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“One star seems to be the lowest sorry. ”

Written on: 13/10/2010

One star seems to be the lowest sorry.

Any don't for the love of god work with these, complete nightmare, I saw a job advertised on the net so as you i rang up and ask what it was. They told they needed driver for Royal mail and if i was interested to come in, which i did. Filled out all the paperwork, they told me i couldn't start till me CRB check had come through, but i could drive for another place in the mean-time. I had to give a weeks notice at me old job, which they were fine with and i would be able start on the Monday at either job. So last Sunday i did my last shift, expecting to be working on the Monday night. I rang them and asked what time i was to start and was told they isn't anything for today. So i rang again later in the afternoon. Got told someone would ring me back. They never did. Rang the out of hours team who said there was no work in my area. Rang them today. Same bs. Will get someone to ring you back. Rang again and this time got the person who did my interveiw and he said give me 10mins i'll make a call and ring you back. Guess what..........he didn't gave him half an hour and i them them again. A woman told me he was in a important meeting now and guess what she said......I'll get him to ring you back lol. Told her not to bother.

I'm now have to job yipee.

They just want to get numbers up on thier books to make themselves look good. I would put which office it was, but it seems to be an international thing. World wide scam. DON'T GO WITH THEM, THEY ADVERTISE JOBS THEY DON'T HAVE.

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