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written by sunbeam1952 on 26/03/2024

I had to think long and hard before paying £500 to get my vintage Omega watch serviced.I decided it was now or never so I went ahead with it to be able to pass it on when the time comes. I first took my watch to their Southampton kiosk for a service on the 11th May 2021 and received it back on the 27th September 2021 (139 days later) supposedly repaired. The watch kept stopping. This is a fault I have never had before so I sent it back for the second time on the 1st October2021 and received it back on the 15th November 2021(45days later). The watch ran for while and then started stopping again. Back it goes for the third time on the 15th February 2022 and I received it back 29 April 2022 (72 days later). Needless to say it was still stopping. Back it goes for the fourth time. I asked how long it would take to repair it this time and the counter assistant informed me it would be a whopping 46 weeks (322 days) having no alternative off it went with the assurance that they would let me know when I could collect the repaired watch. Not having heard after 46 weeks I contacted the Southampton branch was told indeed my watch was ready for collection, in fact they had had it since March 2023 and it had been in a draw there for ten months. Why had they not contacted me? Answer = Their phone was out of order!!! Ten months I don't think so. And yes it is still stopping. In total the watch has been away for 16 months and now has a fault it never had before, the more they fixed it the worse it got. I then contacted Customer Services with a letter of complaint asking for a full refund and received an e-mail from Mr who informs me they have concluded "there are no issues with my watch and everything is working as it should. Due to this we are not in a position to issue a refund for the service provided" Unbelievably Mr says "However in recognition of the poor service you have experienced, I would like to send you some complimentary vouchers as by way of apology" I don't want free vouchers or an apology I just want my watch repaired that's what I paid for. How can everything be working as it should if the watch keeps stopping? The function of a watch is to tell the time if the watch keeps stopping then clearly there is a fault. Reviewing the answers from The Watch Lab on Trustpilot there seems a lot of sorry's and apologies etc; but no positive action to put things right. I would welcome a response to this review from The watch Lab I hope this matter can be resolved amicably. I will not let this go or give up £500 for a now broken watch.

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“Shocking service”


written by Diana111112 on 05/08/2023

Bought my watch in for a new battery and service, manager was serving us and for some reason was rude, abrupt and condescending . She was rolling her eyes telling us that she would replace the battery first, and if it didn’t work she would then send i5 away for a service. We explained it does work and I wanted both done anyway. In the end we said we take the watch somewhere else, it just wasn’t worth the rudeness from this manager in your Southampton store

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“A great service given from start to finish. After many...”


written by alitontod on 14/11/2022

A great service given from start to finish. After many months of trying to replace a ceramic strap on a DKNY watch, between Mallorca and the UK, and having no luck whatsoever from various watch repairers and jewelers, I finally found The Watch Lab whilst out shopping in Meadowhall. He looked at the watch and said he would definitely try to repair the links, which he managed to do, without it costing the earth, as from previous quotes given running into hundreds of pounds. I am happy to say, the watch is now on its way back home to Mallorca to a very happy customer. Thank you.

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written by stwilliam on 13/04/2022

This is one of the great secrets in the UK for premium watch brand servicing and repairs. I sent in my Ebel watch and they did an outstanding job - great service, great communications and a very fair price. No complaints and would I recommend this company to others - yes - I already have. Thank you

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“Excellent service ”


written by Ashley24668 on 30/11/2021

Visited the york branch for a bracelet replacement which was carried out by a staff member who was extremely friendly and courteous will definitely use again

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“Useless ”


written by Salvadork129 on 02/02/2021

Absolutely useless , amateur tech ability at most and 2nd rate customer care. The primark of the industry . If you want a battery in a Casio fine but if you own a watch over £500 do the right thing and walk on by . Ongoing dispute with bank , then off to small claims , save yourself the hassle

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“do not use watch lab preston”


written by markheyworth on 21/02/2020

I took 2 Tag watches to the Preston Cable Court shop for new batteries to be fitted in July 2019 in August I went to collect them and was informed that one needed a service as the battery had been left in too long so I had the watch done on collecting it on the 19th October, I was told it was done and pressure tested and working and covered by a 2 year guarantee ,the first time I got it wet it steamed up and stopped working. It was then returned on the 15/11/2019 to the same Preston shop for repair under your 2 year guarantee ,today 04/02/2020 I have been informed that they cannot now seal it water tight because of a problem with the crown wheel which now does not seal due to the tube not fitting the hole . But when I collected it in October I was told that it had passed a pressure check and working fine , how can it seal then but not now? please advise on the action you are going to take to sort out the watch as a non waterproof watch is not what I brought into you to have repaired. A quick resolution would be appreciated as this has been going on since July. followig a few emails i have now been informed that they cannot guarantee the resealing so the 2 year warranty the give you is worthless

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“Disaster waiting to happen if you hand in your watch...”


written by DevonO'Neill456 on 19/12/2019

Been given a cost for the repair of my watch i left in in their hands.I went back to collect it after them having it for months being told parts were coming from abroad. Upon collection It was obvious by looking at it instantly that a much cheaper part was fitted. Watch was on a worse state mechanically and wasn’t even working now them being told it would cost me x4 times for them to look at it again. Please note watch was in a WORSE CONDITION AFTER THEY HAD IT FOR MONTHs than when it was first handed to them! Makes me so wary about THE WATCH LAB !!! Are they possibly taking good parts out of the watch and replacing it with ‘cheaper parts’. The chap gave me every excuse under the sun and twisted everything I said. Had they said it’s going to cost me x4 times when I first handed it in I would have taken it to a reputable jewellers. I priced around even their quote of x4’s is much more than some jewellery shops. Don’t be fooled by them and KEEP WELL AWAY from them!

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written by Billyu153 on 17/07/2019

My experience with The Watch Lab is… My experience with The Watch Lab is rather shocking. Went to branch in Stoke in march this year and left them my watch for repair. My watch still hasn't been returned, received 2 phone calls in 5 months!!! Have been several times asking for update on repair and all I got is that there is no update and they are chasing manufacturer. For 5 months???!!! And they charged me £49.00 for vattery replacement in the watch I haven't seen since!!! I don't even know where my watch is gone and if I ever see it again. Absolutely terrible services, if I would have known this I wouldn't take it there. Stay away from this company if you want to see you stuff again.

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“Not Water Resistant”


written by Rippedbywatchlab on 19/09/2018

Brent Cross Store gave me two year on my new watch battery. didn't tell me that their resealing doesn't make a 25 metre watch water resistant again- went for a quick swim at local pool and I am sure you can guess the rest. total brush off from staff and company and the staff are aware people are being ripped off- wouldn't look me I the eye. not what I expect from retailers at a reputable shopping Centre Brent Cross.

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written by TrystanMacPherson on 25/03/2018

The best of all watches good timing, waterproof beautiful wear and friends pride. I like this watch I love it men buy and enjoy yourself.

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“Longines repair and sevice”


written by on 12/03/2018

I took my 1980 Longines Ladies wrist watch for a new battery. I was told that that was not the problem and the Watch Lab suggested that the watch should be serviced, which I agreed as this was never previously undertaken. This identified that a new crown and stem was required, which I paid for along with the service, which was quite a charge to me. Since then my watch has been twice back to the Watch Lab because condensation has formed on the face of the watch (which has never happened before) and caused the face to tarnish. I have been told that should this happen again within the 12 months guarantee of the service and works, that the Watch Lab will not repair my watch. This has never happened before the Watch Lab undertook the work on my watch and therefore I have to question the Watch Lab’s ability to undertake this kind of work. I will not be using them again.

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written by Charliei266 on 29/01/2018

Took my watch there for repair since beginning of Oct 17 just fobbing me off not sure when we m getting it back paid for upfront

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“£50 for a job the local guy will do for £5”


written by LizbethClifford on 25/01/2018

Took my 18 month old Victorinox into Woking branch for a new battery and reseal to maintain water resistance. Was told 2 year guarantee and reseal is specialist job hence the £50 charge. Back home reading the invoice/guarantee I see only 12 months guarantee and NOT water resistant. Also various scuffs and scratches not there before. OK, my fault for not going over the watch with them before I left it but a local guy will fit a new battery while you wait for £5 and he won't guarantee water resistance either - but he won't scratch it.

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“Quick, efficient alteration”


written by karensimmons on 19/01/2018

Used The Watch Lab to get some links taken off my new Michael Kors watch. Alteration was complete in around 30 mins & when I tried it on, it was too tight, strap adjusted accordingly there & then. Also have 8 weeks grace to change mind & get more links added or removed as desired. Very happy with service.

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written by steveeN on 11/01/2018

I visited The Watch Lab, York on 26 December 2017 (Boxing Day!) with my wife's Gucci wrist watch for a new battery to be fitted, but also a problem with the watch back wouldn't 'click' back on. Don't ask! The guys in the shop would have a look at it but, when I returned to collect it I was told that it would need to be sent to their main workshop to be repaired. On Tuesday 9 January 2018 I got a call from the shop telling me that the watch had been returned from their main workshop but unfortunately they had been told that it was un-repairable and to collect it when I could and the repair charge would be refunded. So, the next day I called into the shop to collect it. We were going through the refund process when another gentleman behind the counter and looking very much like the "man who can" and knew what he was talking about interjected and said he would like to have another look at the problem and suspected that the watch back had become 'deformed' with repeated attempts to make it fit. He recalled working with a Rolex engineer and a 'trick of the trade' he had learnt from him and would like to try. He would call me back when he had had look at it. Within the hour, I got the call and was told that the problem had been sorted and to call back and pick it up. So, many thanks to the "man who can" for sorting it and for returning what would have been a £400/500 un-wearable watch to its former glory and value. The wife is well chuffed.

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“Appalling customer service. Rude arrogant pig headed,...”


written by O'Hara402 on 07/01/2018

Appalling customer service. Rude arrogant pig headed, warranty isn't worth the paper written on. AVOtD at all costs.

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“Watchstrap replacement for Skagen”


written by QkLi on 27/12/2017

I visited the Watchlab on a recent visit to Reading to order a new strap for my Skagen. It is one with the older style screw type fixings. The straps are expensive compared to the value of the watch but I’m very fond of It. I had previously used the Watchlab a year or two ago to source a replacement strap. They offered a very friendly service and the price was favourably comparable to prices I had found on the ‘net. This time was not any different. I ordered 2 straps as I was worried they might become scarce. I was advised a week should be allowed yet I received a phone call within a week. Upon return to Reading I left my watch with them whilst I went shopping. Returning afterwards, I had a new strap fitted- good as new! The new Spare strap in the bag including my old strap and screws should I need them. I would like to thank the staff were friendly, welcoming and genuinely interested in offering service. Very Happy to give them my custom. I have and will continue to recommend them.

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“Would never use again ”


written by McKayyh421 on 25/12/2017

Told me I needed a new watch. Had the battery replaced elsewhere and it's working fine.

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“Fast and efficient service”


written by Julesmcdowell on 21/12/2017

Goldsmiths Jewellers recommended The Watch Lab in West Quay to me. My Maurice Lacroix watch needed a new battery and in the past it has had to be sent away for this as it is a sealed unit. This means that I am without it for up to 2 weeks. The Watch Lab we’re able to do the same job in just 45 minutes while I carried on shopping. They also cleaned my watch and whilst I hadn’t realised that it needed doing I really noticed the difference afterwards.They were knowledgeable and polite and I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

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