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“Don’t trust or listen to the lies and excuses of...”


written by Furkz on 24/12/2022

So I was after a Tudor Back Bay Pro watch so I went online hunting. I came across the Chisholm Hunter website and it instructed to get in touch. So I headed over to the chat button and was welcomed by the “Dual Site Manager” if they had one in stock and they did. Straight away I politely asked to call me, which was great and I paid in full for the item (This was a Saturday). I was instructed by them that I would receive a receipt for my purchase within a few hours, on Monday I would get a DHL tracking number and finally would receive my watch on Tuesday. Came Tuesday and I was patiently but over excitedly awaited the delivery for my watch. Around halfway through the day remembered I never received any tracking info. So I contacted them again through email. Who replied with his logistic department is looking into it and will get back to me. He never got back to me. On Wednesday disappointingly I emailed them again because they never got back to me. They replied saying there’s been an error and his dispatch team are looking into it and will get back to me. I’ve worked in retail myself and I know this is a common trick to set someone up for some bad news when they’ve messed up. So I replied again asking for an honest resolution or delivery of my watch within 24 hours. Which would make it Thursday, 2 days before Christmas. So Thursday comes around and guess what still no watch. But I do finally get a reply. They are now saying there’s a stock error and I wouldn’t be getting the watch but a refund within 24 hours. No apology or anything. Just an explanation 2 days before Christmas. What do I do now? So I would highly recommend staying away from the embarrassing organisation that is referred to as Chisholm Hunter. I’m honestly discombobulated and perplexed to how a retail company with presence in large malls can act like this and behave like this when they are “trying” to retail luxury goods. Thank you for ruining our Christmas. Chisholm Hunter

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“Tricked into buying a ring”


written by Ppage68 on 21/11/2022

Went to get my wife’s engagement ring sized, told it couldn’t be which we naively accepted. Ended up getting the diamonds from the original ring put into a new ring. We find out c2 years later that the original ring could have been sized, which Chisholm Hunter have now agreed, along with two independent jewellers. They won’t provide any compensation despite the fact they tricked us into buying a new ring by lying and saying the original ring couldn’t be sized. To make matters worse a stone has now fell out of the new ring as it has been poorly designed and made. I note we aren’t the only customer to suffer from this. Shock horror Chisholm Hunter state we have damaged the ring. The CEO claimed he would personally investigate and reply. Never had one response from him. This company has no idea what good customer service is but are top drawer at lying to customers and then conveniently claiming they didn’t say what they did. Stay well clear

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“Excellent Jewellery Shop”


written by Myra_Walker on 02/02/2021

I purchased a ring for my brothers wedding and everyone loved it. Have huge collection of jewellery with wide variety. Prices are affordable. Quality is great. Customer service is helpful and nice. Great experience.

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“Brillant service warm and friendly staff”


written by Mullgaff on 12/11/2020

Had a fantastic experience at the silverburn store.  She was so knowledgable and helpful but not pushy Got my beautiful diamond ring not disappointed and will be truly recommending this store to family and friends in fact will be going back for some Christmas shopping There was nothing that they could have done any better and ypu didn’t feel rushed or taking too much of there time up In fact all the staff got involved with our purchase so nice

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“Not a quality company I thought they were.”


written by edithaidat-sarran on 22/08/2020

Saw a ring that is ideal for my daughter 21st birthday, I made an enquiry about how soon I can get this ring for my daughter, the salesperson called her head office and was told that if ordered that day the ring will be back by the 3rd August, I paid for the ring got the receipt with a date of the 20th August, this was scratched off and was over written for the 3rd August by the sales person. The 3rd August came and went, got no call, I called Chisholm Hunter Kingston 8th August to find out what is happening and was told the item is not ready and that the sales person  should not have told me that the item would be ready for the 3rd August, I explained that she called the head office first before taking the order, was told a call would be made to head office to check the status. I got a call to say the item will be ready some time between 17-21 August, again got no call (surprise surprise), called again to be told the ring would be ready in another 2 weeks, I told manager that is not acceptable and ask for a refund, was told no refund would be forthcoming as the ring was already made. I am most unhappy, the occasion has been ruined and this company bears no responsibility, it’s like all they want to do is make a sale and don’t care about anything else! It seems deadlines are unimportant.

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“Fantastic service at Glasgow Fort store”


written by Andy2304 on 03/08/2020

Myself and my fiance popped into the Fort store in Glasgow yesterday. No intention of purchasing but ended up buying two wedding rings from the guy we dealt with! This was not our first spur of the moment buy from him as we went in for a "look" last October and ended up buying a beautiful engagement ring. On both occasions we received amazing service from him and were so happy with our rings. He has the knack of gauging his customers needs and producing the perfect option. We loved the service and most important trusted the advice offered by him. He has a wealth of experience and knows his products and people so well. A lovely man who rest assured we will be back to see again in two years or so to buy an eternity ring!. Thanks to all and good luck and good health.

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“Purchased a Man's watch Online”


written by 415Bowers on 14/12/2019

Purchased a Man's watch . I Did not pay for next day delivery so it took over a week to arrive but surprisingly it had been sent just the previous day on 24hr delivery (so why the delay ) ? Parcel arrived in good condition but to my surprise on opening the shipping packaging the first thing I notice is that the watch outer box had a label and details of a woman's watch. Fearing that they sent the wrong Watch I opened the box to find that it was in fact the correct watch but in the wrong watch Box. The relieve that I had received the correct watch soon diminished when I saw the condition it had been shipped to me. Firstly There were no manufacturers labels attached .Inspecting the watch further I noticed Dirt around the buttons and crown, There were marks on the Bracelet which fortunately though stubborn I was able to remove with a cloth. On the back of the case is a clear semi removable sticker that at some time someone had had 2 unsuccessful attempts to remove it and looked untidy and messy. The end of the Crown showed signs of Tarnish probably from being near a lamp in a display cabinet. I purchased this Watch as a Gift for someone and I would not have given it as a gift to anyone in this condition or in the wrong packaging. Even though I purchased the watch at a reduced sale price it was not described other than new or as B Grade stock or ex display so I expected nothing less than factory condition. When I Contacted them they were apologetic and helpful and I obviously had the option to return the Item but to receive an item in a condition like this is Inexcusable and totally except able. Surprise Surprise they did not have another in stock although a week after my purchase they were still advertising it as in stock on their website. Fortunately I have a Number of similar Watches and I was able to test all the Functions and settings and the watch seemed to work as should and after I cleaned it up and made it look presentable it now looks a lovely watch. I could not spend the time chasing it further or returning it so I Decided to just live and learn and added it to my own collection. I have now purchased another watch for the original gift . I purchased the replacement watch from Watch Shop who gave a far better service and the Item came in unused factory condition with labels attached and in the correct Box. So my Summary is - Buyer be warned you may receive an ex display item cobbled together with any old packing and you may have to make the Item presentable yourself or return it. Consider this if you intend the Item as a gift for someone Remember that these companies who present themselves as high end retailers may be less concerned with the quality and condition of items they send customers than so called less prestigious retailers. I have tried to be as honest and fair as I can about my purchasing experience and hope this is helpful to those looking to purchase .

Ddsk's Comment

Written on: 17/12/2019

Update : After reading further Reviews Online Including reviews from ex Employees
I am now of the opinion that Chisholm Hunter is Unfit for purpose as a Company and Business and I would advice potential Customers to think Twice before making a purchase from them. There are far better places to spend your hard earned Money.

Don't think bad reviews are just one just off's …

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“Worst service I’ve ever had”


written by Bugwyn on 18/07/2018

DO NOT GIVE THESE JOKERS YOUR HARD EARNED! (Especially if you’re in the Stirling branch) I ordered a watch online and collected it from the Stirling branch, I tried it on and as it was still in its protective plastic I went home to adjust the time, date and generally enjoy my new timepiece. Upon removal of the plastic I realised that I had been had, there were extensive scratches on the back of the case (worse than any watch, some worn for decades, that I have ever owned) there were scratches all around the bezel, and there were marks on the brushed steel casing. I contacted Chisholm Hunter to arrange a refund, I was offered a repair (it’s a new watch allegedly, so shouldn’t need a repair) I was told a new one from Tissot wasn’t possible as it was discontinued (still for sale on your website though isn’t it) or a really offensive £30 off if I’m willing to keep the defective watch. The icing on the cake was when I took it back to Stirling branch (120 mile round trip to collect and return) and was instantly and sharply told we don’t do refunds, one of the staff was sitting on the floor on his mobile phone barked out is it a web order before going back to his phone. The sales assistant mumbled her way through (after dropping the watch on the floor as she took it out of the box) guess we know how you treat your stock then. Demanded to know who had agreed a refund (irrelevant due to the statutory 14 day web return) and not once did any of the 4 assistants offer any kind of apology (just eye contact would have been nice) Utterly despicable service, avoid at all costs.

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“First visit”


written by Baldwingb320 on 25/01/2018

Spotted a watch on line, and a couple of days before I went into the shop Insent an e mail for an appointment to view the watch. When I went into the shop at the weekend, I was told it wasn't available in any of the Argyll arcade shops. When I said I had sent an e Mail in advance was told they didn't know anything about it. Brought me some other watches, but I still wanted to see the original, so was told they would source one from the stock room in Buchanan st on the Monday when it re opened. Took a note of my mobile phone number. Guess what no call! I bought a similar watch in h Samuel. Very bad service, and they lost a sale! Def need to up their act far too many jewellers shops to choose from, disappointing customer service indeed!

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“Do not shop here! ”


written by 69Willis on 28/12/2017

Staff in the Falkirk shop are rude and will blatantly lie to you to get a sale. I asked the assistant if I would get a refund on a ring I bought if the person didn't like it. Was told yes no problem. Unfortunately when I then had to return the item the staff were rude and refused to refund my money. Lots of good jewellers in Falkirk I would recommend looking at other review sites and shop somewhere else.

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“Shocking experience with ring valuation at Chisholm Hunter”


written by Elzabee on 12/10/2017

I sent a very valuable tanzanite ring off from the Manchester branch of Chisholm Hunter to be re-valued, having searched over Manchester for what I thought would be the best place to entrust with a valuable piece of jewellery. When it came to getting the ring back, I was getting worried as it had not arrived when they had said it would. I ended up having to call the store, only to find out that the Manchester store had been closed for 6 weeks for refurbishment, something which had not been told to me or even hinted to me as a possibility, and so I found myself having to contact the Warrington branch instead, which was less than convenient. To the store's credit, the ladies with whom I spoke on the phone tried their best to do what they could. Furthermore, when the ring finally came, I am incredibly upset and disappointed to say that the piece I left with them in a pristine condition came back damaged (a visible chip had been made in the tanzanite stone), and even more frustratingly, neither the store nor the guild where it was sent are accepting any sort of responsibility for the damage caused. This has meant that I am now left with an very valuable and incredibly sentimental piece of jewellery that has been damaged through this jewellers, and I can't begin to explain how I feel about what has happened. The best they could offer was a refund of the postage price (I had to send the ring back to them to be re-assessed due to the fact that the Manchester store was shut), and a refund of the £49.95 that I paid to have it valued. The ring is worth at least 14 times that price, even in its now damaged state. I would not recommend this store for valuing purposes to anyone, and I certainly would never trust them with a valuable piece of jewellery. It's not worth the frustration, upset, and stress caused.

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“Poor customer care”


written by Adie1 on 24/09/2017

So disappointed. My husband bought me a 'noodle' diamond ring for Christmas in Argyll Arcade, Glasgow. Staff were delightful, offering champagne, chat and smiles. 9 months later a diamond fell out so we returned to the shop to ask for assistance ...upon which an icy chill descended. The spy glass was produced and, after a period of uncomfortable silence, we were informed that there was damage to the ring and areas of metal were missing most likely due to customer damage. Assistant said she would send it off to the manufacturer but the likely result would be customer damage. Assistant said that it didn't take much to damage a ring. I beg to differ, I have diamond rings which are older than her which haven't lost any diamonds and which have been worn every day. I did suggest poor craftsmanship but no, it was customer damage. The manager, who didn't even speak to us, had a look with the spy glass and surprise, yes customer damage. Having read the reviews on here it seems that there are quite a few of Chisholm Hunter who also 'damage' rings! Not sure where to go with this situation now. Any advice Chisholm Hunter?

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“Shocking service ”


written by Weddingwoes on 24/07/2017

My fiancée and I visited this store to look for wedding rings. On entering the shop,we were asked what we were looking for.The salesperson chastised us for leaving our purchase so late. No congratulations, nothing.The wedding is 8 weeks away. He had no rings available to try on,but informed us that the company owned 6 more shops in the arcade. He left us for "two minutes ", while he checked next door at one the their other shops for rings and a price. He was away 20 minutes. He returned with no rings and a price scrawled on a post it note. Being polite,we thanked him for his time,and asked for the post it note. He looked at us shocked,and said "what,are you not buying the rings today, you need to order them today". We said we were going to have a coffee, and think about it,that is how we like to do things, after all we hadn't even seen a ring. He then said "how long to you people take to discuss things". He also had said to my future husband,when he enquied about a 4mm ring,"with hands like yours, it would look like you were wearing a woman's ring sized up. It would look ridiculous ". Suffice to say,we left the store, had our coffee,and purchased our rings from another shop,separate to this chain. We left the store dumbfounded by such terrible customer service.

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“Awaiting refund from March 2016”


written by mdNeville392 on 09/07/2017

Still await refund from March 2016. Terrible service.

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“Avoid Avoid Avoid ”


written by Aprilfool73 on 07/03/2017

We brought a £300 engagement ring here 18 months ago and have nothing but problems with it, yes its white gold, yes we know it eventually fades, we were told 12-18 months to get it re-rhoded!!! Try every 3-4 months, we have now had it replated 3 times and cleaned. I have had the blasted ring off my finger more than on. We went into the store yet again and said enough is enough, I do not want to have to come into store every few months have it sent away at £35 a time. We were told no refund as been 18 months!!! Yes its been 18 months because we have been fobbed off that long. It is not 18 months and we have suddently decided we dont like it, we have complained from a few months after and since. Refund please!!!! Mis-sold as informed 12-18 months when not!!!!

Nataliepink4772's Response to Aprilfool73's Review

Written on: 22/03/2017

Glad to hear I'm not the only one with same problem. Only had ring 3 months and company refusing to budge. Have been offered re-plating, but this only covets poor quality ring. Customer service APPALLING.

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“Terrible return policy, AVOID AVOID AVOID”


written by davied984 on 28/12/2016

Got a xmas present that I already had, can't return because the 25th was my 14th day of their "returns policy" as item was bought on the 11th, can't return on the 25th because shop was closed 26th out with there 14day policy they stated Would not recommend at all, staff were on their bad week also I think Used them for years, quick enough at taking your money but not returning it as a gift I knew nothing about Poor show....:

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“Purchase from web site”


written by IsabellChurch on 27/11/2016

I would just like to thank the members of your staff at the web site for their terrific communication skills, they talked me through how to go about buying a D & G. necklace from your company, within your web page, I received my goods thenext day, packaging and attention to detail, was fantastic, I would like to thank all of them who were were extreemly helpful to me. Thank you

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“Bad manners”


written by Markshenderson on 12/11/2016

Called at the chester store in the grosvenor precinct this morning to collect my faulty bracelet. The shutters were down but the staff inside who were apparently going through some training with the manager could see me standing there. There were no opening times so I continued to stand outside the shutters. They kept turning round to look at me and the manager could clearly see me. At no time did they approach me and let me know what time they were opening I was just ignored. It was so uncomfortable. I decided to stand there. About five minutes later the shutters went up. When I spoke with the manager he didn't seem to realise that he had done anything wrong. He just didn't get it. I was fuming at his bad manners and all he said was we will agree to disagree. He told me he had been doing the job for 20 years I think it's about time he changed jobs. I was especially disappointed with the staff who were not assertive. All they had to do was to say I'll just let the lady know what time we are opening. Maybe they are scared of him

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“Incompetence central”


written by sc_review3 on 01/10/2016

My daughter favoured CH to get her engagement ring altered but it has been an unmitigated disaster with delay after delay, promises broken, and no end in sight months after leaving the ring with them. Do not trust this company please, they are incompetent beyond belief.

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“Chisholm Hunter jewellers bracelet wrongly priced”


written by rbSloan419 on 19/07/2016

Went into Manchester arndale store today, seen a bracelet in the window priced at £32,50. The assistant showed me the bracelet and agreed with the price, I asked if charms would fit on it, she said they didn't sell them. And would keep it for me for an hour, I purchased a charm and went back to Chisholm Hunter jewellers, she put the charm on and I agreed to buy it, she again agreed to the price, she went to box it up at the till. She returned and said the manager said it had been priced up wrong and it was now £49. The manager came over with a disgusting manner and said I will take off 15%, but if you buy something else I will sort out a deal foryou. I said I didn't want anything else, he told me that trading standards would agree with him.his attitude was disgusting. I will never return to this store

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