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“Poor Quality Control”


written by Rihannag497 on 24/05/2018

I have worn contacts for 35 years and for several years I have been using the Acuvue Daily Moist and they were GREAT!! I could work ; travel etc on all kinds of weather and environments and they were just great: All of the sudden the lenses became dry and when I tried to re-wet them they just stuck together and were sticky like they had a coating of adhesive or something on them: After several months of this - I found that a lot of them come from the plant in Ireland: Sometimes my shipments were mixed of USA and Ireland made boxes?? This kept happening and most of the product from Ireland was defective: Optcial stores can not guarantee where the lenses come from and finally I got in touch with Johnson & Johnson and their attitude was if I don't like them - but something else: They refused to acknowledge that the plant in Ireland makes a defective lens even when given run and lot numbers off several boxes that I could not use: They did refund me for those boxes - but they said too bad- go buy another brand: Johnson & Johnson is a very poor quality control company:

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“Burned my eyes. SUPER flimsy material. Horrible product. ”


written by on 08/11/2017

I have to go through 5 pairs a morning to find one that will: a) not bunch up in my eye when i blink from the flimsy material its made with, b) not burn my eye (some pairs randomly burn when put in), and c) when you remove from the package they do not make the bowl shape but keep falling over on and then not able to put in eye because played with so much. As i was driving the contact bunched up my eye when I blinked. I called to complain and tell my experience and they said that is normal because that is the material they make that brand with. DO NOT ORDER THIS BRAND. HORRIBLE PRODUCT- VERY UNSAFE.

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written by 395Archer on 11/10/2017

These contacts are so dry and irritate my eyes. My optometrist office doesn't care and tried to say that the contact I carried in there that had irregular edges looked like a contact that had not been soaked overnight properly. I said, "these are daily lenses, so they came straight out of the package." I can barely get through a work day with them in. My eyes are red all the time and burn. I splurged to get the daily lenses and I feel like I just threw my money out of the window.

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written by McKenna1972 on 21/04/2017

I lost about 50% of these lenses just putting them into my eyes. They are moist so every bit of dust or airborne particles seem to attach to them prior to getting them into my eyes. They often fell out when I blinked as well. Worst lens I have ever used.

Millsy99's Comment

Written on: 12/05/2017

I agree, they're terrible lenses. Far too thin and very uncomfortable

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“Totall comfort”


written by AnnaGillespie on 08/04/2017

Though these lenses take a bit of getting used to ( handling) once in they are so comfortable! The only ones ive ever worn that i cant feel. I have very dry eyes and they really suit me...10 out of 10 !!!!!

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“Thought it was just me!”


written by on 12/02/2017

A nightmare to put in, keep folding in half, very difficult to see which way, is correct way round, even with a ridiculous 321 code,that's almost impossible to see! As been said very comfortable when you have wasted 12 to get one pair in, sorry but not good

Puredust's Comment

Written on: 26/12/2019

I have exactly the same issue now and it's almost 2020. It seems that they don't care about the customer reviews.

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“Blurry and fall out”


written by Michael877 on 31/01/2017

These are easily the worst contacts I've ever owned. With Acuvue TurEye I could pop them in in under a minute and be good to go. With these, it's endless frustration putting them on as they keep fall out at least twice before I can put them on. They also lose focus after about 5-6 hours and start to come off when you blink. Terrible. They're comfortable while they'll last, though, I'll give them that.

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“Blurry! Don't believe the promotion”


written by 1968Bryant on 26/12/2015

My optometrist pushed these daily wear ones hard..I believed him and got the sample pack. immediately my vision was considerably blurrier than in my normal 4 week contacts. I tried washing them, changing them, everything. Still blurry. It's pathetic.

Andrewsiggs's Comment

Written on: 26/02/2016

as acuvue moist often appear blurry,is there a similar brand that u guys recommend to be better?-have heard of another called acuvue oasys,any views?

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written by FoggyVision on 29/06/2015

Like others here, I have found these lenses to be difficult to wear. Vision is blurry, lenses stick to my eyes and it's almost a surgical procedure to remove them. Each morning when I wake up my eyes are very irritated and not receptive to the new lenses. I would not recommend these to anyone.

Skolesaire's Response to FoggyVision's Review

Written on: 30/06/2015

Hello, we're sorry you are having a poor experience with these contact lenses. Please call our Customer Relations telephone number or email us so we can discuss this with you.

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Pearlcheongweiyi's Response to FoggyVision's Review

Written on: 13/11/2015

U r not supposed to wear 1day lenses to slp >~<

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“bad! terryfying”


written by on 04/02/2015

I went in to get my exam and my doctor basically told me that these contacts are the best for dry eyes,Not! The contacts are cheap made and after a few hours they start sticking to your eyes causing me to blink constanly. Everything looks super weird.as if the world looks very huge! I wear these and look like im stoned! Lol..I will not purchase these I'm only wearing the trial and thank God I didn't spend money in these crappy contact lens

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“Well too thin”


written by SavannaKennedy on 15/09/2014

Well too thin, they are randomly fold on half don't stick to your eye. Terrible waste of money

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“Do Not Buy!”


written by simonpawlin on 07/02/2014

I had to buy a box of these lenses as Boots have stopped keeping a stock of my usual, cheaper lenses in store (which is a pain and sadly a reason for leaving them now) I have had nothing but terrible things to say about this product. 1. They sting your eyes when you first put them in 2. they swim around your eyes constantly 3. Do not rub your eyes. The lenses will, no matter how gently you rub, disappear behind your eye balls 4. They flip out your eyes on a regular basis for no explicable reason. 5. They are very dry. 6. They randomly fold in half and then stick together. Truly, I have had nothing but a terrible experience with these 'superior' lenses and I will make sure that I never make the mistake of buying them again.

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“Bring back the old 1-day Acuvue!”


written by on 14/10/2013

I used the now discontinued 1-Day Acuvue for years without any problem. I am getting so frustrated with the Moist products that I have resorted to wearing my glasses all the time instead. They make my eyes very itchy, which could be an allergic reaction to the wetting agent, and they don't adhere well to the cornea so they pop out the second I touch my eyelids. I also suspect that the batch for my right eye was faulty because I sometimes have had to try 2 or 3 lenses in a row before it felt comfortable. I have gone through a box of 90 in less than 2 months. Very irritating. Looking for an alternative brand.

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“It is AWFUL, dont do this to your eyes! ”


written by on 17/09/2013

The worst lenses you can ever buy, dry, broken, irritating and i wouldnt put them on again even if its free

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“Way too many defective lenses”


written by Debiag on 30/06/2013

I've been wearing contacts for 25 years, and I've never had this many defective lenses! I bought a 90 day supply of Acuvue Moist Dailies because I thought they were very comfortable, and luckily unlike other user reviews I've read, I never had any problems putting them in or removing them. However, of the 90 lenses I bought (for each eye!) I would say 30 of them are unwearable. I open the container and the edges are jagged or they have visible tears in them before I even touch them. I contacted Acuvue and they wanted me to send all the defective lenses back, as if I saved and stored 30 lenses somewhere for the last 3 months. The first several times I thought maybe the one box was bad, so I threw them away of course, but Acuvue said they need them back so I now have half my bathroom counter full of containers with useless lenses in them to send back, and they may not even send me a refund! I would not buy these lenses again, and after dealing with the Company, I will not buy any Acuvue lenses if this is how they treat their customers.

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“Absolutely terrible. ”


written by awnowlin on 27/06/2013

These contacts are awful. My optometrist pushed these hard, saying they were much better than what I was currently wearing. These contacts absolutely, positively suck. There is no rhyme or reason to how they are placed in their original containers, which means you get oil and dust all over them on removal. They will then flip and flop back and forth giving you no idea which way is correct. Then sometimes they will be so dry the simply fold over and stick. If you can get them into your eye, try not to do anything but look straight ahead. They slip and slide all over, some times moving to the back of your eye. They will LITERALLY feel as if you have a hair stuck in the contact for the next hour or so. Try not to touch your closed eye in that period because they will fall out and force you to start the process over. These contacts are pure garbage.

Simonpawlin's Response to awnowlin's Review

Written on: 07/02/2014

completely agree.... awful lenses

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Bongo1996's Response to awnowlin's Review

Written on: 06/12/2014

The lenses have an inside out indicator on them. The numbers 123 are embossed on the lens visible on the outside. Great lenses.

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“VERY difficult to remove.”


written by justaboy on 21/02/2013

This literally stick to my eyeballs. They wear fine, but are excessively difficult to remove. I have to pour solution into my eyes, rub them and then still almost scratch my eyeballs to get them off and then remove. I have never had this kind of difficulty with contacts (30-year wearer).

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“Extremely comfortable lenses”


written by cleuk on 15/01/2013

I was used monthly disposable contact lenses and i switched to 1 day acuvue lenses. These 1 day acuvue lenses are very comfortable and easy to wear without any troubles.

Bcustance's Response to cleuk's Review

Written on: 31/01/2013

I have used acuvue 'normal' dailies for 12 years until now and thought they were great, easy to use in every sense.
However, when I tried to re-order them recently, I was told that they have now been discontinued in favour of 'moist' dailies.
what a pity! I can appreciate that the moist lenses are regarded as better for eyecare, but I find them significantly less-comfortable to wear. Invariably, they fold up inside my eye, however carefully insert them, and often I end up having to dispense with the lens earlier than intended within the day
Does anyone else find the same problem, or can anyone advise on how to prevent this happening? Rgards, A very frustrated Acuvue 'moist' wearer!

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“Once I was used to them - Fab!”


written by on 16/12/2012

It took me a little while to get used to these lenses. I was advised to use them because the two weekly ones I was using were irritating my eyes. The first month I used the daily moist I did have trouble putting them in my eye, they were so soggy and floppy compared to what I was used to. I also didn't realise but I kept putting them inside out! I would throw away more pairs then I was using and it was driving me crazy. However now I have the hang of them they are great! I have a method of sliding them out of their packet and gently putting them on my finger and into my eye. Once in my eye I don't blink but move my eye around until they are centred. It takes about 10 seconds and once they are in I cannot feel them at all, all day. They are so comfortable it is like they are my own eyes! They have not irritated my eyes at all and I am very happy with them. If it wasn't for the fact that it took me a while to get the hang of handling them I would have put 5 stars. I am happy to keep wearing these lenses for the forseeable future.

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“Super Contacts!”


written by nantz on 04/11/2012

Extremely comfortable lenses, able to wear for aprx 12 hours a day. They are very thin and moist. It's great to throw them out at the end of the day and open a fresh pair in the morning. No more need for solutions and cases which are an added expense to wearing contacts. I would highly recommend these lenses. They also have 1 2 3 lightly printed on them so you can tell if they are being inserted the correct side. Top notch contacts!

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Asked by monishas on 1st March 2014 Report this content
How many hours can this lens can be worn?

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Answers (1)
Report this content justaboy Written on: 03/03/2014
That probably depends on your eyes, you, your tears, etc etc. It also probably varies widely from person to person. I used to wear hard contacts (not permeable, hard!) for 14 hours once a week. No problems. I was told that was not possible. Obviously it was.