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Guest's review of A Quote Motorcycle Insurance


“I would just like to bring to your attention the...”

Written on: 02/04/2010

I would just like to bring to your attention the situation that I have been through in the last two weeks.

I have an insurance policy with Aquote for full comp which is fully paid for on a 125ccc motorcycle as I was a learner rider, having passed my motorcycle test on the 20/03/10 I rang the insurance company (Aquote) for a quote on a larger motorcycle just to see what the cost would be and what maximum size engine I would be willing to insurer myself for.

The assistant put me on hold for a few minutes and returned to say I owed them £17.82 because I had passed my motorcycle test and would be removing the L plates, I said this is not right I should have been given a reduction on the policy not be penalized.

The excuse I got was because I was removing the L plates other drivers would not give me as much room as a learner rider so subsequently I was more of a risk on the road, in the end I paid the £17.82 reluctantly as I did not wish to go against the policy rules, I also asked them to be aware that I was looking for numerous quotes on different motorcycles within the next two weeks.

when I finally found the new motorcycle I wished to purchase they quoted me an astronomical price to insure it so I searched elsewhere and found it cheaper when I contacted Aquote with regards to a refund on the insurance as the policy ran until 15/09/10 I was told that I was not entitled to any refund, so I asked about a refund on the £17.82 that I paid them less than a week earlier and they refused that also, I told them about my findings that all the other insurance companies that I had spoken to about this ridiculous charge because I was not displaying L plates said they would not have charge for this and I have been taken for a ride by my insurance company

And because I got annoyed with Aqoute they refused to pass on my details to my new insurance company who require the verification of six years no claims.

I would just like you to be aware of this as I feel outraged by this action and that a joyful occasions of passing my test was marred by the fact that an insurance company can get away with such under handed behaviour and if possible is there anything I can do to warn other Motorcyclists of this shameful insurance company so they do not fall foul of it.

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Guest's Comment

Written on: 24/04/2012

How did you manage to accumilate 6 years NCB on a provisional licence when a CBT is only valid for 2 years? - bet you have been driving without a valid licence, or you told 'porkies' to get your insurance!!
Passed your test, that means you can now carry pillion pasengers, have an accident and they claim off your insurance, that's why they wanted extra premium.
Cancellation charges - read your policy documents, if you're not happy you have 7 days to cancell and recieve a full refund, after that it's the terms agreed.
Aquote are not Devitt - put your comments in the corrcect place!!

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