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“I am currently half way through removing the Artex...”

Written on: 26/03/2011

I am currently half way through removing the Artex from the kitchen ceiling. I have come to the conclusion that removing Artex from a ceiling is a job from hell and that X-Tex is a Devil's must. A Devil's must because of its stupidly expensive price tag.

The idea to remove the Artex was a daunting prospect but would like to share my views and idea to make it more bearable. Measure the ceiling dimensions and split into a grid of equal sized areas; tackle the ceiling square by square, it might take two weeks-ends or during longer dayllight hours, one square an evening. I split my ceiling area into 12 equal sized squares of about 90cm x 90cm, drawing onto the ceiling with a pencil to outline them: work on one area at a time working this way will let you complete areas of a room and so leaving the room available to live in until the next available time when you can remove more (over 2 x 4 hour sessions in one weekend I have removed 60% of the Artex.) Using masking tape I masked off on the walls under where the ceiling meets wall because X-Tex will remove any paint on the walls. Apply the X-Tex to the ceiling generously with a good sized brush (I used a 1 inch brush) and leave for 30 minutes or more. Using the edge of the scraper gently score into the softened Artex in a grid pattern so when you scrape the Artex it comes away square "bite-sized" pieces rather then one contiguous piece, doing this is particularly useful if the Artex is painted.

Applied to virgin Artex X-Tex softens the Artex and makes it very easy to remove using a scraper tool and it does so without making fine dust. When applied to Artex painted with matt emulsion paint the paint comes away very easily leaving the Artex underneath slightly softened but still dusty; I scrapped the whole lot off dust and all so you may wish to use a dust mask for this job, not that X-Tex has an unpleasant smell. I used a large paint roller tray in one hand to catch the removed Artex while scraping with the other. That said, using plastic protective sheet is a must and you should use sheets to protect anything in close vicinity of the Artex being removed.

After scraping away the Artex use a damp rag to clean the ceiling and to wipe away any excess Artex that may remain on the ceiling. Repeat.

Tips. Remember to turn off power to the light circut if you remove ceiling light fittings ans mask off the bare wires. Wear a hat. Get someone else to do this job!

Now to get the ceiling plastered flat!

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