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“Is there a zero star rating for these fools?”


written by MIKs on 09/02/2024

Is there a zero star rating for these fools?I'm trying to sell the shares for my Father, who has passed away. I sent them ALL the documents they asked for. 2 weeks later I get an email asking for some details that were on the paperwork I already sent them. So, I sent them the details AGAIN. 2 days later I get a letter telling me they need a document, which they hadn't asked for previously, and sent me back a document, saying I hadn't signed it - my signature IS clearly on this document. So, I rang them and after spending ages on the phone, they won't budge on their stance and won't process this for me. I am furious!!!

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“Why does this company even exist?”


written by Whitehead192 on 21/09/2023

For some reason companies listed on the stock market use Computershare to provide services to shareholders, like change dividend payment options. There should be simply an app that the companies themselves use to provide these services. If that was the case, poor service companies like Computershare would not have to exist. I am looking forward to the day when Computershare no longer exists.

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“I hope you never deal with Computershare”


written by vaPatton44 on 07/09/2023

I wouldn't send my worst enemy to Computershare. It's no surprise that a failing company would choose them as the transfer agent. Let me put it simply, I would rather sit in the DMV all day and wait for a number that never gets called than to deal with Computershare.

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“Sold my shares without my knowledge or signed...”


written by poMcDaniel457 on 08/04/2022

Computershare sold 272 of my shares with Philips at $31 a share, half of what I paid for them, without my authorization. They claimed that I signed a policy at Philips when I signed up to buy shares 7 years ago that if I leave Philips that I would need to find a broker for my shares within 6 months. Regardless of any policy, Philips does not have the legal authorization to give to any entity direction to sell my shares that I bought with my money without my knowledge. All Computershare had to do was reach out to me before hand to let me know that I needed to get a broker and they could not even do that. For such a large company their lack of integrity and compassion are unethical and illegal. If anyone knows if this was illegal and the precedence for it please let me know. Thanks.

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“Absolutly horrible!”


written by santoli3 on 04/11/2021

Absolutly horrible! I was transfering shares from a 401k to a private brokarage. The 401k holder (Empower Retirement) used Computershare as a transfer agent. Computershare then did not complete the transfer. Then they required me to request the tranfer and provide a medalian gaurantree stamp (at a cost of £300), thus holding my stock hostage in the meantime! Further, they would give me no information about my account prior to receiving the medalian stamp.

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written by Gamestop on 03/10/2021

You will not regret it. Moass is imminent. K will be jailed - he is already negotiating with the Sec - Shitadel will disappear Shifts of wealth will take place, like it or not

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“If you can't tell that all these 1 star reviews are...”


written by on 25/09/2021

... Well, they're fake. All these negative reviews of anything related to GME (GAMESTOP) are paid shills brigading.

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written by 1988Jordan on 02/07/2021

I should have looked up the online reviews to manage my expectations before reaching out to them for support. Turns out all the negative reviews are nothing but absolute TRUTH about their poor service and utterly outdated and non-globalised operation model. Repeated copy-paste replies on email infuriates you even more because they are not here to help. You just have to do it their way - the ancient way! Spending so much money to post a freaking letter to the US? And they are a AU company. In a globalised and digital world... I am just appalled. Absolutely THE WORST and I don't blame people for calling them a sham. Truth is - you are not sure if you can get your money back even after months! There goes my hard-earned money...

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“No Customer service”


written by JaceyHouston83 on 06/04/2021

Locked me out of my account without telling me, after many, many, many calls person said was fixed and not to my surprise I still can't login. I am beginning to wonder what is happening to my investments. This company needs to be investigated for possible improper business practices. I have accounts with 7 companies who I will contact and advise what's happening and recommend new broker. These people are customer unfriendly.

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“No cost basis info”


written by 128McFarland on 11/02/2021

Computershare has a connection with my company 401k. However, when I went to transfer shares out of the 401k, they did not keep the cost basis data. What use is the service if it does not have the information.

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“Terrible Service ”


written by FunancialNovice on 07/01/2021

This is the worst web service that I have ever utilized for a financial service, the worst. I go through the online verification process, register successfully, and then receive a reply that I will get a response email in 7-14 days, then I can access my account. Hey, this is 2021. Letters do not arrive in the mail due to USPS incompetence. I dislike this inconvenient service (and I use the word SERVICE lightly)!

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“Absolute worst; wait for your shares until they're zero”


written by AnnaliseSherwood on 20/02/2020

I cannot express how much I hate Computershare. I had BlackBerry shares when I was employee there, and I've been trying for months to sell them. (I have been trying to sell them for 8 months now.) They started by requiring me to get a "Medallion Seal" on my paperwork which required me to send a bunch of paperwork to my bank, back to me, then to them. I waited for weeks for a response, and heard silence. When I followed up, they then tell me that it was sent to the wrong place and they don't have my paperwork anymore so I needed to start over. If they knew it was sent to the wrong place, they must have gotten it. Customer service? I think their model is screw the customer, since they could have kept it, they could have forwarded it themselves, they could have notified me. Anything really except sit on their hands and throw the paperwork in the trash. I have been trying over and over to get my shares out, and complicating that is that they seem to require physical paper copies for everything. At every step of the process, they either tell me "wrong" information, send me to the wrong department, or find another reason to refuse to get my shares out. At one point they told me that I wasn't allowed to get out my shares by myself and then subsequently they told my financial agent that they couldn't release the shares to them because I haven't given an approval for the release. Needless to say in all the back and forth, the stock continues to drop. They're costing me money every day by being completely incompetent. I'm working with my agent and they cannot believe it either. I think their primary function is to keep shares until their "customers" give up and they profit. I will avoid this company at all costs. I will tell as many people to avoid this company as I can. I will refuse to get stock from any company that uses them as their holding agent. It would not surprise me at all to find out that they are a sham company who's main purpose is money laundering and/or that they have an inside man at the SEC that is preventing them from being investigated.

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“Add on charges”


written by SamMills123 on 16/09/2019

I changed banks when I moved across the country. This terminated my monthly automatic investment. Computershare charged me $20 for failing to notify them of the change. Sorry Computershare but my closing my bank account did not cost you any money. My closing my account did cost you money.

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“Totally Incompetent”


written by Gordonnic on 11/01/2019

I held Sharesave accounts through my employer paying in on a 4 weekly basis, in June I was made redundant and afer being given incorrect advice by Computershare advisors was told I could make a further 6 standing order payments into each of the 4 accounts I had running and then use the option to by the preagreed shares. However the total lack of knowledge and incompetence of staff have lead me to overpay into the the sharesave accounts and Computershare are now not acknowledging the overpayment amounts. Have tried to contact on numerous occassions and they will not transfer me direct to the department I need to speak to so they either put me on hold, never to return or simply hang up. The advisors are uncaring, uninterested and lack knowledge, they appear to follow scripts and if your query is not on their list then you get cut off. I have never been treated so poorly by any company ever. Avoid at all costs.

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“Charging £5 to re-issue a cheque to deceased person's...”


written by Fitchre228 on 22/01/2018

That review title sums up the kind of organisation they are. In short, they said in their letter: "There are outstanding payments to be reissued for a total of £29.79. In order to issue a replacement cheque, we will require payment of our administration fee of £5.00." What a joke they are! £5.00 to press a button on a computer!

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“Byzantine Bureaucracy and Horrible Customer Service”


written by YandelPollard22 on 05/07/2017

I am the executor of my late Grandmother's estate and had to liquidate her various stock shares. I was able to quickly liquidate ALL other stocks except when it came to my shares held through Computershare. I have currently been playing a redundant back and forth game of submitting, resubmitting, and then submitting again documentation so that they will hit "sell." This has now stretched to almost one YEAR! It is infuriating. The degree of inefficiency and poor customer service (good luck finding a fluent English speaker if you can get to a human and prepare for half hour wait times on line if you dare ask to speak to a manager) is industry leading for all the wrong reasons. If I wasn't forced to deal with them I wouldn't. In short, don't screw yourself and deal with these con-men. They do nothing, charge you ridiculous fees, and will waste an inordinate amount of your time.

Scuttn57's Comment

Written on: 04/02/2023

I’m facing the same issue with my mom. This company is horrendous. Horrible there’s no words to describe it. Complete incompetence

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“The worst financial services company I have come across”


written by MalakaiFallon299 on 14/05/2017

I have worked in financial services for 17 years, working with all sizes of financial services companies, some good, some not so good. Genuinely these guys are the worst I have ever come across. Totally obstructive, refusing the simplest tasks like selling shares online instead of using a share certificate. Staff on the phone are largely incompetent and they dont reply to complaints when lodged, breaching seems like an occupational hazard. Trying to get any sort of sense from them is pretty much impossible, everything is on paper and the web site looks like my child built it. I bet if you went to their office they'd still be using quills and ledgers. Pick another company, these guys will slow you down and cause annoyance, they still owe me £500 that should have been paid ages ago. The only glimmer are the traders, they seem decent.

Allyson780's Comment

Written on: 30/05/2017

I completely agree. Management stinks. They care nothing about the people whom they supposedly serve. There is no way to contact any one in management and you just have to hope that after waiting on hold for upwards of 15-20 minutes that you get someone in the call center who knows what they are talking about.

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“Computershare, more like Computerkeep”


written by hlWaugh30 on 18/04/2017

My shares were held at Computershare in the U.K. Some how got transferred to the US Computershare. I only found out when I tried to make a sale. Wrong address so had to wait 10 days for that to be updated, was issued quarterly and sale of shares. Got a cheque in Dollars (why? My account has always been Pounds)explained that This would mean 12 weeks of waiting for money due to being in the UK. Called to arrange payment by wire, stated could not do impossible as cheques issued. Despite the cheques from the quarterly payouts being cancelled as I had not received them with no obvious issues. Took days to get a manager to agree to that I can send cheques back but would have to use a notary to sign letter and give bank account details. Did this and was told cannot be done had to fill in another letter, did that then nothing. It's been 3 months and I still have not received my money, keep finding more paperwork and still cannot access my account t online. Every staff you speak to give you more incorrect details, absolutely disgusting behaviour from a company. YOU HAVE STOLEN MY MONEY! My list of issues is too big to type on here, you've cost me a house, extra bills and 5 hrs of calls from the UK to the USA. I used a notary which cost 60 pounds I sent all letter by UPS which cost another 150 pounds. You really know how to wind up people, you are a invisible company, no system to really get in touch. Shame on you, you're another evil company that I hope the authorities sort. Thanks again Computershare the manager who should have called today did not!

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“Loss certificates due to death of spouse”


written by Satch3737 on 20/03/2017

Horrible company....been trying to get the shares switched out for 10 years. And the company has tried to thwart me at every turn with legalities, notarizations, and certifications, then accused me of forging my wife's death certificate. Did, I mention that they charge fees whenever they can. Today, 10 years later I'm on hold now..waiting for management to resolve this matter?

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“Internet capability totally useless”


written by on 12/10/2016

Tried to sell a few shares using their Internet site and after a long-winded (and one of the most convoluted and obscure user interfaces I have ever experienced) Q&A session which involved digging through paperwork to find my shareholder ref. which every other company I have used displays in the account info., I eventually got to sell, only to be told they couldn't complete my transaction and I would have to spend another half-hour calling them so they could tell me why!! Most organisations have some positives-I cant think of a single one for Computershare

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Asked by ewknightly on 15th September 2020 Report this content
Why is a medallion signature guarantee required rather than a notary?

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Asked by patriciapeacock on 12th February 2019 Report this content
How can I find my account?

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Asked by nylesg on 23rd April 2014 Report this content
When selling stock how long does it take to get your money?

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Answers (2)
Report this content RodneyDuggan Written on: 24/05/2014
About 5 days if by wire transfer
Report this content patriciapeacock Written on: 12/02/2019
How do i find out much in account
Asked by mbakaletz on 17th April 2014 Report this content
How can I download my stocks into Quicken?

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Asked by carolynGibson on 26th January 2014 Report this content
how can I sell my shares? and today's price?

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Answers (1)
Report this content RodneyDuggan Written on: 24/05/2014
There is a clearly marked path for selling on the Computershare website if you log-in (!!) then slect your portfolio, then click on the "sell" option it will guide you through the steps needed and give you the latest price. Have you tried?