Reviewcentre is misleading !

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“Reviewcentre is misleading !”

Written on: 25/05/2011

So my business processes more than 3,000 orders a day. We have been in business over 10 years and all my staff (and me!) work very hard to do our best for our valued customers and yet we get 2 out of 5 stars and a red thumbs down from Reviewcentre. Yet we sell on Amazon and eBay and have 96% and higher ratings which and whilst still not perfect (and who is?), is surely a better reflection of our business than the shocking 2 out of 5 stars we get here! We are human and in the hands of the post office (we all know a story or 2 right!) and who are also not perfect...
On challenging reviewcentre they acknowledged that its a place for people to air their frustrations and their system makes it easy for disgruntled customers to even write several bad reviews, it even makes it possible for my competitors to have a go at us too. They dont check many reviews and have asked us to do so - so what do THEY actually do ?
I dont like unhappy customers but when the post is slow or doesn't turn up please dont always blame the sender - Post get left on doorsteps and sometimes is stolen - its shocking but a few google searches will explain how bad the Post Office are at times !
I accept that we can improve and we have done our best over the many years to do so. We plan to be around for many years to come but we are not perfect I am sorry to say - a red thumbs down is hardly accurate.

So make your own mind up when you see a down-trodden company on Reviewcentre but please bear in mind that most are - which makes Reviewcentre kind of irrevelant doesn't it - except they get a nice sales commision when you click through of course...

Better judge a company by looking elsewhere in future perhaps ?

Cmcquaigue's Comment

Written on: 25/05/2011

I couldn't agree with myself more !

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Dingding1's Comment

Written on: 15/06/2012

I think people read reviews, good and bad, and judge themselves how valid the complainant is. I enjoy these reviews for the reality they have and am happy to point out if I don't believe the complaint is fair.
You also have to appreciate that irate customers are more vocal than satisfied ones (which should be the normal state!). Just as you are motivated and indignant, I recognise that customers are biased by their experience too. At least you have the opportunity to apologise and/or explain your side, and then we can judge ourselves. Similar to bad feedback on eBay.

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Fmcafee's Comment

Written on: 08/11/2011 may collect a higher percentage of negatives from disappointed customers than eBay or Amazon.

Both eBay and Amazon has managed to build up a community that actually tends to provide overly positive feedback ratings. On Amazon you can clearly see authors friends or business partners writing reviews.
On ebay 5 stars top ratings for every evaluation point is a praxis unless you are unhappy about something. Having said that,
96% on eBay is a alarmingly poor result.
Below 98% and I would personally AVOID that seller.
It is no excuse to say we send 3000 orders a day.

Lets look at your figures another way around....
Let me put your fiqures in another way.
96% positve out of 3000 orders a day. That is 4% unsatisfied customers or 120 unhappy customers a day, or 840 unhappy customers a week, makes 3600 unhappy customers a month... 43200 UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS A YEAR.. And you've been in business for 10 years. That would make.... 4 mill... OK your business has obviously grown and the problems with that would be a overly negative figure.

But we can count downwards instead... if you are an 24h online business it is 5 unhappy customers every hour...
or ONE(1) UNHAPPY customer every 12th minute...
If you are open only 8 hours a day it is 15 UNHAPPY customers every hour - THAT IS ONE UNHAPPY CUSTOMER EVERY 4TH MINUTE.

Still proud?

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Dazzydog1976's Comment

Written on: 15/08/2011

People only take the time to write a negative review when they have been badly treated by a company. It is a sort of therapy. 96% on amazon and ebay isn't such a great benchmark.

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Reviewcentre's Comment

Written on: 05/07/2011

Hi cmcquaigue
(We presume this is you)?
We know our business is not perfect, and we know that the algorithm that we use to protect our site is not infallible. It is for this very reason that we have our complaints procedures in place. We do not want to host information that is not factual or misrepresents the service that your company provides, but nor do we have the staff numbers, or responsibility to investigate every single review in the way that you suggest.
With respect, it is your responsibility, and the responsibility of all business owners to look after their online reputation. This does not mean that you constantly need to be ‘fire fighting’, contacting us every time someone writes something you disagree with. If you were ever to make the decision to engage with us we would be able to advise you (as we have a number of other companies) how to improve your ratings by harnessing the customers that you already have and turning them into reviewers.
I hope that you will take us up on our offer a get in touch at complaints at reviewcentre (dot) com.

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Guest's Comment

Written on: 03/07/2011

Dear ReviewCentre
Ok look your site isn't perfect and mine isn't either. Amongst the many other things to do in running a business my great team of 40+ staff and me try our hardest to get our thousands of orders out on time each and every working day and yes just sometimes it goes wrong, even horribly wrong. I wish too I lived in a perfect world but thats why I am here again (on a sunny July Sunday afternoon replying to your site instead of spending time with my lovely family !
People are entilted to air their frustrations of course but the balance at Reviewcentre is going to be generally wrong becuase people will make an effort to complain rather than say nice things. When asked by me you have removed reviews because you have too seen that they are slanderous and innacurate so how did they get past your complex and perfect alogrthymic system that you profess to have. Other sellers have the same problems with your representation of them so its not just me. Its not my place to have to spend time on reviewing a site that should be doing that already. The suggestion that I should somehow get involved with the running of your site is crazy - thats what you do right !?

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Reviewcentre's Comment

Written on: 23/06/2011

Hi cmcquaigue,
Thanks for leaving your review for us. Over the course of several long emails we have tried to explain how our site works, and how we can work with you to ensure that your company’s page on our site is more representative of the service that you offer your clients. It is clear from your review that you have either not understood, or cannot agree with the way that we operate. For the sake of balance, and to give a working relationship another go, we would like to reply to the points that you have made.

In our previous discussions you have used the statistics that you mention in your review and said that because of this, our reviews must be wrong, and we should take action. We have repeatedly replied that we are happy to investigate reviews that you feel may misrepresent your company, but we need you to be part of this process. You should advise us of the specific reviews and the elements within those reviews that you believe mean that the review is not genuine, or written maliciously. You have refused to engage with us in this way. We need your help to moderate your page. Who is in a better position to see a review and say ‘no, this is not how we operate’, or ‘no, we did not sell this particular product at this time’? We are happy to work with you, but it must be a two way street. Simply saying that we should remove hundreds of reviews is not acceptable for us, our reviewers or our readers.

You state that we admit that our site is ‘a place for people to air their frustrations and their system makes it easy for disgruntled customers to even write several bad reviews, it even makes it possible for my competitors to have a go at us too.’ I would very much like to see this admission as this statement is something that we absolutely contest. We use a sophisticated algorithm to check all reviews that come in and have a zero tolerance policy to competitors or individuals posting multiple reviews. We do not ask businesses to check their own reviews, how could they? We hold the information about the reviewers. What we do ask is that business co-operate with us in identifying reviews that they feel need to be investigated.

Like you, we know that we are not perfect and we understand that smaller niche sites can operate in a different way to us. We have really good working relationships with lots of companies who realise that if they wish to manage their online reputation, they need to put some time into this.
On one final point, we currently hold around a 50:50 ratio of positive to negative reviews.

I really hope that you will take the time to work with us so we can help to address your concerns.

Kind regards

Review Centre Team

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Guest's Comment

Written on: 26/05/2011

You could encourage your happy customers to write reviews about your business. If indeed these majority of your customers, then surely they will quickly out-weigh the negative ones?

Many business that I am a customer of these days leave notes on their packaging or invoice along the lines of "If you like our service say so on our Facebook page, etc".

You can't blame review centre for providing a platform. It's a tool. You can use it too.

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