoins my sister’s) and take on the new Cunard price for the trip. I understand that Cunard will require a cancellation fee of £3,045.35 in respect of his cancellation. Also that according to the terms and conditions for your agency you may impose a cancellation fee which is calculated as follows (This agency calculates2.5% of the booking value(capped at £100 per person). This fee should be between between £25 and £100 but, as my family have in excess of £80,000 bookings with you, that extra fee could be waived. I shall be grateful for written confirmation of my amended booking and the new Cunard price as a solo traveler. Thank you

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“VERY VERY poor customer relations”


written by branpaja on 20/01/2022

Booked a cruise with Iglu on may 2021. it was for a 7 night sailing on MSC Magnifica departing Southampton on 15/10/22 and travelling to Northern Europe. I booked 3 balcony cabins and drinks packages. This was family cruise. Noticed recently that the cruise was no longer being advertised by any cruise agent. Checked Iglu website and found out the MSC Magnifica was sailing the Med on the date I should be boarding. Phoned MSC who confirmed my cruise had been changed and Iglu notified. The MSC reference numbers given by Iglu at time of booking now showed a totally different cruise. I have phoned Iglu several times and used their chat function but they insist my Northern Europe cruise is still going ahead even although their own website says different. I wish to book another family cruise but cant untill I am officially advised my cruise is cancelled. I certainly would NOT recommend this company

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“Try getting a refund!!!”


written by cyberil on 05/01/2022

Booked a cruise with Iglu that was cancelled by Princess due to Covid. Our kids were not double vaccinated so could not board. Been waiting 6 weeks for a refund of £740. Iglu told us we would have to wait up to 12 weeks for our money back, although we know that the cruise company have already refunded Iglu. We have booked 5 cruises with Iglu, would never use this company again, they have no respect for their clients and I seriously doubt we will see our money again. Very underhand and suspicious.

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“Booking my cruise”


written by Edithg on 02/12/2021

Very good service from person i spoke to She explained about the cruise and described the ship and the Entertainment on board Very good service I would recommend Iglu cruise to friends and family

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“promised deposit refund but kept £100 of our money”


written by Bobwif on 02/12/2021

Booked with Norwegian (NCL) in 2020. Booking passed to Iglu as we were past customer. Booking for June 2020 cancelled due to Covid. NCL had a 'full refund/on board credit' policy. I asked Iglu to confirm we would get a 100% credit if cancelling and email confirmed 'yes' . Later only £250 of £350 credited. NCL say Iglu were offered full refund or standard cancellation with £100 charge. They chose the latter! Cannot get my £100 back.

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“Excellent service… again”


written by McManus371 on 01/12/2021

I needed to change my cruise booking. The staff were so helpful and got it all sorted for mean one call. I had several questions but they were able to answer them and looked at different cruise deals for me getting me the best price and extras. Well done Iglu!

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“Excellent Service”


written by GT50 on 30/11/2021

I booked a Marella Adult only cruise for our 50th wedding anniversary yesterday. Your agent couldn't have been more helpful. She was very patient and understanding as we developed exactly what we required. We used up a considerable amount of telephone time but she was always courteous and friendly. She made a few knowledgeable suggestions with regard to ship and cabin choice which made choosing easier for us. Both my wife and I appreciated her help immensely. Thank you Iglu.

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“Best Agent yet”


written by Wrenjen on 30/11/2021

I was extremely impressed with the agent who dealt with my enquiry and subsequent booking. All was explained very clearly, he was easy to understand and no pressure was put on me to book at that point although I decided to. I've used Iglu on many occasions over the years and have always found the staff to be helpful and knowledgeable but in this instance the agent exceeded even my best expectations. The cruise itinerary was just what I was looking for, hopefully a bit of winter sun and at this point in time I don't wish to fly anywhere so a Southampton return fitted the bill. I thoroughly recommend Iglu to anyone who is looking to book a cruise.

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“Easy to book online”


written by Gilljwnky on 29/11/2021

Used iglu to book an MSC Dubai abs Qatar cruise leaving in 2 weeks. A quick and easy process at a great price. In just a few clicks everything was booked. Would highly recommend

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written by Rik55 on 29/11/2021

The advisor (Jemma) who dealt with me was very competent and worked everything my wife and I needed for the cruise requirements. Have used Iglu before for a holiday and would do so again.

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“Service counts!”


written by Timmillea on 29/11/2021

I contacted the two top discount UK cruise agents for the cruise we had in mind. We were currently on holiday in Turkey so it was not a simple phone call. The agent from Iglu came shining through, overcoming our communication difficulties and offering an extra discount. The other was not even in touch. He was easy to talk to and straight to the point. I would have no hesitation in booking with Iglu and especially this agent again.

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“Struggling with refund! Would not recommend ”


written by Kristiep on 16/11/2021

After our cruise being cancelled due to our children not being vaccinated we have had lots of trouble getting a simple refund. I had booked 3 cabins as travelling for a special birthday with family. I had paid deposit using my credit card but iglu refuse to refund directly to my card and have insisted on sending 3 cheques addressed to the other people in the cabins even though they have not paid anything towards the cruise. After several emails and telephone calls with iglu they still would not resolve and refund the card that deposit was paid on. This now means i need to ask the other families to visit their banks to pay the cheques in and then transfer the money back to me causing lots of inconvenience.

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“service given was excellent”


written by Barkerhf455 on 15/11/2021

all the advice given was adequately given

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