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Fairmile Cat Hotel Exeter
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Sophist's review of Fairmile Cat Hotel Exeter

“The Fairmile Cat Hotel is very different to most...”


written by Sophist on 07/03/2011

The Fairmile Cat Hotel is very different to most catteries I have used. The owner, Ann, really understands cats and their needs, and this really shows.

The cattery itself is made of uPVC on a tiled base (like a conservatory) - so not only does it look and feel bright and clean, there are no porous surfaces for cat pee or germs to soak into (unlike the typical wooden frames and concrete floors of most catteries) so it smells clean too.

Ann says she spends almost an hour cleaning every surface of a room after a cat goes home, and judging by how clean and fresh smelling it seems when you go to visit, I can quite believe this. My cat, Sally, seemed much less stressed when I took her for her first visit than she was in previous catteries, and this may well be because the room didn't smell of the previous cats.

Sally also looked very relaxed and healthy when I came back from holiday - Ann grooms the cats most days and so she got the fuss and contact she needs and her coat looked great.

I can recommend this cattery to everyone - it is way better than any of the other local catteries that I have used.

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