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Latest Reviews

“Married, immature or unstable.”


written by AliaGilbert on 02/03/2023

It is safe to presume that anyone you talk to on the site is one of the above… or all three if you’re lucky! After 3 years on the site I have concluded that it is most likely a joke amongst the military users, something they go on for a laugh and a bit of attention. I have had experiences that have ranged from being completely ignored for months at a time to raging lunatics that quickly became controlling and abusive. DO NOT swap numbers or addresses with anyone on this site… take my word for it please! It’s absolutely insane and so toxic on there. Half the time you can’t get on either because of the text code so you’ll have to start emailing admin every time you want to go on who will send you a one time URL to access your account.

Tellitall's Comment

Written on: 09/05/2023

What else to be said? Spot on.!

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“Full of married men”


written by Brodie499 on 27/02/2023

I re joined after a few years, and sane old faces on there. So boring. Lots of married men wanting hook ups, lots of weird men wanting hook ups and nothing else. I am not joining again, so disappointed and nothing but time wasters. Avoid unless you want a married man to waste your time.

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“Full Of Timewasters”


written by Honest07 on 21/02/2023

I’ve been on / off this site over the last 7 years . Same faces different day . A lot of married’s / taken’s , just looking for dirty chat ( as others have mentioned ) Quick to want to ask for your number / whats app so they can send what they don’t want to send on the site ! Honestly , save yourself the hassle .

Jakeyroo's Response to Honest07's Review

Written on: 21/02/2023

I've also been on/off for 6 years and found the same.Ive dated 5/6 from this site all army and found them to be emotionally immature or mentally unstable.I would say be careful,stay safe and avoid that's my personal experience

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“Total Ripoff!!”


written by YorkshirelassUK on 17/02/2023

Joined this site as a friend of mine is in the military and was on this site previously. It’s obviously gone down hill since then!! First joined as a non paying member to see what it was like and had no problems logging in. As with other sites you are unable to do anything unless you pay. As soon as I became a premium member I was unable to access the site. Never received a verification code which was needed each time you log in. Reported this to Forces Penpals more than once and each time I got an email from the same guy telling me they were having trouble with hackers which was stopping verification codes being sent to genuine members. I take it it’s just the paying members it affected! I told him I wanted my membership cancelled and money refunded but that has not happened. Should have read the reviews first! As far as I’m concerned it’s a sham and should not be allowed to operate.

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written by Tuckerpt141 on 26/01/2023

Onc ein the site is not bad. Howver dont pay as you get in and it will log you out. Then ask for a code to send to the phone. I even used a different sim and still never logged me in. I would avid the site and yo get frustrated with the poor customer service. Its one male who runs it an believe he makes money by doing this as seems to be alot of reviews regarding this issue. Met some great people on there and some very naughty women.

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“What's happening?”


written by CorinneMalone212 on 28/12/2022

Been on and off this site. Presently this is the worst type of support ever. Problems logging in, now the website is blocked by antivirus software that I have on my phone,tablet. Something is seriously going wrong with site, Sort it out!

Scully2's Comment

Written on: 07/01/2023

Yes I'm trying to get on now. But it's Nat sending a verification code to my phone. Only went on the thing lastnight.

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“Utterly played badly”


written by Hatch229 on 06/12/2022

There were some really polite professional members. Polite and welcoming. Thank you, for polite chats. Got to know 1 really liked how came across. I respect professional commitments. And would have. But utterly played with peoples feeling. Little respect unfortunately for women.

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“Paid for no access ”


written by 1972Piper on 01/09/2022

Paid and can't access the site it's always down. No reply to emails. Terrible service

Catladyt73's Comment

Written on: 06/09/2022

Yeep me too I had to find an old email to email customer services to get them to cancel my subs as I couldn't get in either. Absolutely appalling

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“Never works”


written by Jacqui63 on 29/08/2022

Terrible site paid my fee yet can't get into the site tried contacting force penpals so many tines have had no response from them . So disappointed can't read messages that I have had sent. All it says all the time is Oops or can't get on the site. Soon take your money.

Cshead's Response to Jacqui63's Review

Written on: 29/08/2022

Exactly. It's shocking how they keep taking our money yet all questions about site security and refunds go unanswered! As far as I'm concerned I'm paying for a service that I'm not getting.
Off the top of my head this is the 4th time that the sites been inaccessible for over 5 days in the last few months! Everyone jump on the refund bandwagon and see how admin react.
I've seen a few posts lately where people have made complaints on the forum....admin just delete the threads!
We have voices, we pay our subscriptions, we deserve to be heard and not ignored!
AN APOLOGY GOES A LONG WAY but we don't even get that or a warning that there are site issues!
Sadly, this is just another nail in the coffin of an already failing site.

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Frontline_Cleaner's reply to Cshead's Comment

Written on: 29/08/2022

I have seen numerous threads about the site having issues, and admin soon delete the comments, whilst letting jokes by an elderly gentleman who claims to be ex forces.

I have even tried contacting the sites email address, requesting a refund for services which I have paid for, not even an automated response.

Unfortunately the only way to get the admin team to react would be for everyone to cancel their subscriptions, which of course won't happen so they will continue to take everyone's money for nothing.

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“It never bloody works”


written by TamiaChavez176 on 28/08/2022

So civilians have to pay and military who provide their service number get it for free. So as a paying member the site is down 90% of the time. Been told by admin that the data is not safe and that its had numerous hack attempts. So what are the paying members paying for if we're not secure?? No one is looking for a date on here, it's a site where people want to collect naked photos, chat dirty and then ghost you

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“Are lot people ”


written by lgGoodwin203 on 08/08/2022

Hi writing say are not mey nice people this I befriend, turn out very very bad man wipe out bank eight hundred pounds then plus few more of money did robe blinds lady out good lots money I had end up getting the police him was bad then put force pen pal site then think must only one thing, think this website think better off closed down for good that how bad think most man on this website are then not nice at all be much better without this website then put of going back maybe for ever then

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“Very disappointing ”


written by Expara on 20/07/2022

I had recently been widowed and was a bit lost so went onto this site as my husband was in the forces . The person I got talking to was also down an widowed on his profile so I thought we would have a lot in common. Sadly he forgot to tell me he was engaged and really only wanted to send nude explicit pics and fish for compliments . He had a few women on the go from this site and his now wife at home . It was a real eye opener for someone who had been happily married and was now widowed.

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“It's a joke. ”


written by 1954Baxter on 21/05/2022

How sad that a once lively site has now become page after page of copied & pasted jokes! Surely a forum is there for people to have open discussions, voice opinions, share thoughts on relevant subjects? It's a great site for the Dm's but don't rely on the chat room or forum for entertainment.

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“Absolute stupidity ”


written by Amari1991 on 11/12/2021

Utter rubbish and that’s when you can get on it, the site is always crashing or has errors! A site full of boring people who don’t know how to have a conversation beyond ‘How are you?’. Nobody uses the chat feature and the forum is about as interesting as the private messages. Absolute waste of time. As far as my experience goes, a class of primary school children would be less childish, more articulate and conduct themselves in a more respectable manner than the people on forces penpals. If you are interested in dating a military man, good luck finding one there! The majority either served their minimum and are doing other things or haven’t served for about 30 years. If you do happen to fall on a serving member of the forces, prepare yourself… they will tell you they haven’t been able to talk for months because they’ve been working… they haven’t clicked yet that, you can still see them logged in to fpp. It’s quite concerning to think that some of these people actually serve our country. Don’t waste your time or money on fpp. You were warned!

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“Tends to be a bullying community ”


written by 381Egan on 23/07/2021

I joined because I worked with people in the forces and enjoyed their banter and company but that’s where it should of stopped! If you’re interested in cheap hookups and bullying on the online forums then this is the site for you! Although single I was only up for friendship but was repeatedly targeted for hook ups from desperate and often sexist and narcissistic guys. I mainly just ignored the ‘flirts’ and enjoyed partaking and reading the forums HOWEVER there are particular contributors who have to argue with everything or who are horrifically sexist and that happens to both males and females! God forbid you disagree with a select few! I found admin absolutely fine personally and I feel the site had so much potential but … it’s just not there :( I should have read more reviews before subscribing

Tellitall's Comment

Written on: 16/01/2022

Absolute classic review...should be in the guiness book of records.well done.

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Tellitall's Comment

Written on: 16/01/2022

Definatley thumbs up to you.

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“Well, what can I say!”


written by on 03/06/2021

I can say I have spoken to some lovely people on here, however only 2 people have asked why I chose this site, i'm an army brat with family who are serving. I have had lots of views from both men and women, however as my status reflects I'm only after friendship, when others seem to put both friendship and dating that is not is what is meant and honesty doesn't seem to matter to many. The forums are enlightening and give you an insight to others, however you need to take everything that is written with a pinch of salt, many people seem to use the forum as a way to belittle others, commenting on personal attributes rather than the subject. The chat room is a joke! I think people need to check it out first before committing to it.

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“Forum full of attention seekers”


written by Kaelyn223 on 30/04/2021

The site itself is pretty good, but at times can veer off from its intended purpose of supporting our armed forces. One you get past the young chancers, there is some decent individuals to converse with. Where the site is let down unfortunately is the public forum. Previous reviews on this site are bang on, a certain poster and her friends ruin it for everyone, she has even infultrated this reviews site, spamming every review with negativity, showing her for what she is. Fortunately most of her spammed responses have been removed, hats off to review centre admin for spotting and removing. Posts on said forum could do with a word limit, there is one guy on there, I think he used to serve but he never mentions it........much, who seems to insist on posting essays, mostly creepy or self indulgent about how great he is, and gets upset if you disagree with him.. reign it it pal, its dull. In short, a good site once you delve in past the chancers, and avoid the forum at times.

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“Ive found new friendships ”


written by Barrett105 on 21/04/2021

Joined this site over a year ago and have formed new friendships with both male and females. I’m not personally looking for the one and whilst I have come across a few who have tried which others have mentioned in previous reviews I politely say no or have a good laugh over their messages. Having never been active in the forum i have read nearly every thread posted since joining and some regular posters have no idea of the meaning of a forum and do use it for meaningless replies instead of a good old discussion. So can see why there is negativity towards the forum as a few good threads have been deleted or ruined by these comments. Never been in the chat rooms so can’t give a review on that. My overall experience is a positive one and new members should make their own opinion on the site depending on why they joined.

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“Love It”


written by Broderick86 on 21/04/2021

I stumbled across this site many years ago when looking for a pen pal and having military connections i wanted to do my utmost to offer support. Although the site seems to have moved away from this (as hardly anyone writes letters these days) and seems to be more focused on the dating aspect, do not let that put you off. The site is full of wonderful people to chat to and many friends can be made. Like every site there are down sides but on the whole as long as the negativity is ignored then it's a positive place to be with members supporting each other. A very user friendly site that's easy to navigate. Enjoy

Scully2's Comment

Written on: 07/01/2023

I would enjoy if I could get on. Only been a member for 24hrs and have not been able to get on for 6 of them. And still can't get on. I use to get verification code to my mobile. But its not sending no more. Without that I can't get on. But I'm still going to have to pay. As I can't get on to cancel the bloody thing. You can't even get hold of no one to talk to. Iv messages on messenger. No reply. I'm fummin

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“Cyber bullying”


written by GabrielaBishop64 on 17/04/2021

Coming from a military background and after loseing my husband who also was military.a friend suggested the site..and i am absolutley shocked and gobsmacked to say the least at grown adults cyber bullying and targeting me through comments on the forum .in songs .and private messages. Other users have wittnessed this and also reported many many times..unfortunatley not alot seems to be done sadly..some users dont post anymore or have left due to this shocking behaviour.haveing never deserved it in the first yes cyber bullying spiteful jealous comments even from ones whp never post on the forum go onjust to be nasty or spiteful 

Rmcommando's Comment

Written on: 20/04/2021

I have been a member of this site for many years and have always found admin to be extremely helpful with any issues raised. You must report any issues you have. Sadly, the comments made in response to reviews (that someone has made today on this site) just magnify any issues on Forces Penpals that admin are trying to fix. I'm so concerned by the level of these comments that i have taken screenshots to send to the site admin at Forces Penpals.

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Iorion's Comment

Written on: 24/09/2021

Good. Hopefully they'll sort things out. The site is sexist in the way it deals with photos - allowing men to post topless, scantily clad pics, but deleting pics of women wearing things that are designed as outer wear. I asked fir clarification on the double-standard. Not received it. There IS bullying on that site and plenty of aggressive men and harassment. You not liking these facts doesn't mean they're not fact. I had forum posts deleted, then had random messages from people complaining to me that I had been deleted. The forum is generally full of vapid and vacuous posts that look like women playing nice in the hope of pulling. Rare are posts with substance.

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