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“OK, I read mixed reviews here and it's not clear...”

Written on: 31/08/2010 by webgeeze (3 reviews written)

OK, I read mixed reviews here and it's not clear whether the reviewers have dedicated servers or shared hosting accounts, so my review is based on a web design firm with multiple dedicated servers.

I have three centos servers and 1 freebsd and have been with eukhost for nearly two years now and for the first 14 months, i could not sing their praises high enough. The support was (and still is) very good and unlike many hosts, you can connect to their live chat at any point of the day and night. 9 times out of 10, the support staff are very good and take time to understand the issue before resolving it. On the odd ocassion, you might get a junior or inexperienced contact, but they can handle basic stuff and do pass you onto senior tech if they can't handle the query.

The uptime has been good. In the first 14 months, there was no real issue and I was very pleased with them overall.

I did have a problem and it did cause stress, i must admit. Those who know euk, will know the root password is often held on file. This allows tech to assist in queries and where it is not held on file, it is requested when dealing with them via live chat. It is un-nerving to do this, but you sort of get used to it, however .... I advise you always change the root password after you have tech support, so that no mistakes happen, like the following one!

After 14 months and after a support request for server monitoring on a freebsd server, euk held the root pass on file and another staff member, (a few weeks later this is) re-installed the OS onto a live server, deleting all data on it. It was done in error, due to a mis-naming of the server apparently, but my clients site was taken off line and all email went missing. I can not tell you how much hassle this caused, but am sure you can imagine. EUK did what they could to help, but this wasn't really enough to get the client re-operational and without RAID (by choice of client) or backups (clients fault) there was no way of restoring data. It took a week or two to sort and the client eventually sorted it, but during this time euk was very hard to get a straight answer out of. At one point, they disconnected me from live chat by blocking my IP, as they clearly had nothing they could tell me.

Those who read this might think 'oh my god' never use euk, but this is not really the point of my post. It is true that they cocked up and caused me and my client major stress and offered very little compensation, but it highlighted something to me. The old saying 'you get what you pay for' is very true and in this case, no backups were paid for, no offline backups were done by client, no raid was in place and this is a shared fault by isp and client.

If you choose eukHOST, my advise is this. Don't just choose the cheapest option and instead, choose the package which suits YOU and your stress level the best. If you have high profile clients and mission critical apps, don't buy a vps or cheap server without raid or backups, but one which will offer some protection.

As for dealing with euk support, I can't talk more highly of them for general support. You get to know the names of those who are really helpfull and i think these are reserved for dedicated clients, rather than shared hosting customers. Compared to XCalibre & DSVR (now demon) they are much better skilled and offer more value for money in my opinion. I remain with eukhost as I feel i have learned my lesson and now have plans in place to ensure raid is present on all servers and backup policy is in place also. If disaster strikes, i have both offsite backups, remote server backups, raid and decent support.

Are they in India? who knows, maybe, but they do the job well and are generally available when you want them 99% of the time and for 50% less than most comparible quotes by other dedicated server hosts.

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Digibe's Response to webgeeze's Review

Written on: 01/11/2010

I have been hosting my client websites for the past 15 years on reseller accounts and think webgeeze's comments hit the nail on the head.
<br/>1. You get what you pay for
<br/>2. Assess the amount of risk
<br/>Pay accordingly!
<br/>If you have a hobby site that keeps you busy after work and the site goes down for a week, its incovenient but probably not the end of the world.
<br/>If you are hosting client websites with emails and the website is a major part of the clients businesses then you consider paying a bit extra for good support and the piece of mind that no wonder what happens you can always get your client sites back-up asap.

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